Hate Campaign Lies I

Heather Jones began sharing this image with accompanying lies early in 2012: Heather Jones Facebook faking images of strangers claiming they're Craig Winters Since then it’s been distributed by other Hate Campaign members, most recently Roxanne Summers: Roxanne Summers Facebook on fake profiles and lies about holiday snaps 1 Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers claim the man in the photo is Lennox’s owner Craig. It isn’t of course, but then you knew that already, as do they (original image below) However, that photo first appeared on the Internet in 2009 (MySpace), but Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers have bandied it around claiming undeniable proof that Lennox’s owners spent donations, they had supposedly received, on a holiday after Lennox was seized in May 2010.

Maths doesn’t need to be a strong point to show that the dates don’t add up. And even when Lennox’s owners aren’t spending money, they are still in the wrong apparently – see Summers‘ remark in the screenshot above (underscored in green for bile).

To ensure that nobody could go and check for themselves, both Jones & Summers covered their tracks by claiming the image appeared on the Facebook page of Lennox’s owner one minute and was taken down almost immediately, and they got away with that story for months, until now.  Once again, they were working on the premise that everyone else is as brick-thick as they are, therefore it’s easy to see how they thought that lie would permanently stick.

The MySpace account they found for that particular Craig Winters had either already been closed or had very little public information, but just enough for Jones & Summers to back up their lies. The image has a vague resemblance to Lennox’s owner and therein lies the mystery. Jones & Summers needed to show a likeness that was at least fairly near the mark, but there was a problem – they had never met Lennox’s owner and couldn’t find any uploaded images of him on Facebook, or anywhere else come to that.

So it begs the question, how did they even begin to start looking for someone with a passing resemblance to Lennox’s owner? Hair colour, general height, weight; these are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. Luckily for them that image is small and grainy, but the general appearance of the man in the photo is fairly clear. A mystery isn’t it?

Not really; Roxanne Summers is very fond of picking on Lennox’s owners for their supportive friendship with Sarah Fisher (and we all know the real reasons behind that – link), but as usual it’s one rule for Summers and the rest of the HC and another for their targets, because several Hate Campaign members (hidden and otherwise) have Dog Warden Sandie Lightfoot as a Facebook friend, and in some cases that came about months before Lennox was destroyed; in other words, while the court case was active.

If Jones & Summers had known what Lennox’s owner looked like prior to finding that image, they would have plastered it all over their pages, and if they thought for one minute that photo showed Lennox’s owner, they would have superimposed the face onto one of their photoshopped insults, such as this one from Heather Jones – yes, that Hate Campaign member who apparently never makes personal attacks and only tells ‘the truth’: Heather Jones Facebook usual attempt at bullying and ridicule A reminder that Heather Jones (Facebook) has stated:If anyone thinks any screenshot on here is faked or edited tell us. We can then refer you to the original. Unlike other groups on facebook this group is about honesty, integrity and the truth. We make no allegation we don’t have proof to support. And we make the proof available for all to see. We don’t send proof by pms as we think that’s the way of people who are lying and don’t want to get caught out. We have a totally open group with all proof on displayHeather Jones and Roxanne Summers Facebook fake image of Lennox's owner Craig Winters


18 thoughts on “Hate Campaign Lies I

  1. I have shivers running down my spine, the ice cold kind that reach into your heart freezing it at the thought of dogs being in anyway connected to these ‘con merchants.’ Conning people, some of them in vulnerable situations concerning their furbabes, making out they are ever caring and sympathetic, when all the while they are probably laughing behind their backs, as proved by the comment above. As for the Summers character and the rest of the fakers who remind me of a childhood song, Ten Green Bottles and we know what happened to them.

  2. Dear oh dear, Miss Summer’s, You really need to put your brain in gear hunni, You have swung from Lennox was a yard dog, ( our pic’s proved it, ) to the *cosy* pic’s, now please dear, make your mind up, Les proved Lennox was not kept in a cage in the garden, ( maybe you didn’t see that proof , little birdy may have dropped it on route ) OR you chose to ignore that evidence, Whatever, you simply can not swing from one to t’other, I take it as a compliment that you think i am Mr Winter’s , but let me assure you if that was who i was then i certainly wouldn’t be playing games, BUT if that is who you say i am, so be it, Your word is what count’s to you, and i wont deflate your belief’s, When you announce that Belfast is such a small place everyone know’s someone,……….. think ……because my dear, so are a lot of cities, Nottingham as a random example, Tis no good accusing other’s of being behind false profiles when you your self are behind one, And should WARNING’S be heeded, ? … Mmmm, let me think….dont tempt me, at the moment i am playing nicely, giving a chance for damage limitation to those i think may be sensible enough to want to do just that, Should that not be the case , then my sleeves are long and have an awful lot up them…..Do you want to go down that road, ??

    • The world according to Roxanne & Heather is a very different place to the reality most of live in Dennis. They live under the illusion that we operate under the same confines of the small twisted little group they belong to. Everyone who dares to disagree with her warped version of the TRUTH, has to be either Craig, or somebody else they have focussed their hate campaign on. They keep forgetting just how many of us have been watching their antics.
      Roxanne, Heather, and their very dubious buddies, have indeed an awful lot to lose, but their ego’s are such that they chose to take the hate filled route they did, now each one of them get to live with the consequences.

      • I get the impression that some of those behind the hate and venom think that their ‘standing’ in the dog community offers them some sort of protection or exemption from any comeback. That the fact that dogs may be at risk if they are discovered/uncovered prevents such a thing happening. Surely they realise that there are, or will be, many others willing to step in and step up to take their place? They are not irreplaceable, no matter how many arses they have kissed to get where they are.

  3. I can’t believe what I am reading,do they think they can post just what they like and get away with it,if someone made comments like that about my dog,I would be mortified.who the bloody hell do they think they are,poisonous pus filled hags

  4. Just a quick mention, If *someone* is very kindly helping dog’s with micro chipping, (every dog should be chipped) is it then right or professional for that person to post pictures & make comment’s (such as * a rat has more use than a dog this size * ….* about to be stabbed with a big needle * ) on a social networking site ?? , I am certain the wee dog’s owner wouldn’t be best pleased, Though it would seem to be the standards held by those in a position of trust , In becoming heavily involved in such a campaign as HC, do they not realise that they are at risk of losing all they have built up, or is revenge more important ??

    • not very professional indeed, actually quite disgusting… very disrespectful towards that animal and its owner. and again sad but true: proof that for some in the dog world their own ego is worth more than any dogs when push comes to shove… willing to put lives on risk because their egos got bruised somewhere along the way,… selfrighteousness coupled with an unsavoury lust for revenge, willing to aim below the belt and dragging a family who lost a loved one through the mud… for what? what is their gain? what does it contribute to anything, not even speaking of what does it contribute to ending BSL and DDA? zero, nada, nakkes, zip, zilch. just personal gratification, propelled by a misguided sense of being untouchable, hiding behind fake profiles, fake names… who wants people like that in their corner in a time of need? and the sickest thing of all is when the proverbial hits the fan, they will point to others, oblivious to their own very large part in their own undoing. the poison of ego … and they’re not even right, couldn’t be further from the truth… a deplorable state of mind to find oneself in…

  5. I KNOW that business’s are involved, hiding behind other name’s mean’s zilch , & that was my meaning in mentioning previously , some very serious damage limitation could be needed soon when the respect afforded some business owner’s is put into question, Then once again it will be the dog’s who will be at risk as well as those pertaining to help typed dog’s, It is for that reason only i haven’t put some rock solid evidence out there , YET,

    It seem’s to be unacceptable for Lennox’s family to have taken a break at a friend’s home, but perfectly acceptable for the DW to have taken a break with a business owner ?? exactly why is that different, ?? Birthday cakes being baked for friend’s, etc, it is what *friend’s* do for each other, but without the cloak of secrecy. but HEY, HC live’s in a world where only their rules apply,…or so it would seem !!

  6. No you are definitely not the only person who is finding this to be more than a coincidence and extremely interesting Dennis.

  7. Just an observation, but am i the only person who find’s it much more than coincidence that the Chief Executive of BCC has some very interesting buddies who where involved in the Lennox case……Anyone for Golf Judge ?? a Hole in one maybe !!

  8. More proof of dear Heathers integrity and truth based on her suppositions, insinuations and allegations against people she has never met and has never known. Why such spite, why such hatred. What a sad weary world she and her cohorts inhabit.

  9. I hate to add pressure to an already simmering pot, but this again re enforces that some are afraid to let people see who they really are behind their revenge campaign, You see if that was to happen then some well established business’s & their creator’s would be seen in a very different light, Joe Public would be shocked at the behaviour of so called * respectable* people in the animal world, and i dont say that lightly, I think some careful thought need’s to be applied asap. Both sides would be shocked to know the fact’s i have so far kept quiet ,…… Even though a certain *gent* has locked down his account . it is a step taken far too late, even though they think tracks have been covered, sometimes the evidence has already been obtained, I bet more than a few would be shocked to learn of friendships forged, and who play’s golf together, who sits side by side in certain offices, There are no winners in all this, but christ there could be some big loser’s , Are you ready to blow apart all you have built up ? are you ready for your reputations to be dragged through the gutter ? Once again i repeat, Think about it, Time to take responsibility for your own actions. Every action bring’s a re action, only sometimes it can be life changing and not for the better , What price revenge for a few who feel they have been slighted ?, Revenge is ugly in any language & hatred only serves to make the hater more bitter, Wise man once taught me, keep your friends close but your enemies closer, Not everyone is a real friend, & everyone has a price no matter how loyal they seem. sometimes the cost can be as small as a slice of cake, !!!

  10. Surely not ANOTHER lie from Roxanne and Heather ? They are not doing too well are they 🙂 I’m sure they have ‘proof to support’ their story, after all they never post anything without ‘proof to support’ it. Or perhaps this will be another one they’ll ignore and hope that it goes away, or they’ll spin a new dramatic story to distract people or even better, they’ll say it was ‘a fair assumption’ to make and forget about their claims of ‘We make no allegation we don’t have proof to support’. The reality is, they are a bunch of stinking, scheming liars and there IS ‘proof to support’ that 😀

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