Hate Campaign Lies

The Save Lennox Hate Campaign is a sham, evident by their habit of constructing false stories and using ‘opinions’ to disguise the lack of facts required to conduct a genuine and honest campaign.

We’ve already shown two people behind the profiles Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers to be liars and cheats, their fabrications so ridiculous you wonder that anyone would be taken in by them – unfortunately, either due to lack of intelligence and/or plain malice, there are a handful of willing followers who are. It’s a mystery how these two have got away with spinning yarns for so long.

So far we’ve shown Roxanne Summers to be a complete fraud who concocts stories about her ‘profession’, ‘inside knowledge’ and ‘privileged contacts’, along with numerous other lies disguised as facts.

Then there’s Heather Jones with her blatant lies that just keep on coming. To name a few – the fake ‘Billie Bennet‘ profile (link), ‘friends in high places’ (link), Loose women (link), Attorney General (link) and, much more seriously, Heather Jones’ defamatory statements that Lennox’s owners were involved in dog fighting along with ‘Lennox was purely a status and yard dog‘ (link) – particularly stupid remarks even by her low standards.

We’ll be going over all fabrications again in a series of blog entries, just to keep them at the forefront, and because we’ve had a particular invitation to do just that.

In the meantime, we thought Heather Jones might like a reminder of a little speech she made:

Heather Jones Facebook biggest blooper yet

Testament of Heather Jones – a lot to live up to, for her :

If anyone thinks any screenshot on here is faked or edited tell us. We can then refer you to the original. Unlike other groups on facebook this group is about honesty, integrity and the truth. We make no allegation we don’t have proof to support. And we make the proof available for all to see. We don’t send proof by pm’s as we think that’s the way of people who are lying and don’t want to get caught out. We have a totally open group with all proof on display“.
Blank filler

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8 thoughts on “Hate Campaign Lies

  1. It stand’s to reason, that anyone reading the words posted out there, will read both side’s and reach their own conclusion’s, The biggest thing that swung my vote , was the constant repeat’s being posted, that really where not showing any new evidence, same old, Then i found that rather than 1 page be made , multiple were all saying most of the same thing,…. thinking i had found a back up of what i had read, i leaned a little, THEN discovered that in actual fact, it was the same name’s as on the Boycott Page, Dont mean to offend but, that smack’s of desperate, That brought me to look further into it and i was amazed at some of the finding’s , BUT my instincts handed me a shovel and the more i dug the deeper it got, One thing that struck me i must say, was a few people, who on the face of thing’s are very Anti BSL, would in fact stand to lose an awful lot if it was abolished, Think about it !!

  2. I think that HC truly believes that they are the VICTIM’S of Bullies on the net, They are so deluded in their make believe world , They accuse anyone who types of hiding behind a false ID, having multiple profiles, and generally no one is who they say they are, When in truth, how many are posting in their own names, some are, i give that, but do they seriously expect to be taken as genuine with some of the names that pop up, Bitter Lemon ….the queen of all thing’s strange, Whur does she get it from, . It is almost enough to make you feel sympathy for them, They slander anyone in their sight’s yet accuse other’s of belittling them, Maybe the next one will be called, Chubby Checker and come along belting out , The TWIST, Tell you what though, if only they could spell properly they could all be cabinet ministers, Why is it so important to them that they are heard and believed ? In the great scheme of thing’s , some will, some wont, simple, Yet they are obsessed with getting their facts over, they keep repeating information that is available to be read anyway, but they want to put their spin on it, re write history and force it down your throat, Why is that ? For what it is worth IMHO, it is all about revenge, something has rattled a couple of them and they want pay back, so they publicly make themselves the font of all knowledge regarding a poor innocent dog that paid the ultimate price , I honestly believe that the agenda they have is far removed from events, it is much more about pay back, for something they feel aggrieved about, why is it so important to them otherwise, like i said once before, what they DONT say, say’s far more about them,

    • Dennisstephens59 you summed it up perfectly. These people have spent over 2 years vilifying and slandering an innocent family. None of them have met or even spoken to this family but their obsession is such that they spend every waking hour making up stories to suit their hate filled agenda. As you suggested its payback and if you look very carefully their evil obsession can easily be traced back to when why and where this all began – and more importantly by WHO.

      • my sentiments exactly! seems like some of their dedicated followers have jumped off their/there/they’re 😉 trollies, must be awkward finding out THEY are the ones that have been lied to 🙂 those still on their wobbly pedestals better cling on for dear life 😀 that ground beneath you may just crumble even more!

  3. Did this pair of pus filled bags honestly think that tens of THOUSANDS who have and still do support the Lennox Campaign, were intending to sit quietly and allow this duo’s toxic, twisted, accusations and allegations to go unheeded. And as for their pathetic rash of pimples who creep about after them…….they most certainly have not been forgotten.

  4. Very well said 😀 I do hope that those who have scurried off to avoid being caught in the limelight with their lies (or support of those who lied), assumptions (or support of those who made assumptions), comments based on hearsay and rumour (or support of those who made comments based on hearsay and rumour) and general bitching for no good reason other than ‘mob mentality’, don’t think they have got away with it or made good their escape without being noticed? Each and every one of you who have made nasty comments, backed up fabricated stories or made/supported accusations from the main players are equally guilty and have not been forgotten. Your time is coming for some publicity and your excuses about your behaviour will be invalid 😉

    • Guess somebody should have warned them when you place yourself so high up on that pedestal, (particularly when that particular pedestal is on very shaky ground in the first place) then you have a lot further to fall, and in this case the ground is just crumbling underneath them piece by piece. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of thugs.

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