Lennox Part II – Yard Dog Lies

The Hate Campaign’s version of the truth.

According to Heather Jones:

BBB Heather Jones Facebook Lying that Lennox was a caged yard dog

Heather Jones again, disguised as Billie Bennet (transcribed below):

Heather Jones Facebook making up vindictive lies about Lennox being a yard dog

And again:BBB Heather Jones Facebook More Lies that Lennox was a yard and status dog

Rather than clutter up the page with yet more Heather Jones‘ crap, suffice to say we have a screenshot of her confirming that she’s never seen Lennox and only kennel staff and the dog warden had access to him during his incarceration. So quite how she manages to state as fact that ‘his only kindness came from the staff that cared for him in the kennels‘ is anyone’s guess. It’s a Class A ridiculous comment even for her.

But just take a look at that bile in the first screenshot; doesn’t get more spiteful than that does it? Full transcript below*.

At one point this conveniently cropped image of Lennox was used to illustrate the Hate Campaign’s lie that he was a ‘yard dog’ pleading to be let inside:

Lennox in garden

And in this one, where the wire handily appears to go right across, the Hate Campaign said it proves, once and for all, that Lennox lived outside:

Carole and Brook in garden the BBB Facebook version



The uncropped image of Lennox with one of his house mates, playing in the snow.

Len in garden white blaze

And in this close-up, another reality:

Caroline and Brooke for Daily Mirror

The Hate Campaign have this image and therefore know that the wire is simply leaning up against the wall, secured with plank of wood.  As plain as day, there’s a large gap on the left and an old dog bed, hub cap and other stuff behind it; nothing unusual about that, but according to the Hate Campaign, this shows Lennox was ‘confined‘.

And here is the same spot:

Lennox BSL in garden not a cage in sight

It’s true the Hate Campaign’s track record for getting things right is very poor, bearing in mind their useless deduction that Lennox was a ‘status’ dog because he wore a harness on occasions (link), but this takes the biscuit.

All that vitriol because the arrogant little turds decided they required photographic evidence. So, lacking anything to back up their lies, the Hate Campaign moved on to what comes naturally, turning their attention to a target – Victoria Stilwell in fact, who had visited the home and confirmed that she’d seen photographs of Lennox.

The only way the idiots could cope with that was to fall back on their tried and tested method of name calling, and so they set to work branding Victoria Stilwell a liar (well why not, they do it with everyone else, even Mother Theresa would be fair game for this lot!).



Heather Jones Facebook (Lennox BSL) says of Lennox: ” ..he had a metal chain attached to him. He has never been allowed to roam free and play…the so called large garden that Lennox has to play in. Well if you look at the image below you will see the final place lennox had to live before being taken by the BCC. This image, taken by a national paper, is in the back yard of the families house. The cage is indeed where Lennox had to live, with no shelter from the elements, caged and left to his own company in all weathers. The concrete base with a water channel so that it can be hosed down without getting Lennox out. That was his life and the one he will end up going back to should he ever be released to Craig Winters ” (end).

Gobsmacked? Yes, most people are when they read that. A triumph for pathalogical liars everywhere!

8 thoughts on “Lennox Part II – Yard Dog Lies

  1. Just a small niggle i have about HC claim’s, might they be kind enough to reply, ( oh, i know they dont read this, but a little birdie can ask on my behalf ) They claim that the family stalked the DW, ” followed her around Belfast ” i think they said, Now in the remotest far flung regions of lala land’s imagination, (make certain to purchase a return ticket from those nether regions & check your immunisations are in date ) if this claim where true, i find myself asking, why did they not take pic’s of these incident’s ? you know , that thing on a mobile phone called a camera, (it can even log the date and time ), EVERY ONE has one, Now a simple thing like snapping the accused stalker’s would have meant diminutive proof of alleged claim’s, Wouldn’t it ?? Also, (sorry little bird y, i am overloading you) Given so much effort went into trying to discredit the claim’s that Loose Women where in support , (remember the one, where trolly dolly claimed to be buddies with them,) Ok, well it is a while since PROOF was posted by LT here , that indeed once again (how many time’s is that ) Robin Hood and his band of merry men where telling porkie’s, The stuff they choose to ignore is what say’s the most. OR maybe i am being unfair here, and the ensuing silence in the truth being posted here, is that, Nottingham Forest were playing at home, so thing’s got hectic, I understand, I have droned on a little here, BUT i do have a REALLY important snippet to pass on, just so’s all the fact’s come out, but i will save that for another day, You see, i am in neither camp, but i am in the know on some thing’s & think this bit of information warrant’s it’s own place . See you through the window people ! or on Jeremy Kyle show when his road show get’s to your part’s,

  2. There are a few with dented ego’s floating around cyber space, Nottingham alone seem’s to have a few , although i shall be DAMNED forever for suggesting that anything other than LACE comes from those part’s !

  3. spot on, sevensisters rescue 🙂 someone got a badly bruised ego here.. always wondered why the hell they got so personal and all aimed below the belt.. interesting, all they are accusing us of is what they are guilty of themselves, and no worse drive for a human being than ego and greed. that’s gotta sting 🙂

  4. They just make it up as they go along to suit their own agenda and dare to call it the TRUTH?? Again and again they are proven to be nothing more then the lying scum that they are.

  5. Nothing they come out with surprises me anymore,if they used half the energy they use to spew their vile lies,to do some voluntary work they might be a bit happier .and do some good in the world.

  6. Any one with an ounce of common sense can see that is NOT a cage, then again, as you state, they live in their own world, which if you think about it must be one awful place to reside, hatred that deep is just not healthy, Fact’s to hater’s mean nothing, they use their own *fact’s* (you know the one’s.) the fact’s that come from a sheer desperation to make people believe them, Looking deeper into it all, show’s that every waking hour is surely spent on getting their version out there, From me, a non-religious person, on this occasion, i would say, may God forgive them, We are taught to show compassion & care unto other’s, and in hoping when they meet their maker one day, they have began to show they do after all, have a heart, i actually feel sorry for them, I for one would hate to live a hate filled life such as they seem to live, it can not be fun to have to wake each morning and the first thing you feel is bitterness. Karma will always return three fold, and if your lucky you may even witness it., You must be a huge source of comfort to them if you look at the bigger picture. Without you , there is a chance they would die of sheer boredom. or worse….have to get a life , perish that thought,

    • Compassion is not in their vocabulary. Winning at all cost, regardless of what they have to do and how many lies they have to tell, is their primary objective and God knows they’ve done some serious adapting and lots of outright lying to try and achieve it. They try and disguise the lies under the title of ‘assumption’ but it is still a lie no matter which way they try and dress it up. Bitterness and hatred eat them up and it can only come from an unfulfilled life thus they are projecting their own disappointments, failings and immoral behaviour onto others in order to try and alleviate their own guilt and unhappiness. I imagine it would be very hard for them to ‘get a life’ as any normal person would avoid befriending them. Mind you, that explains their friendships online.

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