Hate Campaign Targets I

We’ll be looking at some of the malicious lies concocted by the Hate Campaign and the spite directed at a few of their targets (visible members – link). It will take a while to cover all of their fabrications and bile (comes by the crate-load), so bear with us please.

No subject is sacred to the Hate Campaign, even an unrelated tragedy is fair game to them, as we’ve seen time and again, and no potential victim is above their radar.

Some of the basic requirements to qualify as a Hate Campaign target are to dispute their ‘facts’ and ‘proof’; be a foreigner (UK resident or otherwise), or openly support one of their existing targets. That’s it – Hate Campaign’ Victim in a nutshell (unless you see them here, screenshots are available on request as always).


However, the Hate Campaign’s hostility towards Sarah Fisher and her husband is different, in that it’s rooted in pure malicious envy, but nonetheless, even for the HC, it’s inscrutable:

Roxanne Summers Ella Wardley Facebook Anthony Head Sarah Fisher

Ella Wardley Facebook says Sarah Fisher is a proven liar

There’s a lot more where this came from, although you probably get the gist!

In spite of the Hate Campaign’s track record, it makes no sense that venom like this should be directed at Sarah Fisher and her husband, although it’s true Roxanne Summers (or any of the Hate Campaign members) don’t usually need an excuse to attack individuals with personal and spiteful remarks (transcription below).

With regards Sarah Fisher’s expertise, we’ll be covering that in an ‘assessments’ entry, along with Peter Charles Tallack. For the moment, we’d like to draw attention to Roxanne Summers again who, in her fake capacity as a barrister, has convinced fellow Hate Campaigners (not difficult) that Sarah Fisher was biased towards Lennox’s family because she supported them. Yep, you couldn’t make it up (again).

Roxanne Summers, still in her barrister cape and tights, also convinced other mindless Hate Campaign members that Sarah Fisher, during her visit to Belfast, could not have visited Caroline in hospital. You all know that’s another vindictive lie (a foregone conclusion with Roxanne Summers) but it needed spelling out:

Roxanne Summers Facebook more vitriol directed at Sarah Fisher

Or maybe not so much a vindictive lie as just another Summers’ psychotic episode.

Sarah Fisher was forced to cut ties with the Save Lennox campaign following the vitriol and bile directed at her by Roxanne Summers and other Hate Campaign members, because Sarah Fisher is an honest, professional and decent person; a concept lost on the likes of Summers and the rest of the Hate Campaign, therefore making her a prime Hate Campaign target. We haven’t finished with this subject yet, more later. In the meantime:

Links: Tilley Farm; NHD; HH


We’ll leave this entry for now with a reminder of what the Hate Campaign are really all about.

On the day Lennox was killed, this was posted on one of the Hate Campaign’s pages. The response was not a mistake; it could have been corrected or removed, but it wasn’t:

BBB Facebook Heather Jones Sad news Lennox is killed and Jones smiles


Roxanne Summers Facebook (Lennox BSL) says: ” I have been asked to clarify the following. The person who got caught out lying in her statement about her impartiality the other day, Sarah Fisher, is married to Mr Tony Head, not Mr Dick Head. That doesn’t make him any less of a dickhead nor her statement any less dishonest. There. Happy now? “

Ella Wardley replies: ” PRICELESS. Thanks Roxanne that made me really laugh

Roxanne Summers replies: ” not a laughing matter Kathy. apparently it was quite important I corrected his name.lol ” (Kathy Wardley is also Ella Wardley)

Ella Wardley replies: ” She worried about getting the facts right? She should apply that herself. Gigle evrytime I read this. Going to copy and paste it so I can keep having a giggle at it. ” (end)

Ella Wardley Facebook (Lennox BSL) says: ” Sarah Fisher is a proven liar ” (end)

Roxanne Summers Facebook (Lennox BSL) says (of Sarah Fisher): ” …And it doesn’t matter where the person accused you of doing it – there’s no point pretending you were in a hospital visiting Caroline Barnes when you were collected from the airport by a member of Belfast City Council who was with you the entire duration of your visit and then returned you to the airport. I’m guessing she would have remembered a wee hospital visit!!! ” (end)


5 thoughts on “Hate Campaign Targets I

    • in that case i got a nice screen shot (actually, several) of heather dishing out porkies of how she will ALWAYS have a decent, grown up discussion and how people will NOT be banned, even if they argue all the time! yess sireee, she really said that 🙂 and of course i got another dozen of examples of how she is totally unreasonable, aiming below the belt, name calling and so forth 😀 poor thing must have some memory lapses, maybe you can remind her one day and help her making up her poor scrambled up mind, am i reasonable or am i not, lol oh and thanks feather apparently you have promoted me head troll because i happen to be rather vocal 😀 or did i lose my position to one of the admins on boybel again? ah bugger good i have a real world and real things to get my sense of self worth from 😀 peace!

  1. speechless… so much hatred and bile in one person, it’s not healthy :\ …. enter that person from BCC who went with Sarah Fisher all day and never left her side, can’t be too hard to find, would like to hear that person’s version of the story. and if that person also sat outside if sarah needed a stop at the loo?

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