Old group, same HC members

2011Lem Twelve Facebook admit Lightfoot leaked court documents

Lem Twelve Facebook previous incarnation confirming Lightfoot leaked court docs during trial process


5 thoughts on “Old group, same HC members

  1. They may have changed their FB profiles and attempted to hide the evidence, but Jake, Sue & even the fake Terry Twoons (to name but a few) are not too far away at all are they? But then no one know that better then Kirsten – isn’t that right Kirsten?

    • oh yes, good ole jake longden, susie simpson and the terry twoons saga, with kirsten the big investigator in the centre of attention blowing their cover, not being feeble on the people behind the terry twoons profile was she… all fierceful and washing the wrath of god over that hapless dog warden…
      sure she must have had some plugs changed upstairs then to have such a dramatic change of mind… or maybe some plugs changed in the financial dept…, who knows… actually, she knows of course 😀 but that is her and her troll friends little secret innit 😉

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