Court documents

Languishing on the Hate Campaign’s website, LLAAV, is an expert witness report that was not made public:

LLAAV David Ryan Report fax header

That report was faxed from the Defendant’s solicitors’ office to the Legal Department of Belfast City Council on 16 March 2011. It was intended for the respective parties and their legal representatives only.

However, at least one copy was leaked, winding up in the hands of the Hate Campaign during the ongoing court case.

Our thanks to a supporter for contacting the report author this week, who confirmed that the document was never placed in the public domain, that he was not allowed to release the report for legal reasons, and doing so could damage his credibility in future cases, i.e. in his capacity as an expert witness.

So, for the record, that report appears on the LLAAV public website, having been copied and distributed without the express permission nor with the consent of the Author, the Defendants or their Solicitors or (one would hope) Belfast City Council. It was placed on that public website to the author’s possible professional detriment; the reason why we haven’t compounded the issue by including his name here.

Using that information is another contradiction from the Hate Campaign in as much as they can be found lauding the same author elsewhere on their website, because it suits them to do so in that instance, and yet they seem prepared to put his professional reputation at risk by including a report that was specifically not to be made public, a fact the Hate Campaign will be fully aware of.

We have contacted the BCC Legal Team and the Defendant’s solicitors to find out how this could happen, especially during an active court case.

It’s a mystery isn’t it? Who do you suppose has been ‘leaking’ all this material to the HC? Perhaps the same person supplying the ‘alleged’ photos of Lennox, amongst other things – the subject of another blog entry in the near future.


10 thoughts on “Court documents

  1. They really should have done more research on the legalities before they started coming up with their latest explanations for releasing this document. Their ‘excuse’ is merely an attempt at bluffing their way out and unfortunately they are in it up to their necks already and they dug their own stinking hole. There is some satisfaction to be found in that 😀

    • Now there’s the thing, what with a ‘highly regarded barrister, as well as a law school drop out on board, you would think they could have checked into the legalities of publishing those documents – but then I suppose running a hate campaign such as theirs is all consuming, leaving very little time for nitty gritty little details such as their legal right to publish the various documents they came across by ‘sheer accident’.

  2. well, well, well… the proverbial hits the fan. if you listen very carefully you can here the dull ‘plonk’ of heads being plonked into the sand right across the garden fence 😀 sorry girls you can’t have my broom to do the cleanup, better get yer own 😀

  3. wish i could help with the shovel, but i need to dash for my spray tan, the public like orange, or is it lemon….damn, confused,com, anyway, i like the orange one best ….must dash !!

  4. I do hope that they dont get into trouble *sniggers * wouldnt want them questioned for misconduct or anything. I mean i guess they were just helping a friend …… at least i think thats how they put it in their own words!

    Pass the shovel to Lem 12 ive a feeling theyre going to be needing it

  5. Can the web stand the surge that surely must be coming, i ask myself
    log in’s/ log out’s. ( some permanent “out’s” ) even a large table cloth cant cover this one, someone (very Dense, indeed ) will be back peddling i imagine, but that is the thing about back peddling, you cant erase the track marks already made, bit like DNA , innit …!

  6. Well well, someone (wonder who lol ) is going to be in deep brown stuff, but when the desperation to try and be seen as credible happens, mistakes are made , i was always taught what you give out in life comes back 3 fold, … me thinks there will be a sudden rush of adverts for cleaners and wellies, cos that is some shite about to hit. it isnt their best move, but then none have been good moves have they. !!

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