LENNOX – Condition and Treatment

We’re staying for a while longer with Lennox’s health and treatment during his incarceration.

As it’s only a handful of people who claim, without any proof whatsoever, that Len was a yard and status dog, there’s no need for us to go over that here, although we will cover it briefly at a later date.

Carrying on from our previous entry (link) showing images of Lennox in a ‘holding cell’ (same cell the Hate Campaign insist was temporary), take a look at this image of Belfast City Council Dog Warden Sandie Lightfoot with Lennox:

Sandie Lightfoot and Lennox BSL shortly after being seized

The reason we’ve posted this is not so much to look at Len’s skin condition, which speaks for itself, but to go off-subject for a moment and ask you to look at the body language of both Lennox and the dog warden – his submissive, hers relaxed.

This photograph was taken shortly after Lennox was seized and shows the same dog warden who said that Lennox was “One of the most aggressive and unpredictable dogs she had ever met”. So in spite of having been a dog warden for almost ten years and “In that time had been involved in a wide range of work involving dogs she’d never come across a dog like Lennox?

Also striking about that image is Lennox’s body language, with tail tucked tightly into his body and ears back. But more than that it’s the use of rope, which seems to be wrapped around his neck twice.

As for the Hate Campaign’s claim that judicial ‘photoshopping’, ‘editing’ and ‘whiteout’ was used to make Lennox’s condition look worse in that image, tragically for Lennox there wasn’t any need to go to those lengths. But if you follow the Hate Campaign’s logic and believe what they say, then it looks in that photo as if Sandie Lightfoot also had a skin problem on her hands and arms.

A five year old could work out that either the camera was facing the sun or the flash highlighted Lennox’s skin condition against his black coat and also made the dog warden’s hands and arms appear white. The only ‘judicial’ thing there is the Hate Campaign’s opportunist and malicious lies.

So it can be stated as fact that Lennox’s health suffered greatly as a result of his incarceration, but to what degree? The public will never know the full extent, because the last available images of Lennox date from several months before he was killed – after that, nothing.

Is it any wonder people eventually speculated as to whether he was still alive and, if he was, that his health had deteriorated to the point where he had to be hidden away?

To compound that, images of a dog being passed off as Lennox were leaked from ‘an anonymous source’ to a so-called ‘supporter’ (Ann EndBsl Roberts), after she claimed to have sent Lennox some toys:


Yes, you’re seeing right, the dog in the top image isn’t Lennox. In any case, that dog looks chocolate in colour and in neither photo can a white blaze be seen (see image below), not even the hint of one, but we won’t pick over the bones of that here. A flash could highlight any underlying colour in a dog’s coat, so it wouldn’t be feasible to speculate on that aspect. In fact, in the image below where Lennox was in the garden the flash residue from the snow does exactly that. However, as you can see, the  white blaze is quite high on Len’s body, but doesn’t show up in the images above. That’s because it’s not him.

So why did Lightfoot need to use images of another dog if Lennox was really safe and well? After all, she claimed to visit him regularly, once a week in fact. She and her friends banged on about how much time she spent with him, taking time out of her life to drive up to see him.

We’ll just add that to the growing pile of rank Lightfoot’ porkies currently stacking up behind one another shall we?

Len in garden white blaze

Sarah Fisher, in her report, noted: “I state that I have concerns about the appearance of Lennox’s neck. In the video I explain this too. His ears are unlevel and there was a change in the lay of his coat over the Atlas in line with the nuchal ligament that is present between T1 and C2 vertebrae”. Sarah Fisher’s full report will be added to a separate blog entry covering assessments.

We’ve extracted that comment because her report came after one of Peter Tallack’s unrecorded assessments in which he used a ‘rigid pole‘ to keep Lennox ‘at bay’. Something else we’ll be covering later, along with Amitriptyline.


4 thoughts on “LENNOX – Condition and Treatment

  1. Ive seen the uncensored version of that photo, Lightfoot is looking away from Lennox and seems to be looking or talking to someone out of shot. She doesnt appear bothered about keeping her distance from him either, in fact shes pulling Lennox towards her. if shes that relaxed with lennox and already said it took several months to build a relationship with him it doesnt say much for his poor coat condition. On the other hand if he’d only just been seized how is it shes managing to control such an “aggressive” and “dangerous” dog she hasnt had time to build up a relationship with?

    • And the rope was flapping around as if it was about to whip him… Now if he was the most aggressive and unpredictable dog she ever come across in her ‘dog killer’ years… Why didn’t he bite her in fear of being whipped? She lied (fleather)

      • They are tying themselves up in a series of knots at the moment whilst trying to adapt things to suit their argument. They never read the post thoroughly but leap in with both feet and think they can draw peoples attention away by stomping around.

        • no! don’t tell me their enlightened one is failing to grasp reality AGAIN? poor sods… very nice one by the way, that very dangerous and unpredictable dog with no muzzle and that dog warden just wearing a t-shirt. ample opportunity for that very dangerous and unpredictable dog to grab those fleshy underarms yet he didn’t.. just as he didn’t have a go at that guy walking across the parking lot during the assessment. gosh. she must be northern ireland’s answer to the dog whisperer :)… and what’s with the lasso? just got back from catching rabid cows or whot?!

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