Lennox – Condition

So the Hate Campaign claim that Lennox’s skin condition was far worse at the time he was seized than it was when he was locked up at the behest of Belfast City Council. Yes really!

There’s obviously no need to go over that tripe in detail, because the photographic evidence speaks for itself.

Lennox in Cell 2

The Hate Campaign are very fond of insisting that the cell Lennox is seen in here was merely a temporary ‘holding cell’.

Well then, if the Hate Campaign are correct, and Lennox was kept in that ‘holding cell’ for the briefest of time when initially seized, how do they explain his coat and skin condition, which looks very much under control in that image. Unless of course it’s another one of their old ‘it’s been photoshopped!’ chestnuts.

So according to the Hate Campaign, Lennox’s health and appearance was worse in the care of his owners than it was after being incarcerated by Belfast City Council and/or their representatives.

You decide…

Lennox and Lightfoot minus censor next to van

Oh right, it’s a seasonal condition! Looks like the depths of winter here, so that would explain it!


3 thoughts on “Lennox – Condition

  1. It’s as plain as the nose on your face,and as everyone knows when you tell lies your nose grows,Amy said so,they surely can’t miss the obvious.always optimistic but usually disappointed,the pinnochios will totally miss the facts

    • Even the least intelligent of their gang would be hard pushed to ignore the point being made in this post so I assume now we will get to find out if any of them actually have any brains.

  2. hmm this sure is a good question. let’s see which one of the lovely twollop audience wins the microwave in today’s contest 😀 ! (don’t worry, it comes with a disclaimer of things NOT to put in your microwave, we don’t want anyone of you accidentally popping his head in now do we 🙂 )

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