They’re not happy

Well no, don’t suppose they are, having been exposed as liars and fakes. On top of that most of the names mentioned in Connections felt the need to close, clean up or lock down their Facebook pages and Tweets, in some cases disassociating themselves from each other and certain ‘interests’. All that to avoid being incriminated, and all very much too late.

Here’s a small reminder why:


If this isn’t STALKING, what is?

Boycott Boycott Belfast Heather Jones Roxanne Summers Mel Page Facebook stalking Lennoxs owners

More vindictive and spiteful photoshopping from the Hate Campaign. After dressing up the photo in balloons, the Hate Campaign then went on to ridicule and celebrate the fact that Lennox had been seized.

Whoever took that photo either stood and faced the house, pointing the camera/phone directly towards it (in full view of other residents) or was inside a vehicle [link].

Bearing in mind the house is in a close (cul-de-sac), a vehicle such as, say, a Belfast City Council dog warden van, would have to be driven all the way inside to turn around, or reversed into the close from the road. Either way, the driver would have got out of the vehicle, or had her hand stuck outside in order to get an image that clear. 

[link 1 / link 2].

Boycott Boycott Belfast Heather Jones Roxanne Summers Mel Page Facebook stalking Lennoxs owners admitting taking photo

Who could possibly have posted that comment on the now defunct Boycott Boycott Belfast page – the charmer who took the photo, the weasel (apologies to weasels) who supplied it, or the dirtbag who photoshopped it, assuming it wasn’t the work of just one single twit?

The admin who made the comment either wanted to give the impression she’d taken the photo or is admitting to it, which complicates things as far as Lightfoot is concerned really.

For sake of argument, we have to consider that it was someone else (or Lightfoot disguised as someone else).

We know the (now removed) Roxanne Summers‘ ID’s and Heather Jones‘ profiles were among the admin on BBB, and we also know the real people behind those ID’s are still very active [link]. But the only person likely to find herself parked outside the Lennox family home is Sandie Lightfoot.  

So although it seems convoluted, there’s really no need to overthink it.



Roxanne Summers / Heather Jones / aka (link), says:
Is that Lennox’s chain on the chimney?”
“Is Tinkerbell one of the celebs lining up to help save Lennox?”
“Can you believe this is what they were twitting when I was taking the photograph…”
“It can’t be Lennox’s chain on the chimney because it’s not bolted to a wall”

Amy Miller (link) replies:  Looks a nice chain! My guess, it could be some of the bling Craig bought with the donation money”

Ruth McKinley (Facebook) replies:  Smokin. Who lives in a house like that 🙂

Roxanne Summers / Heather Jones / aka (Facebook) says:  
“I do believe that is **** Close. Now who could live in a house like that?”
Well not Lennox anyway lol

a message..

..from Karmabus which deserves a place here:

“So many have slithered back under their rocks since the big reveal proved to be a non-starter and made them look both foolish and incredibly ignorant.

Foolish because of the fact they have been fed lies consistently and believed them without actually being in full receipt of the facts at all, and ignorant because they acted on those lies and encouraged others in their vile ill-informed comments against innocents.

Some reputations are going to be rightfully damaged beyond repair and they can attempt to lay the blame at others feet, claim that animals could be put at risk if they are ‘outed’ etc, as much as they like. The truth is THEY chose to take that risk by imagining they were ‘safe’ hiding behind fake ids and hurling unfounded abuse and accusations.

THEY chose to ignore the responsibility of their positions when not wearing their ‘professional hats’ and THEY chose to do so for an extended period of time whilst taking pleasure in bullying a family at every given opportunity.

THEY chose to risk destroying their own reputations, the reputations of ALL who deal with them, and to risk animals’ lives as a result, nobody else did.”


PRICELESS Revisited + Updates


If you haven’t done so already, do please take a look at the thread involving this image on Roxanne Summers‘ page which explains the response we’ve had here in the way of comments.

We hope Summers will note there has been nomass reporting‘ of that image and thread, and that’s because her little exercise in ‘egg on face’ is a wet lettuce by any standards.

You can see that, earlier in the day, Roxanne Summers had pretty much been talking to herself but, as soon as she uploaded that photo to her page, the ‘Roaches came out from the woodwork. In fact they scuttled out instantly, laying the ridiculous comments seen on the thread.

We’re not sure if Summers has something else she considers to be ‘revealing’ up her very short sleeves but, if this is all she has in the way of a ‘damaging revelation’ to distract everyone from being exposed as a psychotic liar, we can only assume she doesn’t get out much.

Several of you, our supporters, were already aware of that image and a few even know where it comes from, as our very full email inbox shows (thank you, it’s much appreciated).

We were just wondering when Roxanne Summers plans to tell her followers who is standing with Lennox in the photo (yes Summers, of course we know it’s Lennox, where did you get the idea it was new and exciting? Your supplier has misled you and in so doing shown us all how healthy the boy looks there. You’ve been had love!).

While we’re here, let’s take a look at the charming Saint Denise Day getting in on the act:

Roxanne Summers Denise Day Witches of Eastwick Facebook Deed Not Breed

Denise Day Facebook Save Lennox Hate Campaigner

It seems Roxanne Summers isn’t the only one who should have gone to SpecSavers, judging by this comment of hers:

It’s interesting to see his coat in this picture. His left flank is clearly in the stage of regrowth after very substantial hair loss.”

As usual, there’s Dense Day jumping in, this time with something about ‘hair loss‘! Huh? Can anyone else see hair loss in those photos? Doesn’t Len’s coat look kind of shiny and healthy to you? It does from where we’re sitting…..

Lennox BSL Facebook left flank has substantial regrowth of hair according to Roxanne Summers

Well we couldn’t be sure, so we cropped, enlarged then enhanced the photo to ‘highlight’ Len’s ‘left flank‘, to make any residual effects of Day’s ‘substantial hair loss‘ and regrowth become more evident – and this is the result. We’re still baffled.

So it seems both Roxanne Summers and Dense ‘I’m Squeaky Clean’ Day are either very shortsighted or fecking liars.

Along with those two, the other Hate Campaign members sticking their oars in are really not equipped to make judgements of any kind. In fact, there are at least two (not including Summers) who make Lance Armstrong look like a saint, and we’ll be dissecting them in the near future (everyone gets a chance).

By way of a brief example, here’s a Hate Campaign member and best bud of Summers, Page and Lightfoot who also has one rule for herself and another for her HC targets:

Kirsten Lawrence Facebook with harnessed uncastrated dog

We’ll leave you with a sad and poignant reminder of how Lennox really looked when he was in the loving care of his owners:

Lennox BSL in garden not a cage in sight

And this is how he looked once Belfast City Council and Sandie Lightfoot got their hands and a rope on him:

Lennox and Lightfoot minus censor next to van


Hate Campaign Lies I

Heather Jones began sharing this image with accompanying lies early in 2012: Heather Jones Facebook faking images of strangers claiming they're Craig Winters Since then it’s been distributed by other Hate Campaign members, most recently Roxanne Summers: Roxanne Summers Facebook on fake profiles and lies about holiday snaps 1 Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers claim the man in the photo is Lennox’s owner Craig. It isn’t of course, but then you knew that already, as do they (original image below) However, that photo first appeared on the Internet in 2009 (MySpace), but Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers have bandied it around claiming undeniable proof that Lennox’s owners spent donations, they had supposedly received, on a holiday after Lennox was seized in May 2010.

Maths doesn’t need to be a strong point to show that the dates don’t add up. And even when Lennox’s owners aren’t spending money, they are still in the wrong apparently – see Summers‘ remark in the screenshot above (underscored in green for bile).

To ensure that nobody could go and check for themselves, both Jones & Summers covered their tracks by claiming the image appeared on the Facebook page of Lennox’s owner one minute and was taken down almost immediately, and they got away with that story for months, until now.  Once again, they were working on the premise that everyone else is as brick-thick as they are, therefore it’s easy to see how they thought that lie would permanently stick.

The MySpace account they found for that particular Craig Winters had either already been closed or had very little public information, but just enough for Jones & Summers to back up their lies. The image has a vague resemblance to Lennox’s owner and therein lies the mystery. Jones & Summers needed to show a likeness that was at least fairly near the mark, but there was a problem – they had never met Lennox’s owner and couldn’t find any uploaded images of him on Facebook, or anywhere else come to that.

So it begs the question, how did they even begin to start looking for someone with a passing resemblance to Lennox’s owner? Hair colour, general height, weight; these are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. Luckily for them that image is small and grainy, but the general appearance of the man in the photo is fairly clear. A mystery isn’t it?

Not really; Roxanne Summers is very fond of picking on Lennox’s owners for their supportive friendship with Sarah Fisher (and we all know the real reasons behind that – link), but as usual it’s one rule for Summers and the rest of the HC and another for their targets, because several Hate Campaign members (hidden and otherwise) have Dog Warden Sandie Lightfoot as a Facebook friend, and in some cases that came about months before Lennox was destroyed; in other words, while the court case was active.

If Jones & Summers had known what Lennox’s owner looked like prior to finding that image, they would have plastered it all over their pages, and if they thought for one minute that photo showed Lennox’s owner, they would have superimposed the face onto one of their photoshopped insults, such as this one from Heather Jones – yes, that Hate Campaign member who apparently never makes personal attacks and only tells ‘the truth’: Heather Jones Facebook usual attempt at bullying and ridicule A reminder that Heather Jones (Facebook) has stated:If anyone thinks any screenshot on here is faked or edited tell us. We can then refer you to the original. Unlike other groups on facebook this group is about honesty, integrity and the truth. We make no allegation we don’t have proof to support. And we make the proof available for all to see. We don’t send proof by pms as we think that’s the way of people who are lying and don’t want to get caught out. We have a totally open group with all proof on displayHeather Jones and Roxanne Summers Facebook fake image of Lennox's owner Craig Winters

Hate Campaign Lies

The Save Lennox Hate Campaign is a sham, evident by their habit of constructing false stories and using ‘opinions’ to disguise the lack of facts required to conduct a genuine and honest campaign.

We’ve already shown two people behind the profiles Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers to be liars and cheats, their fabrications so ridiculous you wonder that anyone would be taken in by them – unfortunately, either due to lack of intelligence and/or plain malice, there are a handful of willing followers who are. It’s a mystery how these two have got away with spinning yarns for so long.

So far we’ve shown Roxanne Summers to be a complete fraud who concocts stories about her ‘profession’, ‘inside knowledge’ and ‘privileged contacts’, along with numerous other lies disguised as facts.

Then there’s Heather Jones with her blatant lies that just keep on coming. To name a few – the fake ‘Billie Bennet‘ profile (link), ‘friends in high places’ (link), Loose women (link), Attorney General (link) and, much more seriously, Heather Jones’ defamatory statements that Lennox’s owners were involved in dog fighting along with ‘Lennox was purely a status and yard dog‘ (link) – particularly stupid remarks even by her low standards.

We’ll be going over all fabrications again in a series of blog entries, just to keep them at the forefront, and because we’ve had a particular invitation to do just that.

In the meantime, we thought Heather Jones might like a reminder of a little speech she made:

Heather Jones Facebook biggest blooper yet

Testament of Heather Jones – a lot to live up to, for her :

If anyone thinks any screenshot on here is faked or edited tell us. We can then refer you to the original. Unlike other groups on facebook this group is about honesty, integrity and the truth. We make no allegation we don’t have proof to support. And we make the proof available for all to see. We don’t send proof by pm’s as we think that’s the way of people who are lying and don’t want to get caught out. We have a totally open group with all proof on display“.
Blank filler

Heather Jones Facebook, Roxanne Summers Facebook, Lennox BSL, Belfast City Council Lennox BSL, Loose Women, Billie Bennet Facebook, Attorney General Belfast, The Daily Mail newspaper, The Sun Newspaper, Associated Newspapers Ltd, Sandie Lightfoot, Fake Facebook Profiles Roxanne Summers, Heather Jones, Save Lennox Hate Campaign Members, The Real Les Trollops,

Lennox Part II – Yard Dog Lies

The Hate Campaign’s version of the truth.

According to Heather Jones:

BBB Heather Jones Facebook Lying that Lennox was a caged yard dog

Heather Jones again, disguised as Billie Bennet (transcribed below):

Heather Jones Facebook making up vindictive lies about Lennox being a yard dog

And again:BBB Heather Jones Facebook More Lies that Lennox was a yard and status dog

Rather than clutter up the page with yet more Heather Jones‘ crap, suffice to say we have a screenshot of her confirming that she’s never seen Lennox and only kennel staff and the dog warden had access to him during his incarceration. So quite how she manages to state as fact that ‘his only kindness came from the staff that cared for him in the kennels‘ is anyone’s guess. It’s a Class A ridiculous comment even for her.

But just take a look at that bile in the first screenshot; doesn’t get more spiteful than that does it? Full transcript below*.

At one point this conveniently cropped image of Lennox was used to illustrate the Hate Campaign’s lie that he was a ‘yard dog’ pleading to be let inside:

Lennox in garden

And in this one, where the wire handily appears to go right across, the Hate Campaign said it proves, once and for all, that Lennox lived outside:

Carole and Brook in garden the BBB Facebook version



The uncropped image of Lennox with one of his house mates, playing in the snow.

Len in garden white blaze

And in this close-up, another reality:

Caroline and Brooke for Daily Mirror

The Hate Campaign have this image and therefore know that the wire is simply leaning up against the wall, secured with plank of wood.  As plain as day, there’s a large gap on the left and an old dog bed, hub cap and other stuff behind it; nothing unusual about that, but according to the Hate Campaign, this shows Lennox was ‘confined‘.

And here is the same spot:

Lennox BSL in garden not a cage in sight

It’s true the Hate Campaign’s track record for getting things right is very poor, bearing in mind their useless deduction that Lennox was a ‘status’ dog because he wore a harness on occasions (link), but this takes the biscuit.

All that vitriol because the arrogant little turds decided they required photographic evidence. So, lacking anything to back up their lies, the Hate Campaign moved on to what comes naturally, turning their attention to a target – Victoria Stilwell in fact, who had visited the home and confirmed that she’d seen photographs of Lennox.

The only way the idiots could cope with that was to fall back on their tried and tested method of name calling, and so they set to work branding Victoria Stilwell a liar (well why not, they do it with everyone else, even Mother Theresa would be fair game for this lot!).



Heather Jones Facebook (Lennox BSL) says of Lennox: ” ..he had a metal chain attached to him. He has never been allowed to roam free and play…the so called large garden that Lennox has to play in. Well if you look at the image below you will see the final place lennox had to live before being taken by the BCC. This image, taken by a national paper, is in the back yard of the families house. The cage is indeed where Lennox had to live, with no shelter from the elements, caged and left to his own company in all weathers. The concrete base with a water channel so that it can be hosed down without getting Lennox out. That was his life and the one he will end up going back to should he ever be released to Craig Winters ” (end).

Gobsmacked? Yes, most people are when they read that. A triumph for pathalogical liars everywhere!

Hate Campaign Targets I

We’ll be looking at some of the malicious lies concocted by the Hate Campaign and the spite directed at a few of their targets (visible members – link). It will take a while to cover all of their fabrications and bile (comes by the crate-load), so bear with us please.

No subject is sacred to the Hate Campaign, even an unrelated tragedy is fair game to them, as we’ve seen time and again, and no potential victim is above their radar.

Some of the basic requirements to qualify as a Hate Campaign target are to dispute their ‘facts’ and ‘proof’; be a foreigner (UK resident or otherwise), or openly support one of their existing targets. That’s it – Hate Campaign’ Victim in a nutshell (unless you see them here, screenshots are available on request as always).


However, the Hate Campaign’s hostility towards Sarah Fisher and her husband is different, in that it’s rooted in pure malicious envy, but nonetheless, even for the HC, it’s inscrutable:

Roxanne Summers Ella Wardley Facebook Anthony Head Sarah Fisher

Ella Wardley Facebook says Sarah Fisher is a proven liar

There’s a lot more where this came from, although you probably get the gist!

In spite of the Hate Campaign’s track record, it makes no sense that venom like this should be directed at Sarah Fisher and her husband, although it’s true Roxanne Summers (or any of the Hate Campaign members) don’t usually need an excuse to attack individuals with personal and spiteful remarks (transcription below).

With regards Sarah Fisher’s expertise, we’ll be covering that in an ‘assessments’ entry, along with Peter Charles Tallack. For the moment, we’d like to draw attention to Roxanne Summers again who, in her fake capacity as a barrister, has convinced fellow Hate Campaigners (not difficult) that Sarah Fisher was biased towards Lennox’s family because she supported them. Yep, you couldn’t make it up (again).

Roxanne Summers, still in her barrister cape and tights, also convinced other mindless Hate Campaign members that Sarah Fisher, during her visit to Belfast, could not have visited Caroline in hospital. You all know that’s another vindictive lie (a foregone conclusion with Roxanne Summers) but it needed spelling out:

Roxanne Summers Facebook more vitriol directed at Sarah Fisher

Or maybe not so much a vindictive lie as just another Summers’ psychotic episode.

Sarah Fisher was forced to cut ties with the Save Lennox campaign following the vitriol and bile directed at her by Roxanne Summers and other Hate Campaign members, because Sarah Fisher is an honest, professional and decent person; a concept lost on the likes of Summers and the rest of the Hate Campaign, therefore making her a prime Hate Campaign target. We haven’t finished with this subject yet, more later. In the meantime:

Links: Tilley Farm; NHD; HH


We’ll leave this entry for now with a reminder of what the Hate Campaign are really all about.

On the day Lennox was killed, this was posted on one of the Hate Campaign’s pages. The response was not a mistake; it could have been corrected or removed, but it wasn’t:

BBB Facebook Heather Jones Sad news Lennox is killed and Jones smiles


Roxanne Summers Facebook (Lennox BSL) says: ” I have been asked to clarify the following. The person who got caught out lying in her statement about her impartiality the other day, Sarah Fisher, is married to Mr Tony Head, not Mr Dick Head. That doesn’t make him any less of a dickhead nor her statement any less dishonest. There. Happy now? “

Ella Wardley replies: ” PRICELESS. Thanks Roxanne that made me really laugh

Roxanne Summers replies: ” not a laughing matter Kathy. apparently it was quite important I corrected his ” (Kathy Wardley is also Ella Wardley)

Ella Wardley replies: ” She worried about getting the facts right? She should apply that herself. Gigle evrytime I read this. Going to copy and paste it so I can keep having a giggle at it. ” (end)

Ella Wardley Facebook (Lennox BSL) says: ” Sarah Fisher is a proven liar ” (end)

Roxanne Summers Facebook (Lennox BSL) says (of Sarah Fisher): ” …And it doesn’t matter where the person accused you of doing it – there’s no point pretending you were in a hospital visiting Caroline Barnes when you were collected from the airport by a member of Belfast City Council who was with you the entire duration of your visit and then returned you to the airport. I’m guessing she would have remembered a wee hospital visit!!! ” (end)

Court documents

Languishing on the Hate Campaign’s website, LLAAV, is an expert witness report that was not made public:

LLAAV David Ryan Report fax header

That report was faxed from the Defendant’s solicitors’ office to the Legal Department of Belfast City Council on 16 March 2011. It was intended for the respective parties and their legal representatives only.

However, at least one copy was leaked, winding up in the hands of the Hate Campaign during the ongoing court case.

Our thanks to a supporter for contacting the report author this week, who confirmed that the document was never placed in the public domain, that he was not allowed to release the report for legal reasons, and doing so could damage his credibility in future cases, i.e. in his capacity as an expert witness.

So, for the record, that report appears on the LLAAV public website, having been copied and distributed without the express permission nor with the consent of the Author, the Defendants or their Solicitors or (one would hope) Belfast City Council. It was placed on that public website to the author’s possible professional detriment; the reason why we haven’t compounded the issue by including his name here.

Using that information is another contradiction from the Hate Campaign in as much as they can be found lauding the same author elsewhere on their website, because it suits them to do so in that instance, and yet they seem prepared to put his professional reputation at risk by including a report that was specifically not to be made public, a fact the Hate Campaign will be fully aware of.

We have contacted the BCC Legal Team and the Defendant’s solicitors to find out how this could happen, especially during an active court case.

It’s a mystery isn’t it? Who do you suppose has been ‘leaking’ all this material to the HC? Perhaps the same person supplying the ‘alleged’ photos of Lennox, amongst other things – the subject of another blog entry in the near future.

LENNOX – Condition and Treatment

We’re staying for a while longer with Lennox’s health and treatment during his incarceration.

As it’s only a handful of people who claim, without any proof whatsoever, that Len was a yard and status dog, there’s no need for us to go over that here, although we will cover it briefly at a later date.

Carrying on from our previous entry (link) showing images of Lennox in a ‘holding cell’ (same cell the Hate Campaign insist was temporary), take a look at this image of Belfast City Council Dog Warden Sandie Lightfoot with Lennox:

Sandie Lightfoot and Lennox BSL shortly after being seized

The reason we’ve posted this is not so much to look at Len’s skin condition, which speaks for itself, but to go off-subject for a moment and ask you to look at the body language of both Lennox and the dog warden – his submissive, hers relaxed.

This photograph was taken shortly after Lennox was seized and shows the same dog warden who said that Lennox was “One of the most aggressive and unpredictable dogs she had ever met”. So in spite of having been a dog warden for almost ten years and “In that time had been involved in a wide range of work involving dogs she’d never come across a dog like Lennox?

Also striking about that image is Lennox’s body language, with tail tucked tightly into his body and ears back. But more than that it’s the use of rope, which seems to be wrapped around his neck twice.

As for the Hate Campaign’s claim that judicial ‘photoshopping’, ‘editing’ and ‘whiteout’ was used to make Lennox’s condition look worse in that image, tragically for Lennox there wasn’t any need to go to those lengths. But if you follow the Hate Campaign’s logic and believe what they say, then it looks in that photo as if Sandie Lightfoot also had a skin problem on her hands and arms.

A five year old could work out that either the camera was facing the sun or the flash highlighted Lennox’s skin condition against his black coat and also made the dog warden’s hands and arms appear white. The only ‘judicial’ thing there is the Hate Campaign’s opportunist and malicious lies.

So it can be stated as fact that Lennox’s health suffered greatly as a result of his incarceration, but to what degree? The public will never know the full extent, because the last available images of Lennox date from several months before he was killed – after that, nothing.

Is it any wonder people eventually speculated as to whether he was still alive and, if he was, that his health had deteriorated to the point where he had to be hidden away?

To compound that, images of a dog being passed off as Lennox were leaked from ‘an anonymous source’ to a so-called ‘supporter’ (Ann EndBsl Roberts), after she claimed to have sent Lennox some toys:


Yes, you’re seeing right, the dog in the top image isn’t Lennox. In any case, that dog looks chocolate in colour and in neither photo can a white blaze be seen (see image below), not even the hint of one, but we won’t pick over the bones of that here. A flash could highlight any underlying colour in a dog’s coat, so it wouldn’t be feasible to speculate on that aspect. In fact, in the image below where Lennox was in the garden the flash residue from the snow does exactly that. However, as you can see, the  white blaze is quite high on Len’s body, but doesn’t show up in the images above. That’s because it’s not him.

So why did Lightfoot need to use images of another dog if Lennox was really safe and well? After all, she claimed to visit him regularly, once a week in fact. She and her friends banged on about how much time she spent with him, taking time out of her life to drive up to see him.

We’ll just add that to the growing pile of rank Lightfoot’ porkies currently stacking up behind one another shall we?

Len in garden white blaze

Sarah Fisher, in her report, noted: “I state that I have concerns about the appearance of Lennox’s neck. In the video I explain this too. His ears are unlevel and there was a change in the lay of his coat over the Atlas in line with the nuchal ligament that is present between T1 and C2 vertebrae”. Sarah Fisher’s full report will be added to a separate blog entry covering assessments.

We’ve extracted that comment because her report came after one of Peter Tallack’s unrecorded assessments in which he used a ‘rigid pole‘ to keep Lennox ‘at bay’. Something else we’ll be covering later, along with Amitriptyline.

Lennox – Condition

So the Hate Campaign claim that Lennox’s skin condition was far worse at the time he was seized than it was when he was locked up at the behest of Belfast City Council. Yes really!

There’s obviously no need to go over that tripe in detail, because the photographic evidence speaks for itself.

Lennox in Cell 2

The Hate Campaign are very fond of insisting that the cell Lennox is seen in here was merely a temporary ‘holding cell’.

Well then, if the Hate Campaign are correct, and Lennox was kept in that ‘holding cell’ for the briefest of time when initially seized, how do they explain his coat and skin condition, which looks very much under control in that image. Unless of course it’s another one of their old ‘it’s been photoshopped!’ chestnuts.

So according to the Hate Campaign, Lennox’s health and appearance was worse in the care of his owners than it was after being incarcerated by Belfast City Council and/or their representatives.

You decide…

Lennox and Lightfoot minus censor next to van

Oh right, it’s a seasonal condition! Looks like the depths of winter here, so that would explain it!

Hate Campaign Lies: Loose Women

Roxanne Summers or Heather Jones claim to have Loose Women McGiffin as a close friend

Roxanne Summers / Heather Jones (take your pick) claiming to be best buddies with Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin, and apparently she’d never heard of Lennox or ‘the campaign’. However:

Loose Women Carol McGiffin

Carol McGiffin’s tweet ‘It’s not the poor dog that’s a danger to the public. How do they sleep at night?’ refers to BCC and the Dog Warden(s). Unless of course that isn’t really Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin, just an impersonator, in which case, our mistake, we stand corrected.


Roxanne Summers or Heather Jones claim to have Loose Women McGiffin as a close friend

Roxanne Summers, Heather Jones (Facebook Lennox BSL) say: “I read earlier that boycott belfast page have gotten nearly all the loose women on board to support them. Well, I have just spoken to Carol, a long time friend, and she has never heard of either Lennox or the campaign, mmmwwaaahhhhhhhh, huge Fail I say. Anyway I filled her in on the campaign methods, including petrol letters in peoples houses, paramilitary threats, people being beaten up, forged government documents and lies and she was rather shocked so she will pass this info on. So Clare, HUGE MASSIVE FAIL

We’ll cover the other allegations in separate blog entries.