Spot the deliberate mistakes…

Heather JOnes AG question.but wheres the question

This screenshot appeared on Heather Jones‘ BBBBB page a few days back; it was then grabbed by a follower who posted it to our own Facebook page. Shortly after that BBBBB and Heather Jones (under that profile anyway) disappeared from view, presumably to tidy up that wall of hers.

Now we could be wrong, maybe the reason for Heather’s sabbatical isn’t about the AG email, because that would indicate she had fiddled with it in some way. If that were the case then she wasted her time, because she accidentally-on-purpose failed to ask the specific question mentioned in your own enquiry to the AG’s office (link).

In fact Heather Jones goes around the houses so much in her alleged enquiry to the AG, it’s doubtful Mr McConville would be able to figure out what she was banging on about. But if the email is genuine, then obviously he didn’t figure it out, because she got a standard answer to a vague question where she forgot to use names.

And speaking of names (or rather, the lack of them):

BBC article re BCC

So maybe Heather Jones (who posts on Lem12 as admin) did fiddle with her email, because all she could come up with in response to our criticism is this BBC article from May 2012, reporting that Belfast City Council is ‘reviewing procedures to protect staff from abuse‘ (link)

Makes you wonder why they bothered with this article. It’s so random and desperate it’s impossible to see what they’re trying to achieve, and why they’re digging deeper into that trench.

Here’s the clincher; if an investigation had taken place, it was obviously not about who the HC refer to as ‘core supporters‘. We’re back to the football hooligan analogy again, or ‘a few bad apples’ – it could be about anyone.

But hey, come on, by no stretch of the imagination can anyone say an investigation was ever undertaken (slow legal processes or not) if Mr McConville himself confirmed it, in which case the HC are branding him a liar.

And why are they posting a random article as ‘proof’ when Roxanne Summers herself clearly indicated that proof of an investigation ‘came in confirmation from the attorney general’s office‘?

Roxanne Summers claiming to have personal contact with AG

Oh dear, so many own goals and clangers the last few days, and daft Karin B Kulessa’s a bit of a liability as well isn’t she Summers?

Karin B Facebook dolt foot in mouth own goal

A little quiz before we go, here’s part of another clanger. Answers on a (virtual) postcard who you think it is :

Who lives in a place like this

Clue: Fake profile with a common name, based in Nottingham. Hmm…


11 thoughts on “Spot the deliberate mistakes…

  1. They still do not appear to have grasped the fact that Caroline and Craig are NOT BEING INVESTIGATED by the Attorney General. If the council are planning to investigate the odd crackpot who issued a threat online/by email/by phone or however it was done, that is all it is, an investigation into the odd crackpot NOT Caroline or Craig and could just as easily relate to other issues in Belfast. You wouldn’t think it was that hard to understand would you? Mind you their huddle of supporters were so excited when it was announced as ‘fact’, they are probably still struggling to get their heads around the fact it was totally untrue. Perhaps Roxanne would like to produce the ‘proof and confirmation’ from the Attorney Generals Office so that it can be sent to him to verify or deny?

    • what’s worse they simply cannot grasp the fact that just because out of over 100.000 supporters a handful of oddballs has spouted violent and/or unintelligent language or might have done something incredibly stupid (as you will have with any campaign that large and a subject stirring the public mind like BSL), this does not hold every single lennox campaign supporter responsible. it’s just as daft an allegation as claiming some youngster killed himself and there was an ozzy osborne record on the turntable, that doesn’t make it ozzy’s fault now does it. there is this little thing called personal responsibility. they are holding people personally responsible for actions they neither promoted, condoned or took part in in any way, even doing their own kangaroo court screeching ‘guilty!’ and handing out sentences… a proper barrister would know that would never hold up in court.

      • So to try and detract from the fact they were lying they attempt to deflect the spotlight from themselves by picking up on the comments made here instead. Surely they do not think their ‘supporters’ are so stupid as to be distracted from the point simply because they changed the subject to another topic as rapidly as they could? They built their own ‘truth’ pedestal and were happy to put themselves on top of it because their supporters did not question their ‘honesty’. Well, they lied. Not just a one off flippant statement but they lied over a period of many months and with their various ‘leaders’ backing it up, stating it as truth and nigh on guaranteeing it personally. I wonder how their supporters feel now about the ‘honest’ leaders they bear false witness to? Definition for those who need it – What does Bear False Witness mean? ‘To tell a lie. To say someone has done something they have not. Swearing you know something when you know it is untrue. Additionally, bearing false witness means to receive a lie as if were the truth. If you were not there to witness, and swear it to be true you in turn are a false witness.’

  2. After that pathetic effort as well as the rest of her cock ups last week is it any wonder Heather has gone into hiding. lol. Expect she will be back any day now to say we doctored this e-mail too.

    • Do you think Heather didn’t realise that by attempting to use that email as her ‘evidence’ that somehow the Attorney Generals Office had breached the data protection act that she would also, by trying to question it, be showing that Roxannes comment about having had ‘confirmation’ of an investigation was an absolute lie. I think they are just going to have to accept that there is/was no investigation, it was a lie, it has been spread by all of the ‘leaders’ they hold in such high esteem and the lower level trolls have all been led up the garden path. Not just the one lie from their ‘leaders’ either, it seems there are more coming to the fore daily.

      • If they had all the inside information they claimed to have then they knew a long time ago there was no AG investigation, they chose to blatantly lie about it and were caught out badly on that one. There is a lot more to follow, and they know it.

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