Lessons in: Assumption and Hypocrisy Part I

Heather Jones Facebook.

This comment appeared on a thread with Heather Jones and the rest of the lynch mob picking over an image of Lennox wearing a harness…Heather Jones Facebook accusing the Barnes' of  using Lennox as status dog owing to harness

This image to be precise…

Lennox BSL Belfast

Speaking of harnesses…

Kirsten Lawrence Facebook with harnessed uncastrated dog

No such criticism from Heather Jones directed at this image of her pal Kirsten Lawrence lounging with a dog which is not only harnessed but also entire (not castrated) and overweight.

Now a nasty, twisted person (like Heather Jones, Roxanne Summers or one of their moronic followers), would take this photo at face value and say, without proof of any kind:  “Why is this dog overweight? Can’t the owner be bothered to take him out for exercise? Why is the dog not castrated? He’s obviously not a puppy, so the owner must be planning to use him for breeding. And will you look at that, he’s wearing a harness; he must be a status dog“.

If that had been an image of Lennox with a member of his family, no prizes for guessing the comments and ‘opinions’ it would have attracted from the Syco’s.



4 thoughts on “Lessons in: Assumption and Hypocrisy Part I

  1. If you zoom in you could see this intact dog had both collar and harness on at the same time… I would understand if it was outside or comes in from the walk but this clearly shows this dog wears them full time… Now It is safe to assume Kirsten’s dog is a status dog (Heather)

  2. ‘Why have such a thing on a family pet/support dog’, really? I wonder if the Guide dogs for the blind trainers and owners know their dogs are ‘status’ dogs? I wonder if the mountain rescue dog owners know? How about the assistance dogs for the deaf? Police dogs? Sniffer dogs in airports and military dogs? The little old ladies who find a harness is easier for them to use with their dogs or the mothers who harness their dogs to make it easier to walk them alongside pushchairs? Hell i’ve even seen a lady in a wheelchair who had a dog on each side with harnesses on and they were trained to pull her up hills ! All status dogs according to Heather then?

    • A P.S for Kirstens attention to make it a bit easier for her to understand. Re-read the post. The post above is a hypothetical assumption based on Heathers way of thinking. Hope this helps? 😀

  3. interesting…i guess the only thing that held them back from tearing this particular person into shreds was that she turned to their side…which is another one their resident expert in psycho-logic could delve into, wonders of human nature and all 🙂

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