Lennox Part I

Lennox BSL Belfast

Going back to our earlier post (link), it’s common knowledge Lennox had just been bathed here, a regular routine in order to keep his skin condition under control (a condition that looks very much under control in this photo and in the video below; however it was a completely different story when Lennox wound up in BCC care).

Looking at that image, this is what Heather JonesRoxanne Summers and the rest of their mindless followers decided, again without any proof whatsoever:

Heather Jones, Roxanne Summers and their followers say that nobody would put a harness on a wet dog unless that dog was a ‘status dog’. They say the harness proves once and for all that Lennox was a ‘status dog’ and, what’s more, he was living in a kennel in the back yard!

Back to reality. Another look at that image shows it was a dry, sunny day, Lennox has just been bathed and is attached to the wall by a lead. Why is that a problem exactly? Anyone ever seen a wet dog stand still? No, neither have we; they’re all prone to shaking themselves off when wet and, given the opportunity, will rub themselves on any convenient surface, hard or soft. Lennox is chained only to stop him doing just that and entering the house while wet, and those bath times were also used for regular training sessions.

As for saying the harness indicated Lennox was a status dog, that’s up there in the Top Ten of Idiotic Syco’ Statements. If you follow their logic, people who walk their Chihuahuas or Miniature Yorkshire Terriers with harnesses are more interested in status than the dog’s comfort, and owners of Rottweillers, Dobermans and other similar, strong breeds are using those dogs as a status symbol if they attach a harness to them! These owners couldn’t possibly be aiming to maintain humane and comfortable control over a powerful dog; the very same people who wouldn’t dream of using choke collars (or worse) to control their dogs? Strange they didn’t apply their twisted logic to the Kirsten Lawrence image.

But it makes no difference what you believe. The fact is, just one look at Lennox here and in the video shows how fit, healthy and pliable he was in the care of his owners, a stark contrast to the images we’ve seen of Lennox once he was in the custody of Belfast City Council.

Lennox doesn’t look afraid or subservient, which would be typical of the type of ‘status dog’ the Syco’s like to refer to. The video shows that Lennox’s body language is more about the object he’s being filmed with; licking lips, yawning and sideways glances are typical of most dogs having photos taken, being scrutinised or stared at, that’s common knowledge. There is absolutely nothing more anybody could reasonably make of the image or the video.

❗  Video link  ❗

We’ll get on to the rest of their claims in another blog entry, claims which are equally bigoted and ridiculous.

4 thoughts on “Lennox Part I

  1. Not to mention the ‘new boy’ on the block – Neil, who claims to be ‘very new to this whole facebook thing’ and appears to have a particular interest in Mr Tallack. Nice one ‘Neil’ – keep up the good work. Lol

  2. Lennox was loved by his family, cared for by his family, happy, healthy because of his family and the rotten tripe spewed by Heather/Roxanne and the rest of the giblets have not and cannot to this day Prove that his family used, abused, neglected and treated him as a yard or status dog. As for the Heather email to the AG…did a turkey help her to word it as it was nothing more than a load of gobbildygook………boysa dears, but it did give me a laugh at her and her sad dellusions. LOL

  3. poor boy looks healthy and relaxed in this picture… shiny coat. though no doubt they will squeak caroline has put the gloss on hair by hair in photoshop *rolls eyes* he just looks like a dog that was well cared for. they really fail to grasp that possibly maybe the world isn’t all black and white as in their heads, don’t they.

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