Saturday Edition

As promised yesterday, we’re giving this subject an entry on its own; the reason for that can be seen below.

This is not just a step too far, it’s far more serious than that:

Heather Jones Facebook as Henry James

Heather Jones, Roxanne Summers and all their supporters have no problem whatsoever in making assumptions, using hearsay and gossip to quote their so-called ‘FACTS’. We’re simply returning the compliment.

Therefore, we are assuming Heather Jones / Roxanne Summers using fake profile Henry James, are responsible for the following comment on the BB wall: 

Translation (verbatim): Do you know Claire Campbell? She administers this page. You ought to be more careful who you associate with. She is a career criminal who has been jailed three times, most recently for breaking in to an 80 year old woman’s house and stealing her life savings. The woman was pushed to the ground and her nose and cheek fractured. Campbell had her children taken into care recently because she neglected them. And here she is pretending she cares about a dead dog. If anyone wants proof please contact me(end).

Oddly enough that profile has been deactivated so we can’t contact ‘him’.

That comment stayed on the BB wall for over 13 hours before being removed. Bearing in mind Jones and Summers spend most of their time watching their targets, all day every day, it’s strange that Heather Jones should wait almost a whole day after that post first appeared to write this:

Heather JOnes Facebook lying bitchOf course Heather Jones knows very well the post was not ‘removed almost straight away’. In fact her comments on other threads prove she was active at the time the James’ post was sitting on BB‘s wall.

Add to that their collective dislike of most things ‘foreign’ which would account for posting that statement in the same thread as an appeal for an old lady in Romania. In fact this comment was posted last Thursday:

Denise Day the racist



11 thoughts on “Saturday Edition

  1. Delighted to see they are following this blog so closely, in fact it seems they have so little to offer on their own pages they have had to resort to quoting this one word for word -well at least the bits they choose to quote. They seem to have skipped the screen shots of Jeff’s antics altogether, and are now suggesting the Henry James post never existed !!

    Anyone else think its strange that whenever ‘that post that never existed’ is discussed they automatically bring ‘poor Jeff’ into the equation? I mean its not like Jeff is the only member of their little gang who has been exposed for what they are on this page now is it?

    • Bit of a give away but not so different than when they gave away what he did for a living when trying to pretend he was a victim. I’m sure the Chuckle Brothers are running that page lol.

  2. I see someone has jumped on one of the poxs many spare profiles to show she hasn’t run for the hills with evva,.still waiting for the twat on tin foil to come riding up on his charger to protect their honour,

  3. No matter how much they try to shore up the sides of their big hole,it will collapse in on them.sooner rather than later with stunts like that,and evva/pox have shown themselves to be cowards by doing a disappearing act. Still I expect jeffy will turn up like a twat in tin foil to save the day,yeah right lol.

  4. Today its seems to be all about how we bullied ‘poor Jeff’, the same Jeff that has been only too happy to be an active part of their bullying campaign for so long, as many of the screen shots of his own posts have proven. If poor Jeff loves his city so much then you would have to wonder why he is happy to be part of a page that not so long ago slated Peter Robinson their own First Minister.
    Seems they will do or say anything to divert attention away from the fact that their lies about the AG investigation have been exposed. Interesting there hasn’t been a word from Jeff on that one either. Do tell us Jeff how does it feel to have been conned by your ‘colleagues’ for all that time??

  5. There is some amount of squirming going on at the moment. Heather seems to have gone underground, while her colleagues on Lem 12 are actually suggesting that Clair wrote that charming little piece about herself!! Now I don’t know what kind of sick games they are used to playing in their part of the world where those kind of stunts are probably a regular occurrence, but that has to be the most ridiculous cop out we have seen from them yet!

    • It took them 24hrs to come up with that explanation and even after all that time and effort their story is about as credible as David Icke being the New Messiah.

      • They really don’t know when to stop digging do they. That hole just keeps on getting deeper and deeper. They have now seriously put pay to any semblance of credibility they may have thought they had, which given this weeks events cant have been very much.

  6. Gob smacked,I knew they were scum but didn’t think they could sink any lower,but yet again the amaze me,even lower than pond scum,but karma is a bitch and it always comes around.

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