Wednesday observations

Heather Jones Facebook Boycott Boycott the expert on hypocrisy

Heather Jones, not even the whisper of anything tangible going on there. That’s a problem for Heather; it requires she takes ideas and comments from other people, mostly us. Obviously nobody has explained to Heather that an idea is not your own if it’s nicked, secondhand, but the concept would be lost on her anyway.

Then there’s the short memory letting her down again. Heather Jones has forgotten her previous faux pas that she is Billie Bennet. Besides, by insisting Bennet is a separate entity and a ‘close’ friend, she’s failed to consider that Billie obviously doesn’t think Heather worthy of her company, because so far Bennet hasn’t popped in to show her ‘close’ friend any kind of support (link).

Billie is nowhere to be seen. Shouldn’t this ‘close’ friend be coughing up the evidence Heather needs to show she’s not a lying little toerag? Fine friend that Billie Bennet is!  Just dump her Heather, she’s not the bestest mate in the world. Oh wait, maybe Billie can’t help you right now because she’s circumnavigating the globe, which apparently takes quite a long time. That would explain it. Or maybe Heather Jones, in her desperation, will scrape the bottom of her very mucky barrel and tell us Billie Bennet isn’t well enough to perform? Wouldn’t put it past her.

Roxanne Summers Facebook doesn't read Les Trollops

Fair enough, ‘Roxanne Summers’ doesn’t read our blog. But hang on a minute, what’s this….

Roxanne Summers Facebook admitting she reads Les Trollops. surely not

Well make your mind up Summers, either you read it or you don’t.

Roxanne Summers telling someone they're dishonest

There’s that glass house again. But anyway, speaking of the AG

Heather Jones Facebook Boycott Boycott flapping around for some credibility

They keep correspondence for two years? So presumably they’d have a record of Heather’s so-called previous investigation. 

Here’s an idea, maybe Roxanne Summers could call in a favour with her friends in high places, or maybe use her privileged barrister status to find out? Come to that, she could ask her cousin Rory McIlroy for help?

Heather or Roxanne's friends in high places. anybody's guess

And if none of that works, hell don’t wait two years Heather. Why not contact the Attorney General’s office yourself, today even? In fact why not get in touch with Mr Eamonn McConville personally? Can’t read the screenshot? No problem:

Mr Eamonn McConville, Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, PO Box 1272, Belfast BT1 9LU.

You can email him at:, or give him a call on: 028 9072 5310.

Failing all that, use your much-used, tried and tested method of…



Apologies for the poor screenshot quality above. A transcription follows:

Heather Jones / Roxanne Summers Facebook (Lennox BSL) say:

” Hey Gill, Hey Cliar, Hey Dopey Doris, guess what? People do listen to us. Shall I tell you who? the Attorney General, the Inland Revenue, the DWP for starters. Doesn’t matter if a bunch of faceless facebook people listen or not, the people that matter listened! [smiley face] the people that can bring the owners to justice for what they’ve done, they listened. Who is listening to you? ”

And a further quote from Roxanne Summers (Facebook) re: The Irish Open:

” I note your page is telling people to contact Rory McIlroy. He’s my cousin [smiley face] You’ll get a good listening from him NOT “.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday observations

  1. Hello all, I’ve been short of time just lately, (due to WORK and family commitments), and haven’t been able to keep up with all the happenings, although reading through the Syco’s ramblings, it’s like I’ve never been away.
    I‘d like to draw attention to Evva, (as ever), the master of ‘clutching at straws’, (from a great height in this instance), who makes the comment, “I suspect this attack has come as a tool to deflect that AM supported the canine99 rescue that is now alleged to have been systematically abusing the animals in his care. (heather)”
    What is she talking about??? I hate to state the obvious, but there were many, many supporters of canine99, both in and out of the rescue world, including one or two of her own minions!!
    So even though she doesn’t read Les Trollops……..Come on down Ever, do you really think that by supporting canine99 any of us knew about the abuse – let alone allowed it to continue?
    Reminds me of a famous paedophile supported, (and loved), by millions before the truth came out???? Shame he can’t fix this for you…..

  2. Finished work this evening, [that thing none of us do] made a bite to eat and relax a while. Before getting off to bed thought I would have a read…..Not sure it was a good idea because my head is jist pure birlin’ Poor Rox and the Heather one are like those little figures in the jewel boxes that pop up and twirl round and round and round and round, stuck in the same spot day in day out….phew!!!!!

  3. Even more laughable to see Roxanne desperately trying to keep the troops on board by suggesting we are on on the dole, Well Roxy if you can spend day and night on the every available forum (the ones that haven’t thrown you out because of your pot mouth ) we can only assume that there isn’t a lot of work going for ‘highly regarded barristers’ in Belfast these days ??

    • maybe she is a dyslectic and she’s really a highly regarded barista coffee server at a local coffeehouse where every once in a blue moon a handful of customers strays in leaving her ample time to feed her grudges against people she doesn’t even really know 😀

  4. mental, the lot of them, good thing one of them already called herself mental some months ago. no sane person would believe those excuses they are now trying to fabricate out of even thinner air then before…. i could hear the thud of the pox plonking her big head in the sand all the way across the channel 😀

  5. LOL seriously? She thinks that is going to cover the fact the whole ‘we know’ the Attorney General is investigating story was a lie they created? I know the supporters on her page are none too bright but I would be insulted if I were any of them because to assume they’d believe that tripe means she must think they are completely stupid.

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