Roxanne Summers Facebook

Roxanne Summers Psychotic

If you’ve a hankering to be Judge and Jury, regardless of your target, it’s unwise to lack self-control, and it’s probably safe to say you should not be biased, malicious, jealous and inclined to episodes of manic rage.

To sum up, you need to be squeaky clean and preferably not bonkers…

Roxanne Summers Facebook living in a glass house but still throwing stones

She must mean this one:

Roxanne Summers vitriol

Or maybe it was this one:

Roxanne summers you are filth

We realise it’s stretching the boundaries of possibility to the outer limits but, hypothetically, let’s say that thing behind the Roxanne Summers‘ Facebook profile is a qualified barrister.

How did it manage to control itself sufficiently to get past the first few months of a law degree and, if by chance it got as far as vocational training, how did it get through to the elimination stage? Maybe it eliminated all the other candidates.

But it’s certainly a possibility that we should consider, because….

Roxanne Summers claims to be qualified barrister

And if you’re still in doubt, a testimonial from Heather Jones should convince:

Heather claiming roxanne is a barrister and a good one lol

Yes that Heather Jones, Roxanne’s best Facebook buddy, assuring us that Roxy is indeed a barrister and a very good one. Presumably Jones plucked that from the same place she got her ‘friends in high places‘.

But let’s cut the crap. Psychotics aren’t generally known for self-control at the best of times, let alone for months or years on end, and so we’ve made an assumption that the thing behind this Roxanne Summers‘ Facebook profile is either a long-term inmate at Her Majesty’s pleasure, an abattoir worker or a toilet attendant in a posh department store, which would account for the bitterness and resentment, although doesn’t excuse it.

If you’re still not totally convinced Roxanne Summers is the UK’s answer to Single White Female see: Belfast Company -v- Facebook

Lots more where this came from but unless you want to run out of matches to keep your eyelids open reading more Summers‘ tripe that’s gone off, we’ll post them another time.


We’re including transcripts, just to make sure Summers comes out on top in the search rankings – Roxanne won’t mind because, according to her, nobody reads our blog and the only visitors we get are spambutts and arachnids. On top of that our visitors are either all unemployed or the same person!

Roxanne Summers the SEO expert , lol! Sour grapes strike again !

Can’t imagine what this is then, another lie, this time by WordPress? Goodness, can’t trust anyone these days…LT views

Ah well, on the off-chance those figures are a WordPress anomaly and not a conspiracy by WP to boost their own stats, and should the odd reader mosey on by as a result of Internet exposure, we’ll do our usual bit for SEO:

ROXANNE SUMMERS (FACEBOOK) STATES: ” I am a fully qualified and highly regarded barrister ”


Roxanne Summers says (verbatim): 

 CRAIG AND CAROLINE YOU ARE BLOODY SCROUNGERS! Why do you expect EVERYTHING to be handed to you on a plate? You are now complaining the wooden box Lennox’s ashes were sent back in wasn’t ‘fancy’ enough and there was no brass plate with his name on it? Are you for real you scrounging DOLE-ITES? You also say ‘Lennox’s family weren’t even allowed a say in the choice of box’ – you have all the choice in the world! No one is stopping you from going and buying your own bloody box if you aren’t happy with that one. Neither of you work. Neither of you contribute a penny to society, let alone pay your own way. As a rate payer of this great city I contributed to the cost of keeping your dog in kennels for the last two years while you fought a legal fight at our (hard working taxpayers) expense, a legal fight you were told you by your solicitor from day 1 you couldn’t win! As a taxpayer I also pay for the house you live in, the food you eat, the clothes you wear and every single thing you have in your life. And all because you are scroungers!! And for anyone who wants to see the box here’s a picture of it. Maybe Craig and Caroline will publish photos of their ‘fancy’ ‘expensive’ wooden boxes they have their other former pets ashes in….oh yeah, they can’t, they wouldn’t even have paid for the animals to be cremated! YOU MAKE ME SICK YOU SCROUNGING SPONGERS. YOU ARE THE VERY PEOPLE SOCIETY REFERS TO AS ‘THE GREAT BRITISH UNDERCLASS’. And the latest post on the Save Lennox website about this issue only serves to prove these scroungers didn’t even care about Lennox – they only wanted the fight! SCUM! Rest in peace Lennox – free from the abuse and neglect you suffered in their care!



Roxanne Summers says (verbatim):

Candy is to be pitied on a number of levels. Firstly her parents took one look at her when she was born and thought she looked like a vaginal infection and called her Candida. Secondly, she was so thick her Daddy had to pay her in through the back door of a grammar school, a school she failed at and had to leave early because she wasn’t able for it. In Northern Ireland we don’t have private schools but retain the grammar school system where admittance is on academic ability. In Candida’s day (a very long time ago – she was in my mother’s class in school) it was acceptable to pay people in to grammar schools. That policy ended when I was a child thankfully. She has a massive chip on her shoulder from being the inadequate child who failed and hasn’t managed to shed it. She’s an unhappy spinster who lives by herself, bitter the world dislikes her and she wasn’t even able to get anyone to marry her. She walks dogs for a living but pretends she is some dog behaviourist. Yeah Candy, and I’m the Queen! She had a blog for her dog behaviourist ‘role’ which consisted of entries about me!! I am almost as important to her as you are Heather (Jones). On the other hand, she’s totally meaningless and insignificant to us. The other day she thought she could belittle me by saying one of the posts on my wall showed the dog warden was sidelined off to a council far away and not promoted. Of course Candy was wrong, as she always is, and the dog warden was promoted within BCC! Well done her. Candy’s bitter because she doesn’t have a job, other than walking dogs which is the same as a lot of kids do for pocket money! She’s obsessed with me and can’t stop posting about me. I can’t even be bothered to read her tripe and was only aware of her post when someone sent me a quote from it. I don’t know where her tripe was posted and have no interest in reading it. So feel sorry for her. If your life was as empty and lonely as Candida’s you too would be as bitter as she is. I blame her parents. After struggling at Fullerton House prep they paid her in to a school they knew she could not academically keep up with… (end)

10 thoughts on “Roxanne Summers Facebook

  1. Seems to have gone very quiet over there, now why would that be I wonder?? Guess we can cross off some of their ‘friends in high place’ then lol.

    • You’d imagine anyone considering law would know better in the first place than to associate themselves with someone so unstable, let alone someone claiming to be legally qualified. I hope it puts paid to any plans the trolls have to work in the legal field as, quite simply, they could not be trusted to represent anyone.

  2. Barrister it is???…only in its dreams!!!!…The creature is demented and spends too much time at the bar methinks and it sure ain’t one in a court of law…….

  3. *glances at pot on stove with slightly overcooked socks* …. nah. don’t think i need to eat those socks any time soon. no way this thing is a proper lawyer. inside her own hed, maybe. belfast’s answer to single white female, LOL couldn’t have put it better maself 😀

  4. Wow,is that how good barristers behave,sounds more like a spoilt brat whose had her sweets pinched, if that’s the case I hope I never need a barrister if that’s the calibre of the good ones.

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