Back in August, news had it that a Belfast High Court Judge had ordered Facebook to identify specific account holders using the FB site to post abusive messages against staff members of an unnamed Belfast company [link]

A few weeks later the same Judge decided it would be the unnamed company’s responsibility to conduct its own investigation into the hidden Facebook identities responsible for the abuse (referred to as Driver 1 and Driver 2) [link]

Enter Roxanne Summers (also a hidden identity) who made a decision based purely on convenient supposition – without proof of any kind – that this anonymous company is definitely Belfast City Council, ergo Lennox’s owners must be the so-called ‘abusers’.

Fair enough, vague details in news reports certainly makes it possible that the unnamed company could be Belfast City Council, nobody can dispute that, but it was our understanding that the Hate Campaign claim to always deal in facts, and the fact is, very few details have ever been made public.

So until such time as the matter is taken further and full details are available for all of us to see, the likes of Roxanne Summers couldn’t possibly know any more about this case than anyone else searching through the scant details found in the media, and that’s also a fact.

But she wants you to believe the unnamed company is Belfast City Council, and for her it’s damn well going to be. If that is the case then it’s a shame BCC passed up the chance to name and shame their enemies, given all the activity going on at the time. This would surely be a prime opportunity for the Council to put the record straight in light of all the criticism they were (and are still) receiving.

The excuse given by ‘the company’s lawyer’ for the request to remain anonymous was that they wished to avoid more unwanted public attention. So if the ‘company’ is Belfast City Council, then surely they would have welcomed the opportunity to hang their so-called abusers out to dry and, in so doing, get the sympathy vote and, more importantly, put the frighteners on anyone else thinking of doing the same? You would think.  

If you go along with Roxanne Summers‘ theory, you’d have to balance it out and query whether BCC’s reluctance was more about avoiding the risk of something they wished to hide becoming public knowledge, surely?

But that’s neither here nor there because, without any prior knowledge of this company’s identity, Roxanne Summers went straight in with as many fibs as she could get away with, to make it fit her agenda

Belfast City Council. BSL. Lennox

Summers claims to have spent the morning at court. She states as fact that the unnamed company was Belfast City Council, and the abusers were Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters.  She even goes on to make it appear as fact that details of the Save Lennox website also came to light during the hearing.

Let’s have a nitpick:

Roxanne Summers states she was at Belfast High Court on the morning of 6th September 2012. Now later that same day (6th Sept) this news story appeared:
link – UTV Live.

However, unlike UTV, Roxanne Summers waited until the 7th of September to post her version of events. So Roxanne Summers put a sock in it for almost a whole day before spitting on her targets? Highly unlikely.

It’s far more realistic that Summers did not attend court that day and simply jumped on an Internet newsfeed, adapting it to her own twisted agenda. After all, there’s nothing in her remarks to indicate she knows any more than we found just by Googling ‘Belfast company and Facebook‘ (the ‘expert’ she refers to was brought in by the company, and that info is also in the newsfeeds).

Or it’s possible she did attend court that day, and hid in the toilets with a flask of Earl Grey, some potted balogna and a round of cucumber sandwiches >made by mummy< for the duration of the hearing. If she got locked in the Lav, that would account for her delay in breaking the news.

Here’s the reaction from a few Hate Campaigners, Kate Smith, Andrea Williams Phillips and Denise Day. It’s a typical one; the little dears are very excited – they thought Christmas had come early; you can almost see the drool

Belfast City Counci. BSL Lennox

No further updates have been forthcoming from this ‘barrister‘, in spite of all that inside knowledge and her contact employed by Facebook. 🙄

Admittedly court procedures take a long time, and if we were to sit on the fence with this and say ‘what if it were true‘, we’d have a few questions of our own, such as….

If Roxanne Summers‘ post is not crammed with lies, how did she come by the information?

Is it by virtue of her ‘barrister’ status that she’s privy to such knowledge? If so, what is it doing languishing on a tacky Facebook page (Lem) and seedy blog (The Lav)? And how did she alone receive permission to make the information public in the first place, when everyone else has been gagged?

Presumably she can back it up with hard evidence. It really shouldn’t be a problem for her:

Roxanne Summers claims to be qualified barrister

…and we also have it on very honest and reliable authority from another real person:

Heather Jones. Roxanne Summers. Belfast City Council. BSL. Lennox

…not forgetting new mum Moggy…

Poosey kat aka moggy aka take an educated guess

Stabbing in the dark here, but there is another possible explanation – it could have been ‘top secret‘ and ‘for your eyes only‘; that would explain Summers‘ reluctance to share her evidence with the rest of us. Yes, that must be it.

Or maybe Roxanne Summers is just hedging her bets.


12 thoughts on “BELFAST COMPANY -v- Facebook

      • Still no reply or attempted comeback to this post on the troll pages. Surely not another subject posted as fact that is anything but? Mind you, all of their posts lately have been shown to be nothing but nonsense and deviations from the truth. As for Roxanne being so quiet, no doubt she’ll come back to a big troll fanfare upon her return and then leap in to try and save ‘Evers, well and truly fried, bacon. She’s going to be ‘Ever so disappointed when she realises her pawn managed to make such monu-‘mental’ cock ups in her absence lol.

  1. Very well done putting this together it sums up Roxy and her cronies nicely. They still like to contend we have nothing on them – no harm to remind them then that this is only the start and there is lots more to come, courtesy of their vile little ramblings.

    • I find it very telling that they have chosen to ignore this particular blog so far. It’s hardly the act of people who claim to be au fait with the ‘facts’. But then Roxanne has been extraordinarily quiet on open pages lately, in her own id anyway 😉 perhaps she’s been kept busy trying to delete the ‘evidence’ of her fabrications?

  2. Well done for your well written blog and for exposing these fake identities who have been harassing so many people probably to deflect attention from the abuse and death of Lennox. Makes one wonder how connected they are “in high places” to a certain “Belfast company”! Anyway thank you for exposing these evil people/few persons and making us all laugh, not a day goes by without my visiting your page, excellent writing!!! Thank you!

  3. I am so glad you’ve covered this. The claims being made were ludicrous, totally unfounded and, after all the ‘hoo hah’ they made of it, more recently one of them was seen to comment that they’d forgotten about that court case and would have to look (online I believe) to see if they could find any updates! You’ve summed up how their minds work in one blog post! They see a story, work out how adapting it to suit them will work in their favour and then post it as factual. The tragedy is that they have a flock of complete morons who believe it.
    As for the ‘use her professional status’ remark from the Kat. Is that id kidding? Does it honestly believe any Barrister would behave in such an unprofessional and childish fashion and show such a lack of intelligence and integrity?

      • it really doesn’t take much to make them ‘happy’, does it. socks still bubbling in the cauldron, going to eat them with garlic if ‘roxanne’ is real and proper yes honest no siree not lying truly barrister. thank you for this excellent summary, exemplary for syc’s behaviour to the core. i think she’s in sales, selling hot air no doubt her specialty.

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