Attorney General

Heather Jones Facebook claiming to be in touch with Attorney General of NI

Heather Jones Roxanne Summers oops

Apologies for the quality of this screenshots, we’ve transcribed them below.

One of our friends and followers sent this enquiry to the N.I. Attorney General’s office:

Enquiry to N.I. Attorney General asking if they are investigating the Barnes re: Save Lennox

and received this response:

AG enquiry response

This reply includes the specific question asked, leaving no doubts whatsoever that the writer is responding directly to that same enquiry.

It’s a pity Heather Jones couldn’t elicit such a detailed reply through her own enquiry to the Loose Women production team. Of course that would have been tricky since it’s a dead cert she posed an entirely unrelated question to the one she claims to have asked, hence the inability to show her original enquiry alongside the response in one screenshot (link).


Transcripts (verbatim)


  • Heather Jones Roxanne Summers Boycott Boycott Belfast Facebook (Lennox BSL) says: ” I see Gill H is gobbing off on boybel again, does she not get bored of listening to her own tripe. Well have some advice Gill. The AG is not interested in what you have to say you are far to(o) UNIMPORTANT for him. He will have enough to do dealing with the threats and abuse you people have bestowed upon the innocents connected with this case. He will, I suspect, thoroughly investigate the terrorist paramilitary threats from Craig and Cliffy. All in all you are just to(o) full of yourself to realise the AG is not concerned about your possibly faked screen shots, after all he would have seen how good you people are at faking government documents and covering the trail of all the stolen donation money. Shame we know how to find it and send it all to the authorities, how else do you think they got all this information, MAGIC??? ” (end)
  • Heather Jones Roxanne Summers Boycott Boycott Belfast Facebook (Lennox BSL) managing to dig yet another hole for themselves in finding something else to blame on Lennox’s owners, says: ” OH dear, well while we may have hot air shot towards us about libel suits, it seems the likes of craig, ange, clair and the other core lennox team of bullies have the ATTORNEY GENERAL to deal with. oh enjoy people. Whats the term now, OH YES, MALICIOUS COMMUNICATIONS ( ” (end)

Email enquiry sent to The Private Office of the N.I. Attorney General:

Dear Sir, Can you clarify your role please? If an NI resident wanted you to make an investigation would you be able to or is that not within your remit?

There is a woman claiming to be a barrister on the internet and she claims you the Attorney General is investigating The Save Lennox Campaign and his owners Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters. I can supply copies of her claims should you wish.

Therefore, can you confirm if this woman’s claims are correct? That you are indeed investigating as she says. Yours sincerely (end)

(The ‘woman’ referred to is obviously Roxanne Summers)

Email response from N.I. Attorney General’s Private Office (including links):

“Private Office Attorney General” <>
Date: 21 Jan 2013 14:22
Subject: RE: Investigation

Thank you for your email below.

Information on the Attorney General’s role and remit can be found on his website, see link attached here –

With regard to your query as to whether “the Attorney General is investigating the Save Lennox Campaign and his owners Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters”, I can confirm that there is no such investigation by this Office.
Yours sincerely

Eamonn McConville , 

Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, PO Box 1272, Belfast, BT1 9LU. Telephone: 028 9072 5310  (end)

Courtesy of the real Les trollops 🙂

12 thoughts on “Attorney General

  1. When you consider the many AG threats issued by those idiots, all in the name of the ‘Truth’ of course, this is just incredible…and they call us the bullies? Roll on the reply from the bar council eh Roxy??

  2. Well. well well, Rox the FULLY QUALIFIED and WORKS as a BARRISTER person will need to be very sure of what lurks beneath the surface of that sand they will be plonking their heads into……..Tena anyone or would you prefer biscuits…….??

  3. Omg lol lmao pass me a tena lady,the real les t,what a poor imitation,can’t they think for themselves ,not an original thought in the one brain celled amoeba.imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,shame they made such a pigs ear of it.couldnt do it if you wrote the blog for them ha ha ha ha will be laughing all night

  4. This is for ‘all to see’ how corrupted and a liar Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers really is *chortles*

    Poor little roxther’s minions 😆

    Sharon Vermillion, care to repeat their lies as a fact? 😆

    Anyway must go and take my wee status pomeranian out for a walk – he wears harness 😀

  5. That was their excuse for no answers being forthcoming on bcc,shows them up for what they are,liars and can’t wait to see the flapping and floundering over this,must order some more tena lady and remember to put down my coffee,this could be very interesting indeed.

  6. You mean to say Heather and Roxanne were lying about the Attorney General investigating their claims? Surely not? Both the ‘qualified barrister’ and Heather were adamant that there was an investigation going on. Roxanne knew this because she’s a ‘qualified barrister’ who knows everything and her crew of misfit supporters also know she’s a ‘qualified barrister’ (because she told them she was so it must be true lol) so they’ve been revelling in glee at the prospect and it was all lies.
    I look forward to watching them try and wriggle out of this one 😀

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