accusations by… Roxanne Summers

The profile Roxanne Summers is the SEO subject today and there’s not much point in doing an intro because you all know who she is.

We found a few other Roxanne Summers‘ profiles on the go, all equally as empty as each another, so it’s probably safe to say they’re related to the same person, and just another exercise in giving Syco’ numbers a little lift when needed, along with all the other spare profiles at their disposal (such as Black, Jay, etc plus various admins and twisted Lemons)

Must admit, we almost bottled it with this one; sifting through all that skank is darn hard work and Summers is full of it.

We lost the will to live after the first half hour of muck raking, so we’re only going with the obvious, which is almost identical to the Heather Jones entry and that’s because we’re able to reduce Summers‘ musings down since she mostly specialises in personal, bitchy insults; infantile playground name-calling, photo-shopped images of targets in a vain attempt to ridicule them, the contacting of target’s employers and, of course, the stalking phone calls; stuff like that.

Bearing in mind we started with Summers at the beginning, and considering we were spitting in the wind a bit at that point, looking back on the description in The Subject, we’re quite impressed at how we managed to nail the character, if we do say so ourselves 😳 .

Screenshots are available on request and, although we’d like to say you can also find most of this on the Summers’ Facebook page, it’s getting sparser by the day – lots of little telltale gaps in the Summers’ timeline. Won’t do her any good of course, we already have everything we need thanks to you.

Without further ado, for SEO:

  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers, who claims to be a barrister, conducts a full-scale infantile bullying and hate campaign against supporters of the Save Lennox campaign, including Lennox’s family, Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters, branding them ‘lying scum‘, ‘liars and thieves’;
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers accuses Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters of receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations;
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers accuses Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters of stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations;
  • Re: Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers accuses the Save Lennox Campaign‘organisers (by which we take to mean Caroline Barnes, Craig Winters, their family and closest supporters in the absence of any other explanation) of inciting violence and hatred towards opposers of the Save Lennox Campaign;
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers claims to have details of PayPal receipts from people who donated to the Save Lennox Campaign. So far these ‘receipts’ haven’t been forthcoming either from Summers or Heather Jones (they say they couldn’t possibly show proof owing to the fact that their sources are afraid of the consequences because they fear Craig Winters – another accusation).
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers accuses dog behaviourist Victoria Stilwell of being a publicity seeker. Roxanne Summers further accuses Victoria Stillwell of purposely doing nothing to help the Save Lennox Campaign.
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers. For the record: Roxanne Summers claims to be a qualified barrister, and yet has conducted herself in a vicious and uncontrolled manner. If she possesses legal expertise, we can only assume she learnt her trade at the Mickey Mouse Academy. Wishing to expose what you honestly believe to be the truth is one thing, but the way you go about it makes all the difference, and the way Summers has gone about it gives her zero credibility.

Courtesy of the real les trollops  🙂


8 thoughts on “accusations by… Roxanne Summers

  1. Bitterness and hate normally stem from envy, jealousy and the inability to compete and she really is trying to compete – for attention, for credibility, to be seen as the fountain of all knowledge (though i have seen her disappear rapidly when other legals questioned her ‘facts’). She is an attention seeker, obsessive about being heard, lauded publicly etc. It shows immense weakness of character which goes hand in hand with the mentality of a bully. This person wants, no expects, to be centre stage and hates the fact that everyone views her as a nobody in a fake id hiding behind a computer screen. Its probably why she couldn’t ‘come out’ and expose who she was after promising she would when the case was over. She knows it will prove she’s nothing but a fraud.

    • the karma bus has hit her hard indeed 😀 for all the poohah and blah blah it’s gone awfully quiet indeed. which in her case is certainly NOT a dignified silence but an unspoken admission of her own failure. failure to be noticed, to be important, and most of all total failure to be seen as a person of even an ounce of credibility. so much for all the tantrums and ‘i know what you did last summer’ attitude. zero, nada, nichts, niente, nakkes, nope, zilch. bit of a disappointment, had at least expected some soap-style hyperdramatic big bang conspiracy theory to top it off, not to mention piccies of that bmw car bought with donation money with maniacally grinning targets, but nope. only a lonely little follower who apparently can’t believe her idol is too quiet these days. you disappoint me, oh keeper of The Truth.

  2. Tis the Season of Goodwill to all men:) Sadly she is too damaged to understand that. The amount of bitterness and hate thats oozes from her has me thinking she is actually pretty well down the road of severe mental illness. I doubt there are that many around unmedicated who are as vile and obsessed as she is. Sadly her insults are as pathetic as she is. Primary school playground insults & comments from a human being in real need of a day out with the grown ups

  3. nice job! *hands the trollops team a good scotch* you guys could probably do with a stiff drink after diving headlong into that “wall of truth” 🙂 wishing u strenght doing that ‘Insults according to roxanne summers’- entry.
    she sure has a way with words our little bunny boiler. wonder how many of her loyal followers have ever kissed her hiney in real life 😀 or do they just follow her virtual beacon of light unquestioning. hmm K what do YOU think? 😀

  4. Maybe she isnt posting much because she is Christmas shopping, (This damn season of goodwill) … she should’nt be too long buying gift’s , after all she hasn’t many friends to buy for has she, in fact, she could just buy them a tangerine to accompany the Lemons already there, The colours do compliment each other, dont you think,

    • she’s so full of goodwill she is choking on it carole, can’t you tell :D. maybe she is looking for that new singa lottie single or the perfect monkey jesus who loves her. christmas spirits, a season of forgiving hmmm maybe she could do something even wilder than booking a hotel with wifi and grumbling over posts on her preciousssss page (instead of getting all revved up for a concert), go wild! go living on the edge, forgive that family for fighting for their dog instead of being subdued and muffed by the council, now that would be BIG. but something tells me her belief system doesn’t run THAT deep 😀

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