Oh Dear, Jeff Whur

Jeff Whur has learned more porkies

Well we did warn Jeffrey, that the longer he spent with the HC’s, the more he’d regress.

And will you just look at that post folks. We can see at least three HC’ traits there, right off the bat.

Firstly ‘we’re talking to ourselves if outsiders don’t join in’ huh?

Secondly, Jeffrey has made a shockingly large blooper in his accusation that we alter and edit posts.

Now that there’s fighting talk Jeffrey Whur and you’re gonna need to back it up with some solid evidence. We’ll be on your case until you do, so may as well get it over and done with asap.

Thirdly, Jeffrey Whur of Belfast, taking the piss and abusing you (oh please, you big girl) really isn’t necessary – you do that all on your own, without any help from anyone. You provide the main course and we just serve up the side dish. That’s a good solid HC’ trait you’ve got there Jeff, and you played a blinder today, well done.

Now either Jeffrey has the attention span of a gnat, like the rest of them, or he’s contracted that Convenient-Self-Delusion bug also known as Hypocrisy and Deceit.

You are a silly thing Jeffrey Whur. For your own sake we suggest you go back up Uranus where you truly belong but, before you do, be sure to show us the evidence requested.


5 thoughts on “Oh Dear, Jeff Whur

  1. They seems so desperate for us to reveal their real identities 😆
    They will have to be patience and finish their feather’s tea and cream biscuit 😀
    As for Jeff Whur… What are you on about?? You are Jeff Whur unless you wanted to be called Heather Jones 😆

  2. oh deary me. altered screenshots? that one sent my chai flying all over the place! i’m afraid our spaceman is looking in all the wrong places (which is nice and consistent with his continuous barking up the wrong tree), though i’m afraid you need to ask your resident experts roxanne and heather for that, my dear. we don’t alter anything because we don’t have to, you’re doing a fine job exposing you all as the bullying vengefull nasties all by yourself 😀 now please do drop of your body of proof before you board, there’s a good boy 😀

    • The ‘taking the piss’ is easy when he puts up posts like that but i’ve seen no edited or altered screenshots posted of their conversations so I imagine he’s going to change the subject and discuss something entirely different if he ever finds his way over to Les Trollops page (he could always just post it on Heathers page if that’s easier?) . He’s already making new demands to follow his false allegation of Les Trollops altering stuff. Just his way of getting out of giving up the proof it seems, unsurprisingly, as there is none 🙂

  3. Evidence? Lol. Isn’t the lack of genuine, unadapted evidence another sycophant trait? I can only assume this particular troll page supporter has had a bad day and feels the need for attention from his fellow blockheads in order to make him feel ‘special’. Well you are already ‘special’ Jeff 😉 and if you knew how much bullying, abuse and nastiness your ‘friends’ had given out over the last year or so (by altering and editing posts), you’d be far less comfortable running to them for a ‘poor Jeff’ hug. I look forward to your evidence of editing and altering Jeff though I feel it will be a long time coming as you’ve tried to give an excuse for NOT coming up with any in your statement about ‘posting nothing’. You’re really not as clever as you think you are.

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