ftao: Heather Jones

Heather Jones aka Billie Bennet fake Loose Women email

We wondered if Heather Jones would be good enough to show everyone the email she sent to ITV Viewer Services, which elicited that response she kindly made public. In other words, prove that the response fits the question.

Hopefully Heather Jones wasn’t trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes again, so fingers crossed she didn’t ask if the presenters of Loose Women were currently supporting the “Save the Dodo Campaign“. And we’re equally hopeful she didn’t fiddle with the email in any way.

And we wonder if Heather Jones intended to admit she was Billie Bennet? Presumably that means all the time she was slagging off and trying to smear other people’s reputations (such as Wheldon Law, DDA Watch and IPC Dog Services for example), it was in fact her, Heather Jones, hiding behind yet another fake profile, as everyone had already suspected? (which knocks her statement that she can’t go anywhere unmolested into next week).

Well, let’s not beat about the bush here, we didn’t suspect, we knew. No point in trying to soften the blow now is there (a rhetorical question, nothing you need be concerned about LB).

That must be why all references to that little repertoire have disappeared from Heather Jones‘ page, or maybe they’re just hidden from her timeline.

And before we go:

Courtesy of ‘newbie’ Francis Barnett (link)…

Heather Jones aka Billie Bennet fake Loose Women email Q

As you can see by the thread on our Facebook page, we asked for proof that the answer in the first screenshot applied to this incredibly long-winded email apparently sent to the ITV Loose Women Production team.

Seems Heather/Billie Bennet, doesn’t have proof to hand. But chances are Francis Barnett will be booted out of camp soon, having lost control, making one hell of a blooper…

Francis Barnet knows an awful lot

Now that’s a fair amount of (inadvertent) information for someone who apparently had never heard of Heather Jones or BBBBB before December. In the absence of information to the contrary, we can only assume that Heather, sorry Billie Bennet, picked the answer that would fit best.

7 thoughts on “ftao: Heather Jones

  1. Surely a law student, even one who has barely attended University, would know that the email response from the production team does not constitute evidence or proof of anything? Their reply is not even circumstantial evidence, quite simply it proves absolutely nothing. Plus the initial email would not have been taken seriously, had it been sent, because it comes across as the mindless, unsubstantiated, ramblings of a lunatic. No wonder she said she had taken a year out, her end of year grades must have been appalling.

  2. It wasn’t Heather silly… It was one of her split personality characters 😀
    She did say that it was her friend who wrote to the Loose Woman but now says it was her using family friend’s email :s

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