by special request…

It seems Heather Jones & Co. managed to keep themselves busy last night with a spot of reporting. At least twice in fact.

Strange that Heather Jones should make these comments…

Heather Jones on more of her non proof.never learns does she

…because amazingly the post is still there, on her own page (link). And will you look at that, it’s been there since Monday!

Facebook are really slow at removing your ‘mass reported’ posts aren’t they Heather Jones?  Honestly, you’d think after THREE frigging days it would be gone by now, what with all those masses of people reporting away.

How is it that you get privileged treatment from Facebook? Our posts have gone and yours is still there.

But hold on, could it be that no one reported it because – and this is a long shotnobody gives a vicar’s toss about it? Could that be why it’s still there, in public?

That would make sense, since Heather’s screenshots, including ❗ DONATIONS ❗ are conveniently taken out of context.

Heather Jones, why don’t you show everyone the extensive before and after comments associated with that post? And no fiddling with the evidence now okay?

Back to ‘mass reporting’ (Heather’s favourite phrase), there were some grubby, chubby little fingers kept very busy last night – two posts zapped from our Facebook page by morning.

So, in your own words Heather (refer to screenshot above dear) ‘…that will just add proof to the fact…‘.

And this folks is what they reported, TWICE:

~~~ “You’re right about Miss Desperate LT , this is ‘Heather on Kriders post:

And just reading this again what is that at the top “I think we could raise any amount in a day or two” And they say nothing was collected. Puts my estimation just about right?? (heather)“.

She couldnt show 60grand of donations in her little screen shot so she’s citing Krider as the missing link FFS! LOL.” ~~~

Now why would the Syco’s report that? It looks fine to us. In fact it looks perfectly okay, because there again is a brilliant example, courtesy of Heather Jones, her foot and mouth, that she will attempt to smear just about anybody, including ➡ Bruce G Krider

Heather Jones accuses Krider

Anyone fancy placing a bet on Heather’s post disappearing in the not too distant future due to mass-reporting? 🙂




4 thoughts on “by special request…

  1. She couldn’t show 60grand or anything even remotely close for that matter. Despite her regular pleas for paypal receipts, the most she has managed to produce was a dodgy receipt for £120!! As usual Heather is making it up as she goes along, and the idiots (i.e Jeff, Debbie Amy, Rox) that hang on to her every word are the only ones stupid enough to believe her.

    • gets even better, apparently WE are now reporting ourselves and then removing our own posts according to heather that is. she must have taken a book on reversed psychologie from her local library, maybe she should finish reading it before sourcing it for comments as it is not the same as ‘parrotting’ 😀

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