IS THERE a Conductor in the House?

Michaela Christine Enselmann asks a question.she strung a sentence together to do it

Here we have the Thicky Twins trying to stage a bait for someone unrelated to their Hate Campaign, but they went for her anyway. That person had posted a comment about the charming Brian Murphy on BB. But this little stage play by Enselmann and Jones was only intended to lead into yet another bitch about people who are the source of their envy and resentment. They just can’t leave anything alone can they?

Michaela Christine Enselmann’s, the narcissist who keeps searching for herself in relation to our site (told you ages ago Mich, it shows up in our stats!) is another one with a short and very selective memory. Michaela agitated herself when the target she was trying to bait posted a response to Brian Murphy, a charmer who popped his head around the door, completely out of the blue, on Boycott Belfast with this:

Brian Murphy

Nice chap, and it went down really well with Sharon Vermillion, Heather Jones and Poosey Kat, as you’d expect:

Brian Murphys supporters

But eventually, in a ‘doh‘ moment (takes them a while), they decided it might be best if they didn’t show approval for his inappropriate comments in public; so then (and this is the best bit) they blamed BB for keeping the comment on their page!

Best one yet, especially in view of all the times the Hate Campaigners have said ‘don’t bother going there, they’ll block you‘ and ‘if you disagree with them your comments will be deleted‘.

On top of that, Murphy’s comment is sitting on the Syco’s own public site The Lav (LLAAV); yes, the one Heather Jones allegedly has nothing to do with!


3 thoughts on “IS THERE a Conductor in the House?

  1. Good thing that brianless shows up to show how lame he really was ‘for all to see’ *chortles*
    Still thinking of his comments… It is so obvious what this character was trying to do 😆

  2. Wonder if they dress in character ? wonder if when in character they leave the loo seat up or down, wonder if one takes sugar and alter ego dont, wonder what shampoo they use, wonder if they have hair at all, .do they share the hairdryer ..wonder do they change expression when changing which one they are, mass confusion in one place, just hope they dont get too confused and become S/hims, or has that already happened, only thing i dont wonder is if they have ball’s, cos i know the answer to that one, Those who protest so much are usually the guilty ones, i have wondered too much now so will wander off,

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