Donations, donations, donations

It’s odd that Heather Jones chose to display a DDA notice, bearing in mind we all know the Hate Campaign were themselves responsible for spreading negative rumours about the very reputable DDA Watch in relation to donations.

But it makes sense when you think about it, what with the Hate Campaigns‘ support of a supposedly anti-BSL group slash organisation, Deed not Breed.

Here’s the original post from DDA Watch with full thread, something Jones conveniently omitted from her post:

[Save Lennox Troll Gossip]

Guess it must have slipped her mind to include that in her post. That’s what comes of having mainly air between your ears. Heather, you need to get the old BIKE pump out dear; stick it one ear and see if anything comes out the other side.

A Hate Campaigner’s job can be darn hard work. It’s not always in-yer-face and crass as you’re used to seeing on their pages. Sometimes, no matter how subtle they try to be with their muck-spreading, nobody pays any attention. So what to do next?…

Roxanne Summers waxing on DDA watch b

Simple – you orchestrate, and who better to join you in a pre-arranged performance than St Denise Day, the Patron Saint of Hypocrites 🙂


4 thoughts on “Donations, donations, donations

  1. Despite their endless droning on and on about donations, Heather finally admitted that the figures she throws at us every time she runs out of steam on any discussion, are a pure fabrication, based once again on nothing other than ‘a hunch’ and Heather’s warped version of the ‘facts.’ Up to now Heather would have us believe that tens of thousands had been collected, but she now admits that she has absolutely no evidence to back up this claim. She, in her own words, is basing her logic purely on ‘the levels of monies raised for other supported causes’! Realising Heather had once again tied herself in knots, her new friend Yootha jumped in but failed miserably to back up Heather’s version of events, as a matter of fact if anything she contradicted her. As we have seen all to often from Heathers little gang, when they have dug themselves in to deep with their twisted version of the ‘truth’ Yootha’a solution was to resort to abuse and the threat of stalking other pages. But then that cant be right because Heather wouldn’t tolerate that kind of thing on HER page would she?

  2. i bet a lot of the ‘sound’ ev’va hears is just the wind whizzing around that empty cavity where others have their thinking parts 😀 and obviously poor foxy has never thought of hitting that ‘about’ button or typing in that organisation’s website…funny isn’t it, it’s there out in the public domain, just google it but in this case she failed to even think about that – or did she 😉 and the other caped crusader didn’t even bother to set the record straight even though she knew better 😀 woops another giveaway!

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