When Heather Jones said they had an ‘insider’ and, more recently, boasted converts from the ‘other’ camp, is this what she meant?…

Heather Jones had an insider


Kirsten Lawrence outing Lightfoot

Kirsten lawrence outing lightfoot and twoons


16 thoughts on “Insiders…

  1. Too many fakies on their lame11 page, probably forgotten the password for more then half of the fake profiles 🙄

    And thank you Kirsten for telling us to screen grab 😀

  2. Quite a turn around from the Kirsten of then until now and being a fully paid up member of the Syco’s.
    Could be interesting to see what the spin offs will be to this…more fake id’s, more roars about donations, lies. cores, ( have they got an apple fetish…I thought it was lemons} oh and of course their new dance…The Headless chicken………….

    • I think the maturity level of their response to this, surpasses the headless chicken dance ! Pre school maturity and yet another allegation made and stated as fact simply because they said so lol.

      • looks like they have a box of spares stashed away somewhere that they have kept for the occasion. some of them have been around on fb since 2010 but were never seen commenting before 😀 so this is how ev’va pumps up her page volume.

  3. How the worm has turned. The really funny thing is that it was Kirsten herself who asked everyone to keep screen shots of the TW incident at the time. Thanks for that Kirsten.

  4. How the worm has turned. The really funny thing is that it was Kirsten herself who asked everyone to keep screen shots of the TW incident at the time. Thanks for that Kirsten, l

  5. Can one assume from the delay in a response to this that they are all either waiting for Kirsten to become available on the phone or online so they can discuss it with her first, or that they are all away in private messages with each other desperately trying to come up with a legitimate, believable reply to this post? Considering everyone now knows about the truth bending games they play, perhaps it’s not so surprising that it is taking so long. Twoons response when caught out took a while as well, denial first then threats and then a cock and bull story about borrowing the phone, and even her own supporters had to put their hands up and admit they’d been played and used by Twoons to her advantage. Not all that dissimilar to how the lower level trolls are being used now is it really.

  6. looking forward to how the sycophants are going to wriggle their way out of this one 😀 LOL @twizzle’s headless chicken comment …hope jeff is not dreaming off into space, pay attention dear chap you might learn something here 😉

  7. I’m sure there’ll be claims that Kirsten ‘saw the light’ after the event. The fact that the Terry Twoons id had lied consistently and had been posting court documents online, that had not yet been released to the public, will be ignored completely while they wriggle and deny, try and deflect attention away or battle to come up with a plausible explanation for it all etc. This should make for an entertaining weekends viewing !

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