morning all

We’re on the scrounge for information again and wondered if someone could shed light on this:

Heather Jones or Roxanne Summers?

Heather or Roxanne's friends in high places. anybody's guess

Whoever it is, can we take it that this is the infamous ‘friends in high places’ we’ve heard so much about?

According to Roxanne Summers / Heather Jones, the Attorney General (they must be referring to John Larkin QC), the Inland Revenue and the DWP (and that’s just for starters apparently) have all listened to ‘them’.

And, as it turns out, Rory McIlroy is a cousin. Presumably that wouldn’t be an 80 year old Rory McIlroy who runs a bike shop in Castlereagh.

Either way, we have to assume it’s Roxanne Summers making all those NI connection claims, because isn’t she supposed to live in Belfast and Heather Jones on the mainland, somewhere in the vicinity of Sherwood Forest?

Which surely leads us back to BBBBB not being Heather Jones’ creation in spite of what she says to the contrary? Confusing.

Who was it recently said, in so many words, that the truth is always the truth and therefore never changes nor is it complicated? Hmm, let’s think…

Meantime, we thought you’d be interested in this:

Heather Jones has experts at her disposal

Now there’s a thing, Heather Jones claiming access tothe register of experts (lovey)‘.

What can she possibly be saying? Are we to read between the lines that Heather Jones (who is using her real name by the way) has privileged status? Or does it mean she has a copy of the Yellow Pages that’s currently being used to prop up one leg of her kitchen table so not immediately accessible?

Then there’s  Roxanne Summers, privy to the inner workings of the court system due to her (*cough*) barrister status, a legend in her own lunchtime; and not forgetting her special friend who works for Facebook…

Roxanne summers has friends in high places

We’re sticking our necks out here and making an assumption – this is another example of the tangled web Summers/Jones has woven, and continues to weave.



2 thoughts on “morning all

  1. did you all notice too how in the beginning the bbb posts usually didn’t end with (heather)? why would anyone end their / there / ther / they’re posts with a name between brackets anyway if th(choose the right form) was no cause for confusion in the first place? and who had to be on the clear, the audience or the writers?

    • And as she insists she is “the owner”of the page and sets great store by it,why would she need to sign off every post,and jeff stop whingeing and check back on evva,poxy,Alison’s,and a few more to see how they gang up on one peron and bully them.if you don’t want to be in the karma backlash,don’t bootlick the bullies.if you lay down with dogs you get fleas.

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