Heather Jones never lies or makes personal attacks…

Heather Jones has experts at her disposal and is def not a bully, no sir

Heather Jones is directing her ‘expert register’ comment to a target she had previously decided needed to be attacked very personally….

BBBB Unnamed thinks it silly to dislike being bullied.sounds familiar

Apparently Jones’ target (Gill) is ‘sad’ for objecting to this image (did you get that Jeff Whur?). But that’s fine, because Jones regards this as ‘retaliation‘, which makes it ok then. Thanks for clearing that up Heather Jones.

Of course we’re making another assumption here, that this really is the work of Heather Jones, because it isn’t signed off with a name, and around that time the Roxanne Summers’ profile seemed to be inhabiting BBBBB.

But somehow we don’t think a name makes any difference in this case.

Here’s a thought, maybe it was Billie Bennet or Thet Rolls ‘borrowing’ Heather Jones‘ account in a reciprocal gesture, to thank Heather for allowing them to use her profile every now and then because (apparently) they didn’t have a Facebook account of their own? Mystery solved then.

Either way, Heather Jones’ nose just reached stretching point, judging by some of her recent protestations on BBBBB

Heather Jones caught telling porkies again

We won’t go over Heather Jones‘ ‘fake’ (pot, kettle, black) bit again because we all know that Jones is indeed involved in Lem Eleven (or whatever incarnation it’s on at the moment) and llaav and uses other profiles; that’s a known fact, but the daft remark about having her real name reported takes Jones’ fibs to another level.

If the Heather Jones‘ main profile (there were three at last count) has been reported in the past, it must have been months ago, because strangely enough the link to her current profile (voila Heather Jones) has been active for a long time. Obviously if a profile is reported and a new one takes it place, the link changes with it, so what time frame is Heather on about?

But that’s neither here nor there, because, if she had been using her real name, all that would have been required was to provide Facebook with proof of her identity and, hey presto, her original profile would be reactivated; ergo the link to that profile would have remained the same. If Heather Jones couldn’t provide proof of her identity under that name, then she isn’t Heather Jones. Simple as that.

Its odd isn’t it that someone who stands by the truth is constantly caught standing way outside it – on another continent in fact.

Heather Jones' desperation shows its ugly face

Hope you’re getting all this Jeff Whur. And while we’re here…

Jeff Whur has suffered

Aargh – for Heaven’s sake Jeffrey Whur, man-up!! You’re an embarrassment not only to yourself but to all real or imagined men everywhere!

Refer to previous screenshot Jeff; it seems Heather Jones might have the key to growing a pair. Take our advice and do it. Besides, after your recent racist diatribe, it might be best to climb back into that pram for a while and make yourself scarce.


2 thoughts on “Heather Jones never lies or makes personal attacks…

  1. Jeff ‘I finally have a fan club’ Whur is making a complete ninny of himself. Is he making a wild assumption there as to who is running the Les Trollops page or has he got evidence to support his comment? My money is on the wild assumption, it’s how things work on that page. They ‘think’ it, therefore it must be true and they’ll go around the houses twisting and turning it 100 times until it appears vaguely credible to them and so becomes fact in their eyes!
    As for the pig picture, didn’t that also appear on Roxannes profile page at one stage and every other page connected to that id and Heather? Seems they are more closely linked than they care to admit. Mind you, there are a lot of dubious ‘main players’ linked to those two id’s.

  2. the real leader? LOL there they go again 😉 blindly following their own ‘leader’ heather or is it roxanne or is it someone else entirely after all? quite a bold statement coming from a man who is following this illustrous duo (or is it?) – an unidentified object (we are led to believe heather is a girl – allusions were made to putting on lippy and high heel boots on a night oot – but nothing’s for sure, could be a drag queen 😉 ) and someone who uses a very ugly (and may i add, rather rude gesturing) cartoon rat as a profile pic. mindblowing. he’ll need to grow more than just a pair! looks like he found himself on ev’va and the trotts’ merry go round and now has no idea where the ‘off’ switch is 😀 wheeeeeeeeeee mind your head!

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