we’re a tad confused…

Lem11 Heather doesnt visit .right!

so if BBBBB is Heather’s page (she’s said so umpteen times so it must be true), what does this mean?…

BBB Heather Jones or Roxanne Summers. its a mystery

and this…

BBBBB Summers time and whur.

Which is it, Roxanne Summers or Heather Jones?  No matter; we’re absolutely sure they’ll come up with an explanation and call us all the silly billies under the sun for misunderstanding again.


4 thoughts on “we’re a tad confused…

  1. Is Jeff Whur promoting hatred and aggression towards someone he doesn’t know there? That comment about the Lower Falls and Lower Shankhill added to the ‘live by the sword’ remark appears to blow his ‘I’m a poor innocent victim’ argument straight out of the window. Does he even know the person he’s abusing (way back in June might I add)? Yet he proffered a complete online mental health diagnosis on her as well. The trolls didn’t leap in saying that as he hadn’t met her in person he couldn’t possibly pass comment did they, though they did against Victoria Stilwell when she watched Lennox assessment. Hypocrisy rules on that page. As for Heather and Roxanne holding hands while they skip around the garden, is anyone really surprised?

  2. Now why would Lemeleven be trying so desperately to hide the fact that Heather is quite clearly very much part of the team. Interesting indeed.

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