Jeff Whurs little book of bollox belfast style

Someone found this in Poundland. Apparently they were paying customers to take it off their hands, after attempts at using copies to stoke the Christmas fires produced a stench of hot steaming shite that hung around for days.

Jeff Whur in his element

To counteract that, it seems Jeff Whur is branching out into the women’s fragrance business; word has it he’ll be launching his Claquer range in the not too distant future.

Jeff Whur is a relatively new public addition to the Hate Campaign, however Jeff has taken to it like a duckie to water.

As you know, Jeffrey wasted no time at all in adapting – jumping in with both plates of meat, without looking left or right. Proof of any kind is wasted on him, all that is required to make Jeff happy is a few female airheads to back him up, making him feel important.

Unfortunately we don’t have Amazon’s ‘Look Inside‘ technology, but we can at least show you a few extracts:

Foreword by Jeff Whur (self-explanatory)

Jeff whurlygig

The idea for his new book came to him in a flush of inspiration:

Jeff learned the word bollox but spelt it wrong. never mindJeff LOL Jeff Whur of Belfast inappropriate and stupid Jeff whur on more bollox Jeff Whur standing up and trying to count Jeff Whurly back from Uranus

And finally:

Jeff Whur has finally joined Amy MillerNow this chapter will probably be as much of a mystery to you as it is to us, because we can’t figure out how Amy Miller got him booked in to the HC Funny Farm – we know it’s over-subscribed most of the time. Still, always room for one more; they’re obsessed with numbers after all and the HC’s can’t be too fussy about who they allow in.

That aside, does anyone know what he’s talking about? Jeffrey wrote that speech on New Year’s Eve by the looks of it, therefore probably bladdered at the time, so we have to assume he lost control of himself. Hope it was just his gob.

Apart from labelling us ‘a man’ he seems to have picked up Heather Jones’ adapted panto script and is talking luvvy-speak – something about shadows, a rat and characters from Peter Pan.

Ah, now we see what’s happened – Heather Jones finally persuaded a bootlicker (face it Jeff) to take the back-end of that horse, while she does the front. THAT would explain a lot. Phew, for a minute there we thought Jeff had lost it completely!

Now what’s all the ‘hiding’ Jeffrey’s banging on about? If he’s accusing other people of hiding does that mean he knows that Roxanne Summers, Heather Jones, Nikola Black, Kay Jay, Amy Miller, Thet Rolls, Billie Bennett, etc, etc are all real and therefore he’s met them? That would explain his comments, otherwise it would mean he’s a lying hypocrite as well as a racist, and that can’t be right can it?

We’ve covered Jeff’s antics previously, but it looks as if the penny might finally have dropped that he crossed the line dissing American citizens and using an unrelated tragedy to score Brownie points with his blockhead audience.



13 thoughts on “Whur

  1. Jeff suits Heather so well don’t you think. Its almost as if they live in a parallel universe where using fake profiles they can post all the unsubstantiated bile they like, but at the first sign of any kind of retaliation they run screaming ‘bully’ to anyone who will listen. Jeff you are just going to have to accept the fact that if you are going to dish it then you had better be prepared to accept it. With all the vile crap we witness daily from the pages you are so fond of its a bit late to be playing the victim card don’t you think? If its any consolation Jeff, with Amy, Debbie, and even Heather, hanging on to your every word you must take comfort from the fact that you are not alone.

  2. Shhh… They are here somewhere… Jeffina seems to be ranting about ‘fake’ profiles. Hello wee Jeffina, tell that to your ladies who hide behind their fake profile 🙂 they are shadow rats too LOL

      • It’s convenient how they forget most of the ids on their pages are fake whilst attacking others. They also forget how they’ve been bullying and victimising individuals for months on end, it’s a good thing nobody else has forgotten and they have screengrabs to verify it. I doubt very much if Whurzel Gummidge informed the friends he dragged in (to make him look ultra popular) about all the personal attacks his new best friends, that he’s never met, on the troll pages have made against people for so long.

  3. Oh deary me,jeffy seems a trifle upset,obviously is oblivious to the way bbb pounces on anyone who asks a question and rips them to pieces,still more reading material to help me sleep

  4. Lol,lmao,Bol I have run out of ways to say how much that made me laugh,back end of evvas panto horse,his head will be where it always is,up evvas backside,can’t wait for his reply xx

    • must be frustrating for poor ole soul jeff to be aiming for the lead and ending up with his head still stuck in ev’vas rear. well good for you ev’va hun, you made it to the horse’s digestive system :D! wonder what places jeff’s spaced out mind will bring us to, next 😉

    • OH Nooooo,!!! The backend of the panto horse?????? Not the best place to be after all that Christmas binging and Evva’s penchant to venting…afraid Mr Whur could very easily find himself whirring off in an unexpected direction should she suddenly let a rant rip…..phew.

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