Spot the deliberate mistakes…

Heather JOnes AG question.but wheres the question

This screenshot appeared on Heather Jones‘ BBBBB page a few days back; it was then grabbed by a follower who posted it to our own Facebook page. Shortly after that BBBBB and Heather Jones (under that profile anyway) disappeared from view, presumably to tidy up that wall of hers.

Now we could be wrong, maybe the reason for Heather’s sabbatical isn’t about the AG email, because that would indicate she had fiddled with it in some way. If that were the case then she wasted her time, because she accidentally-on-purpose failed to ask the specific question mentioned in your own enquiry to the AG’s office (link).

In fact Heather Jones goes around the houses so much in her alleged enquiry to the AG, it’s doubtful Mr McConville would be able to figure out what she was banging on about. But if the email is genuine, then obviously he didn’t figure it out, because she got a standard answer to a vague question where she forgot to use names.

And speaking of names (or rather, the lack of them):

BBC article re BCC

So maybe Heather Jones (who posts on Lem12 as admin) did fiddle with her email, because all she could come up with in response to our criticism is this BBC article from May 2012, reporting that Belfast City Council is ‘reviewing procedures to protect staff from abuse‘ (link)

Makes you wonder why they bothered with this article. It’s so random and desperate it’s impossible to see what they’re trying to achieve, and why they’re digging deeper into that trench.

Here’s the clincher; if an investigation had taken place, it was obviously not about who the HC refer to as ‘core supporters‘. We’re back to the football hooligan analogy again, or ‘a few bad apples’ – it could be about anyone.

But hey, come on, by no stretch of the imagination can anyone say an investigation was ever undertaken (slow legal processes or not) if Mr McConville himself confirmed it, in which case the HC are branding him a liar.

And why are they posting a random article as ‘proof’ when Roxanne Summers herself clearly indicated that proof of an investigation ‘came in confirmation from the attorney general’s office‘?

Roxanne Summers claiming to have personal contact with AG

Oh dear, so many own goals and clangers the last few days, and daft Karin B Kulessa’s a bit of a liability as well isn’t she Summers?

Karin B Facebook dolt foot in mouth own goal

A little quiz before we go, here’s part of another clanger. Answers on a (virtual) postcard who you think it is :

Who lives in a place like this

Clue: Fake profile with a common name, based in Nottingham. Hmm…

Lennox Part I

Lennox BSL Belfast

Going back to our earlier post (link), it’s common knowledge Lennox had just been bathed here, a regular routine in order to keep his skin condition under control (a condition that looks very much under control in this photo and in the video below; however it was a completely different story when Lennox wound up in BCC care).

Looking at that image, this is what Heather JonesRoxanne Summers and the rest of their mindless followers decided, again without any proof whatsoever:

Heather Jones, Roxanne Summers and their followers say that nobody would put a harness on a wet dog unless that dog was a ‘status dog’. They say the harness proves once and for all that Lennox was a ‘status dog’ and, what’s more, he was living in a kennel in the back yard!

Back to reality. Another look at that image shows it was a dry, sunny day, Lennox has just been bathed and is attached to the wall by a lead. Why is that a problem exactly? Anyone ever seen a wet dog stand still? No, neither have we; they’re all prone to shaking themselves off when wet and, given the opportunity, will rub themselves on any convenient surface, hard or soft. Lennox is chained only to stop him doing just that and entering the house while wet, and those bath times were also used for regular training sessions.

As for saying the harness indicated Lennox was a status dog, that’s up there in the Top Ten of Idiotic Syco’ Statements. If you follow their logic, people who walk their Chihuahuas or Miniature Yorkshire Terriers with harnesses are more interested in status than the dog’s comfort, and owners of Rottweillers, Dobermans and other similar, strong breeds are using those dogs as a status symbol if they attach a harness to them! These owners couldn’t possibly be aiming to maintain humane and comfortable control over a powerful dog; the very same people who wouldn’t dream of using choke collars (or worse) to control their dogs? Strange they didn’t apply their twisted logic to the Kirsten Lawrence image.

But it makes no difference what you believe. The fact is, just one look at Lennox here and in the video shows how fit, healthy and pliable he was in the care of his owners, a stark contrast to the images we’ve seen of Lennox once he was in the custody of Belfast City Council.

Lennox doesn’t look afraid or subservient, which would be typical of the type of ‘status dog’ the Syco’s like to refer to. The video shows that Lennox’s body language is more about the object he’s being filmed with; licking lips, yawning and sideways glances are typical of most dogs having photos taken, being scrutinised or stared at, that’s common knowledge. There is absolutely nothing more anybody could reasonably make of the image or the video.

❗  Video link  ❗

We’ll get on to the rest of their claims in another blog entry, claims which are equally bigoted and ridiculous.

Lessons in: Assumption and Hypocrisy Part I

Heather Jones Facebook.

This comment appeared on a thread with Heather Jones and the rest of the lynch mob picking over an image of Lennox wearing a harness…Heather Jones Facebook accusing the Barnes' of  using Lennox as status dog owing to harness

This image to be precise…

Lennox BSL Belfast

Speaking of harnesses…

Kirsten Lawrence Facebook with harnessed uncastrated dog

No such criticism from Heather Jones directed at this image of her pal Kirsten Lawrence lounging with a dog which is not only harnessed but also entire (not castrated) and overweight.

Now a nasty, twisted person (like Heather Jones, Roxanne Summers or one of their moronic followers), would take this photo at face value and say, without proof of any kind:  “Why is this dog overweight? Can’t the owner be bothered to take him out for exercise? Why is the dog not castrated? He’s obviously not a puppy, so the owner must be planning to use him for breeding. And will you look at that, he’s wearing a harness; he must be a status dog“.

If that had been an image of Lennox with a member of his family, no prizes for guessing the comments and ‘opinions’ it would have attracted from the Syco’s.


Saturday Edition

As promised yesterday, we’re giving this subject an entry on its own; the reason for that can be seen below.

This is not just a step too far, it’s far more serious than that:

Heather Jones Facebook as Henry James

Heather Jones, Roxanne Summers and all their supporters have no problem whatsoever in making assumptions, using hearsay and gossip to quote their so-called ‘FACTS’. We’re simply returning the compliment.

Therefore, we are assuming Heather Jones / Roxanne Summers using fake profile Henry James, are responsible for the following comment on the BB wall: 

Translation (verbatim): Do you know Claire Campbell? She administers this page. You ought to be more careful who you associate with. She is a career criminal who has been jailed three times, most recently for breaking in to an 80 year old woman’s house and stealing her life savings. The woman was pushed to the ground and her nose and cheek fractured. Campbell had her children taken into care recently because she neglected them. And here she is pretending she cares about a dead dog. If anyone wants proof please contact me(end).

Oddly enough that profile has been deactivated so we can’t contact ‘him’.

That comment stayed on the BB wall for over 13 hours before being removed. Bearing in mind Jones and Summers spend most of their time watching their targets, all day every day, it’s strange that Heather Jones should wait almost a whole day after that post first appeared to write this:

Heather JOnes Facebook lying bitchOf course Heather Jones knows very well the post was not ‘removed almost straight away’. In fact her comments on other threads prove she was active at the time the James’ post was sitting on BB‘s wall.

Add to that their collective dislike of most things ‘foreign’ which would account for posting that statement in the same thread as an appeal for an old lady in Romania. In fact this comment was posted last Thursday:

Denise Day the racist


Wednesday observations

Heather Jones Facebook Boycott Boycott the expert on hypocrisy

Heather Jones, not even the whisper of anything tangible going on there. That’s a problem for Heather; it requires she takes ideas and comments from other people, mostly us. Obviously nobody has explained to Heather that an idea is not your own if it’s nicked, secondhand, but the concept would be lost on her anyway.

Then there’s the short memory letting her down again. Heather Jones has forgotten her previous faux pas that she is Billie Bennet. Besides, by insisting Bennet is a separate entity and a ‘close’ friend, she’s failed to consider that Billie obviously doesn’t think Heather worthy of her company, because so far Bennet hasn’t popped in to show her ‘close’ friend any kind of support (link).

Billie is nowhere to be seen. Shouldn’t this ‘close’ friend be coughing up the evidence Heather needs to show she’s not a lying little toerag? Fine friend that Billie Bennet is!  Just dump her Heather, she’s not the bestest mate in the world. Oh wait, maybe Billie can’t help you right now because she’s circumnavigating the globe, which apparently takes quite a long time. That would explain it. Or maybe Heather Jones, in her desperation, will scrape the bottom of her very mucky barrel and tell us Billie Bennet isn’t well enough to perform? Wouldn’t put it past her.

Roxanne Summers Facebook doesn't read Les Trollops

Fair enough, ‘Roxanne Summers’ doesn’t read our blog. But hang on a minute, what’s this….

Roxanne Summers Facebook admitting she reads Les Trollops. surely not

Well make your mind up Summers, either you read it or you don’t.

Roxanne Summers telling someone they're dishonest

There’s that glass house again. But anyway, speaking of the AG

Heather Jones Facebook Boycott Boycott flapping around for some credibility

They keep correspondence for two years? So presumably they’d have a record of Heather’s so-called previous investigation. 

Here’s an idea, maybe Roxanne Summers could call in a favour with her friends in high places, or maybe use her privileged barrister status to find out? Come to that, she could ask her cousin Rory McIlroy for help?

Heather or Roxanne's friends in high places. anybody's guess

And if none of that works, hell don’t wait two years Heather. Why not contact the Attorney General’s office yourself, today even? In fact why not get in touch with Mr Eamonn McConville personally? Can’t read the screenshot? No problem:

Mr Eamonn McConville, Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, PO Box 1272, Belfast BT1 9LU.

You can email him at:, or give him a call on: 028 9072 5310.

Failing all that, use your much-used, tried and tested method of…



Apologies for the poor screenshot quality above. A transcription follows:

Heather Jones / Roxanne Summers Facebook (Lennox BSL) say:

” Hey Gill, Hey Cliar, Hey Dopey Doris, guess what? People do listen to us. Shall I tell you who? the Attorney General, the Inland Revenue, the DWP for starters. Doesn’t matter if a bunch of faceless facebook people listen or not, the people that matter listened! [smiley face] the people that can bring the owners to justice for what they’ve done, they listened. Who is listening to you? ”

And a further quote from Roxanne Summers (Facebook) re: The Irish Open:

” I note your page is telling people to contact Rory McIlroy. He’s my cousin [smiley face] You’ll get a good listening from him NOT “.

Attorney General

Heather Jones Facebook claiming to be in touch with Attorney General of NI

Heather Jones Roxanne Summers oops

Apologies for the quality of this screenshots, we’ve transcribed them below.

One of our friends and followers sent this enquiry to the N.I. Attorney General’s office:

Enquiry to N.I. Attorney General asking if they are investigating the Barnes re: Save Lennox

and received this response:

AG enquiry response

This reply includes the specific question asked, leaving no doubts whatsoever that the writer is responding directly to that same enquiry.

It’s a pity Heather Jones couldn’t elicit such a detailed reply through her own enquiry to the Loose Women production team. Of course that would have been tricky since it’s a dead cert she posed an entirely unrelated question to the one she claims to have asked, hence the inability to show her original enquiry alongside the response in one screenshot (link).


Transcripts (verbatim)


  • Heather Jones Roxanne Summers Boycott Boycott Belfast Facebook (Lennox BSL) says: ” I see Gill H is gobbing off on boybel again, does she not get bored of listening to her own tripe. Well have some advice Gill. The AG is not interested in what you have to say you are far to(o) UNIMPORTANT for him. He will have enough to do dealing with the threats and abuse you people have bestowed upon the innocents connected with this case. He will, I suspect, thoroughly investigate the terrorist paramilitary threats from Craig and Cliffy. All in all you are just to(o) full of yourself to realise the AG is not concerned about your possibly faked screen shots, after all he would have seen how good you people are at faking government documents and covering the trail of all the stolen donation money. Shame we know how to find it and send it all to the authorities, how else do you think they got all this information, MAGIC??? ” (end)
  • Heather Jones Roxanne Summers Boycott Boycott Belfast Facebook (Lennox BSL) managing to dig yet another hole for themselves in finding something else to blame on Lennox’s owners, says: ” OH dear, well while we may have hot air shot towards us about libel suits, it seems the likes of craig, ange, clair and the other core lennox team of bullies have the ATTORNEY GENERAL to deal with. oh enjoy people. Whats the term now, OH YES, MALICIOUS COMMUNICATIONS ( ” (end)

Email enquiry sent to The Private Office of the N.I. Attorney General:

Dear Sir, Can you clarify your role please? If an NI resident wanted you to make an investigation would you be able to or is that not within your remit?

There is a woman claiming to be a barrister on the internet and she claims you the Attorney General is investigating The Save Lennox Campaign and his owners Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters. I can supply copies of her claims should you wish.

Therefore, can you confirm if this woman’s claims are correct? That you are indeed investigating as she says. Yours sincerely (end)

(The ‘woman’ referred to is obviously Roxanne Summers)

Email response from N.I. Attorney General’s Private Office (including links):

“Private Office Attorney General” <>
Date: 21 Jan 2013 14:22
Subject: RE: Investigation

Thank you for your email below.

Information on the Attorney General’s role and remit can be found on his website, see link attached here –

With regard to your query as to whether “the Attorney General is investigating the Save Lennox Campaign and his owners Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters”, I can confirm that there is no such investigation by this Office.
Yours sincerely

Eamonn McConville , 

Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, PO Box 1272, Belfast, BT1 9LU. Telephone: 028 9072 5310  (end)

Courtesy of the real Les trollops 🙂

Roxanne Summers Facebook

Roxanne Summers Psychotic

If you’ve a hankering to be Judge and Jury, regardless of your target, it’s unwise to lack self-control, and it’s probably safe to say you should not be biased, malicious, jealous and inclined to episodes of manic rage.

To sum up, you need to be squeaky clean and preferably not bonkers…

Roxanne Summers Facebook living in a glass house but still throwing stones

She must mean this one:

Roxanne Summers vitriol

Or maybe it was this one:

Roxanne summers you are filth

We realise it’s stretching the boundaries of possibility to the outer limits but, hypothetically, let’s say that thing behind the Roxanne Summers‘ Facebook profile is a qualified barrister.

How did it manage to control itself sufficiently to get past the first few months of a law degree and, if by chance it got as far as vocational training, how did it get through to the elimination stage? Maybe it eliminated all the other candidates.

But it’s certainly a possibility that we should consider, because….

Roxanne Summers claims to be qualified barrister

And if you’re still in doubt, a testimonial from Heather Jones should convince:

Heather claiming roxanne is a barrister and a good one lol

Yes that Heather Jones, Roxanne’s best Facebook buddy, assuring us that Roxy is indeed a barrister and a very good one. Presumably Jones plucked that from the same place she got her ‘friends in high places‘.

But let’s cut the crap. Psychotics aren’t generally known for self-control at the best of times, let alone for months or years on end, and so we’ve made an assumption that the thing behind this Roxanne Summers‘ Facebook profile is either a long-term inmate at Her Majesty’s pleasure, an abattoir worker or a toilet attendant in a posh department store, which would account for the bitterness and resentment, although doesn’t excuse it.

If you’re still not totally convinced Roxanne Summers is the UK’s answer to Single White Female see: Belfast Company -v- Facebook

Lots more where this came from but unless you want to run out of matches to keep your eyelids open reading more Summers‘ tripe that’s gone off, we’ll post them another time.


We’re including transcripts, just to make sure Summers comes out on top in the search rankings – Roxanne won’t mind because, according to her, nobody reads our blog and the only visitors we get are spambutts and arachnids. On top of that our visitors are either all unemployed or the same person!

Roxanne Summers the SEO expert , lol! Sour grapes strike again !

Can’t imagine what this is then, another lie, this time by WordPress? Goodness, can’t trust anyone these days…LT views

Ah well, on the off-chance those figures are a WordPress anomaly and not a conspiracy by WP to boost their own stats, and should the odd reader mosey on by as a result of Internet exposure, we’ll do our usual bit for SEO:

ROXANNE SUMMERS (FACEBOOK) STATES: ” I am a fully qualified and highly regarded barrister ”


Roxanne Summers says (verbatim): 

 CRAIG AND CAROLINE YOU ARE BLOODY SCROUNGERS! Why do you expect EVERYTHING to be handed to you on a plate? You are now complaining the wooden box Lennox’s ashes were sent back in wasn’t ‘fancy’ enough and there was no brass plate with his name on it? Are you for real you scrounging DOLE-ITES? You also say ‘Lennox’s family weren’t even allowed a say in the choice of box’ – you have all the choice in the world! No one is stopping you from going and buying your own bloody box if you aren’t happy with that one. Neither of you work. Neither of you contribute a penny to society, let alone pay your own way. As a rate payer of this great city I contributed to the cost of keeping your dog in kennels for the last two years while you fought a legal fight at our (hard working taxpayers) expense, a legal fight you were told you by your solicitor from day 1 you couldn’t win! As a taxpayer I also pay for the house you live in, the food you eat, the clothes you wear and every single thing you have in your life. And all because you are scroungers!! And for anyone who wants to see the box here’s a picture of it. Maybe Craig and Caroline will publish photos of their ‘fancy’ ‘expensive’ wooden boxes they have their other former pets ashes in….oh yeah, they can’t, they wouldn’t even have paid for the animals to be cremated! YOU MAKE ME SICK YOU SCROUNGING SPONGERS. YOU ARE THE VERY PEOPLE SOCIETY REFERS TO AS ‘THE GREAT BRITISH UNDERCLASS’. And the latest post on the Save Lennox website about this issue only serves to prove these scroungers didn’t even care about Lennox – they only wanted the fight! SCUM! Rest in peace Lennox – free from the abuse and neglect you suffered in their care!



Roxanne Summers says (verbatim):

Candy is to be pitied on a number of levels. Firstly her parents took one look at her when she was born and thought she looked like a vaginal infection and called her Candida. Secondly, she was so thick her Daddy had to pay her in through the back door of a grammar school, a school she failed at and had to leave early because she wasn’t able for it. In Northern Ireland we don’t have private schools but retain the grammar school system where admittance is on academic ability. In Candida’s day (a very long time ago – she was in my mother’s class in school) it was acceptable to pay people in to grammar schools. That policy ended when I was a child thankfully. She has a massive chip on her shoulder from being the inadequate child who failed and hasn’t managed to shed it. She’s an unhappy spinster who lives by herself, bitter the world dislikes her and she wasn’t even able to get anyone to marry her. She walks dogs for a living but pretends she is some dog behaviourist. Yeah Candy, and I’m the Queen! She had a blog for her dog behaviourist ‘role’ which consisted of entries about me!! I am almost as important to her as you are Heather (Jones). On the other hand, she’s totally meaningless and insignificant to us. The other day she thought she could belittle me by saying one of the posts on my wall showed the dog warden was sidelined off to a council far away and not promoted. Of course Candy was wrong, as she always is, and the dog warden was promoted within BCC! Well done her. Candy’s bitter because she doesn’t have a job, other than walking dogs which is the same as a lot of kids do for pocket money! She’s obsessed with me and can’t stop posting about me. I can’t even be bothered to read her tripe and was only aware of her post when someone sent me a quote from it. I don’t know where her tripe was posted and have no interest in reading it. So feel sorry for her. If your life was as empty and lonely as Candida’s you too would be as bitter as she is. I blame her parents. After struggling at Fullerton House prep they paid her in to a school they knew she could not academically keep up with… (end)


Back in August, news had it that a Belfast High Court Judge had ordered Facebook to identify specific account holders using the FB site to post abusive messages against staff members of an unnamed Belfast company [link]

A few weeks later the same Judge decided it would be the unnamed company’s responsibility to conduct its own investigation into the hidden Facebook identities responsible for the abuse (referred to as Driver 1 and Driver 2) [link]

Enter Roxanne Summers (also a hidden identity) who made a decision based purely on convenient supposition – without proof of any kind – that this anonymous company is definitely Belfast City Council, ergo Lennox’s owners must be the so-called ‘abusers’.

Fair enough, vague details in news reports certainly makes it possible that the unnamed company could be Belfast City Council, nobody can dispute that, but it was our understanding that the Hate Campaign claim to always deal in facts, and the fact is, very few details have ever been made public.

So until such time as the matter is taken further and full details are available for all of us to see, the likes of Roxanne Summers couldn’t possibly know any more about this case than anyone else searching through the scant details found in the media, and that’s also a fact.

But she wants you to believe the unnamed company is Belfast City Council, and for her it’s damn well going to be. If that is the case then it’s a shame BCC passed up the chance to name and shame their enemies, given all the activity going on at the time. This would surely be a prime opportunity for the Council to put the record straight in light of all the criticism they were (and are still) receiving.

The excuse given by ‘the company’s lawyer’ for the request to remain anonymous was that they wished to avoid more unwanted public attention. So if the ‘company’ is Belfast City Council, then surely they would have welcomed the opportunity to hang their so-called abusers out to dry and, in so doing, get the sympathy vote and, more importantly, put the frighteners on anyone else thinking of doing the same? You would think.  

If you go along with Roxanne Summers‘ theory, you’d have to balance it out and query whether BCC’s reluctance was more about avoiding the risk of something they wished to hide becoming public knowledge, surely?

But that’s neither here nor there because, without any prior knowledge of this company’s identity, Roxanne Summers went straight in with as many fibs as she could get away with, to make it fit her agenda

Belfast City Council. BSL. Lennox

Summers claims to have spent the morning at court. She states as fact that the unnamed company was Belfast City Council, and the abusers were Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters.  She even goes on to make it appear as fact that details of the Save Lennox website also came to light during the hearing.

Let’s have a nitpick:

Roxanne Summers states she was at Belfast High Court on the morning of 6th September 2012. Now later that same day (6th Sept) this news story appeared:
link – UTV Live.

However, unlike UTV, Roxanne Summers waited until the 7th of September to post her version of events. So Roxanne Summers put a sock in it for almost a whole day before spitting on her targets? Highly unlikely.

It’s far more realistic that Summers did not attend court that day and simply jumped on an Internet newsfeed, adapting it to her own twisted agenda. After all, there’s nothing in her remarks to indicate she knows any more than we found just by Googling ‘Belfast company and Facebook‘ (the ‘expert’ she refers to was brought in by the company, and that info is also in the newsfeeds).

Or it’s possible she did attend court that day, and hid in the toilets with a flask of Earl Grey, some potted balogna and a round of cucumber sandwiches >made by mummy< for the duration of the hearing. If she got locked in the Lav, that would account for her delay in breaking the news.

Here’s the reaction from a few Hate Campaigners, Kate Smith, Andrea Williams Phillips and Denise Day. It’s a typical one; the little dears are very excited – they thought Christmas had come early; you can almost see the drool

Belfast City Counci. BSL Lennox

No further updates have been forthcoming from this ‘barrister‘, in spite of all that inside knowledge and her contact employed by Facebook. 🙄

Admittedly court procedures take a long time, and if we were to sit on the fence with this and say ‘what if it were true‘, we’d have a few questions of our own, such as….

If Roxanne Summers‘ post is not crammed with lies, how did she come by the information?

Is it by virtue of her ‘barrister’ status that she’s privy to such knowledge? If so, what is it doing languishing on a tacky Facebook page (Lem) and seedy blog (The Lav)? And how did she alone receive permission to make the information public in the first place, when everyone else has been gagged?

Presumably she can back it up with hard evidence. It really shouldn’t be a problem for her:

Roxanne Summers claims to be qualified barrister

…and we also have it on very honest and reliable authority from another real person:

Heather Jones. Roxanne Summers. Belfast City Council. BSL. Lennox

…not forgetting new mum Moggy…

Poosey kat aka moggy aka take an educated guess

Stabbing in the dark here, but there is another possible explanation – it could have been ‘top secret‘ and ‘for your eyes only‘; that would explain Summers‘ reluctance to share her evidence with the rest of us. Yes, that must be it.

Or maybe Roxanne Summers is just hedging her bets.


accusations by… Roxanne Summers

The profile Roxanne Summers is the SEO subject today and there’s not much point in doing an intro because you all know who she is.

We found a few other Roxanne Summers‘ profiles on the go, all equally as empty as each another, so it’s probably safe to say they’re related to the same person, and just another exercise in giving Syco’ numbers a little lift when needed, along with all the other spare profiles at their disposal (such as Black, Jay, etc plus various admins and twisted Lemons)

Must admit, we almost bottled it with this one; sifting through all that skank is darn hard work and Summers is full of it.

We lost the will to live after the first half hour of muck raking, so we’re only going with the obvious, which is almost identical to the Heather Jones entry and that’s because we’re able to reduce Summers‘ musings down since she mostly specialises in personal, bitchy insults; infantile playground name-calling, photo-shopped images of targets in a vain attempt to ridicule them, the contacting of target’s employers and, of course, the stalking phone calls; stuff like that.

Bearing in mind we started with Summers at the beginning, and considering we were spitting in the wind a bit at that point, looking back on the description in The Subject, we’re quite impressed at how we managed to nail the character, if we do say so ourselves 😳 .

Screenshots are available on request and, although we’d like to say you can also find most of this on the Summers’ Facebook page, it’s getting sparser by the day – lots of little telltale gaps in the Summers’ timeline. Won’t do her any good of course, we already have everything we need thanks to you.

Without further ado, for SEO:

  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers, who claims to be a barrister, conducts a full-scale infantile bullying and hate campaign against supporters of the Save Lennox campaign, including Lennox’s family, Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters, branding them ‘lying scum‘, ‘liars and thieves’;
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers accuses Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters of receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations;
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers accuses Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters of stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations;
  • Re: Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers accuses the Save Lennox Campaign‘organisers (by which we take to mean Caroline Barnes, Craig Winters, their family and closest supporters in the absence of any other explanation) of inciting violence and hatred towards opposers of the Save Lennox Campaign;
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers claims to have details of PayPal receipts from people who donated to the Save Lennox Campaign. So far these ‘receipts’ haven’t been forthcoming either from Summers or Heather Jones (they say they couldn’t possibly show proof owing to the fact that their sources are afraid of the consequences because they fear Craig Winters – another accusation).
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers accuses dog behaviourist Victoria Stilwell of being a publicity seeker. Roxanne Summers further accuses Victoria Stillwell of purposely doing nothing to help the Save Lennox Campaign.
  • Lennox BSL. Roxanne Summers. For the record: Roxanne Summers claims to be a qualified barrister, and yet has conducted herself in a vicious and uncontrolled manner. If she possesses legal expertise, we can only assume she learnt her trade at the Mickey Mouse Academy. Wishing to expose what you honestly believe to be the truth is one thing, but the way you go about it makes all the difference, and the way Summers has gone about it gives her zero credibility.

Courtesy of the real les trollops  🙂

Oh Dear, Jeff Whur

Jeff Whur has learned more porkies

Well we did warn Jeffrey, that the longer he spent with the HC’s, the more he’d regress.

And will you just look at that post folks. We can see at least three HC’ traits there, right off the bat.

Firstly ‘we’re talking to ourselves if outsiders don’t join in’ huh?

Secondly, Jeffrey has made a shockingly large blooper in his accusation that we alter and edit posts.

Now that there’s fighting talk Jeffrey Whur and you’re gonna need to back it up with some solid evidence. We’ll be on your case until you do, so may as well get it over and done with asap.

Thirdly, Jeffrey Whur of Belfast, taking the piss and abusing you (oh please, you big girl) really isn’t necessary – you do that all on your own, without any help from anyone. You provide the main course and we just serve up the side dish. That’s a good solid HC’ trait you’ve got there Jeff, and you played a blinder today, well done.

Now either Jeffrey has the attention span of a gnat, like the rest of them, or he’s contracted that Convenient-Self-Delusion bug also known as Hypocrisy and Deceit.

You are a silly thing Jeffrey Whur. For your own sake we suggest you go back up Uranus where you truly belong but, before you do, be sure to show us the evidence requested.

ftao: Heather Jones

Heather Jones aka Billie Bennet fake Loose Women email

We wondered if Heather Jones would be good enough to show everyone the email she sent to ITV Viewer Services, which elicited that response she kindly made public. In other words, prove that the response fits the question.

Hopefully Heather Jones wasn’t trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes again, so fingers crossed she didn’t ask if the presenters of Loose Women were currently supporting the “Save the Dodo Campaign“. And we’re equally hopeful she didn’t fiddle with the email in any way.

And we wonder if Heather Jones intended to admit she was Billie Bennet? Presumably that means all the time she was slagging off and trying to smear other people’s reputations (such as Wheldon Law, DDA Watch and IPC Dog Services for example), it was in fact her, Heather Jones, hiding behind yet another fake profile, as everyone had already suspected? (which knocks her statement that she can’t go anywhere unmolested into next week).

Well, let’s not beat about the bush here, we didn’t suspect, we knew. No point in trying to soften the blow now is there (a rhetorical question, nothing you need be concerned about LB).

That must be why all references to that little repertoire have disappeared from Heather Jones‘ page, or maybe they’re just hidden from her timeline.

And before we go:

Courtesy of ‘newbie’ Francis Barnett (link)…

Heather Jones aka Billie Bennet fake Loose Women email Q

As you can see by the thread on our Facebook page, we asked for proof that the answer in the first screenshot applied to this incredibly long-winded email apparently sent to the ITV Loose Women Production team.

Seems Heather/Billie Bennet, doesn’t have proof to hand. But chances are Francis Barnett will be booted out of camp soon, having lost control, making one hell of a blooper…

Francis Barnet knows an awful lot

Now that’s a fair amount of (inadvertent) information for someone who apparently had never heard of Heather Jones or BBBBB before December. In the absence of information to the contrary, we can only assume that Heather, sorry Billie Bennet, picked the answer that would fit best.

by special request…

It seems Heather Jones & Co. managed to keep themselves busy last night with a spot of reporting. At least twice in fact.

Strange that Heather Jones should make these comments…

Heather Jones on more of her non proof.never learns does she

…because amazingly the post is still there, on her own page (link). And will you look at that, it’s been there since Monday!

Facebook are really slow at removing your ‘mass reported’ posts aren’t they Heather Jones?  Honestly, you’d think after THREE frigging days it would be gone by now, what with all those masses of people reporting away.

How is it that you get privileged treatment from Facebook? Our posts have gone and yours is still there.

But hold on, could it be that no one reported it because – and this is a long shotnobody gives a vicar’s toss about it? Could that be why it’s still there, in public?

That would make sense, since Heather’s screenshots, including ❗ DONATIONS ❗ are conveniently taken out of context.

Heather Jones, why don’t you show everyone the extensive before and after comments associated with that post? And no fiddling with the evidence now okay?

Back to ‘mass reporting’ (Heather’s favourite phrase), there were some grubby, chubby little fingers kept very busy last night – two posts zapped from our Facebook page by morning.

So, in your own words Heather (refer to screenshot above dear) ‘…that will just add proof to the fact…‘.

And this folks is what they reported, TWICE:

~~~ “You’re right about Miss Desperate LT , this is ‘Heather on Kriders post:

And just reading this again what is that at the top “I think we could raise any amount in a day or two” And they say nothing was collected. Puts my estimation just about right?? (heather)“.

She couldnt show 60grand of donations in her little screen shot so she’s citing Krider as the missing link FFS! LOL.” ~~~

Now why would the Syco’s report that? It looks fine to us. In fact it looks perfectly okay, because there again is a brilliant example, courtesy of Heather Jones, her foot and mouth, that she will attempt to smear just about anybody, including ➡ Bruce G Krider

Heather Jones accuses Krider

Anyone fancy placing a bet on Heather’s post disappearing in the not too distant future due to mass-reporting? 🙂



Donations, donations, donations

It’s odd that Heather Jones chose to display a DDA notice, bearing in mind we all know the Hate Campaign were themselves responsible for spreading negative rumours about the very reputable DDA Watch in relation to donations.

But it makes sense when you think about it, what with the Hate Campaigns‘ support of a supposedly anti-BSL group slash organisation, Deed not Breed.

Here’s the original post from DDA Watch with full thread, something Jones conveniently omitted from her post:

[Save Lennox Troll Gossip]

Guess it must have slipped her mind to include that in her post. That’s what comes of having mainly air between your ears. Heather, you need to get the old BIKE pump out dear; stick it one ear and see if anything comes out the other side.

A Hate Campaigner’s job can be darn hard work. It’s not always in-yer-face and crass as you’re used to seeing on their pages. Sometimes, no matter how subtle they try to be with their muck-spreading, nobody pays any attention. So what to do next?…

Roxanne Summers waxing on DDA watch b

Simple – you orchestrate, and who better to join you in a pre-arranged performance than St Denise Day, the Patron Saint of Hypocrites 🙂

IS THERE a Conductor in the House?

Michaela Christine Enselmann asks a question.she strung a sentence together to do it

Here we have the Thicky Twins trying to stage a bait for someone unrelated to their Hate Campaign, but they went for her anyway. That person had posted a comment about the charming Brian Murphy on BB. But this little stage play by Enselmann and Jones was only intended to lead into yet another bitch about people who are the source of their envy and resentment. They just can’t leave anything alone can they?

Michaela Christine Enselmann’s, the narcissist who keeps searching for herself in relation to our site (told you ages ago Mich, it shows up in our stats!) is another one with a short and very selective memory. Michaela agitated herself when the target she was trying to bait posted a response to Brian Murphy, a charmer who popped his head around the door, completely out of the blue, on Boycott Belfast with this:

Brian Murphy

Nice chap, and it went down really well with Sharon Vermillion, Heather Jones and Poosey Kat, as you’d expect:

Brian Murphys supporters

But eventually, in a ‘doh‘ moment (takes them a while), they decided it might be best if they didn’t show approval for his inappropriate comments in public; so then (and this is the best bit) they blamed BB for keeping the comment on their page!

Best one yet, especially in view of all the times the Hate Campaigners have said ‘don’t bother going there, they’ll block you‘ and ‘if you disagree with them your comments will be deleted‘.

On top of that, Murphy’s comment is sitting on the Syco’s own public site The Lav (LLAAV); yes, the one Heather Jones allegedly has nothing to do with!

Heather Jones never lies or makes personal attacks…

Heather Jones has experts at her disposal and is def not a bully, no sir

Heather Jones is directing her ‘expert register’ comment to a target she had previously decided needed to be attacked very personally….

BBBB Unnamed thinks it silly to dislike being bullied.sounds familiar

Apparently Jones’ target (Gill) is ‘sad’ for objecting to this image (did you get that Jeff Whur?). But that’s fine, because Jones regards this as ‘retaliation‘, which makes it ok then. Thanks for clearing that up Heather Jones.

Of course we’re making another assumption here, that this really is the work of Heather Jones, because it isn’t signed off with a name, and around that time the Roxanne Summers’ profile seemed to be inhabiting BBBBB.

But somehow we don’t think a name makes any difference in this case.

Here’s a thought, maybe it was Billie Bennet or Thet Rolls ‘borrowing’ Heather Jones‘ account in a reciprocal gesture, to thank Heather for allowing them to use her profile every now and then because (apparently) they didn’t have a Facebook account of their own? Mystery solved then.

Either way, Heather Jones’ nose just reached stretching point, judging by some of her recent protestations on BBBBB

Heather Jones caught telling porkies again

We won’t go over Heather Jones‘ ‘fake’ (pot, kettle, black) bit again because we all know that Jones is indeed involved in Lem Eleven (or whatever incarnation it’s on at the moment) and llaav and uses other profiles; that’s a known fact, but the daft remark about having her real name reported takes Jones’ fibs to another level.

If the Heather Jones‘ main profile (there were three at last count) has been reported in the past, it must have been months ago, because strangely enough the link to her current profile (voila Heather Jones) has been active for a long time. Obviously if a profile is reported and a new one takes it place, the link changes with it, so what time frame is Heather on about?

But that’s neither here nor there, because, if she had been using her real name, all that would have been required was to provide Facebook with proof of her identity and, hey presto, her original profile would be reactivated; ergo the link to that profile would have remained the same. If Heather Jones couldn’t provide proof of her identity under that name, then she isn’t Heather Jones. Simple as that.

Its odd isn’t it that someone who stands by the truth is constantly caught standing way outside it – on another continent in fact.

Heather Jones' desperation shows its ugly face

Hope you’re getting all this Jeff Whur. And while we’re here…

Jeff Whur has suffered

Aargh – for Heaven’s sake Jeffrey Whur, man-up!! You’re an embarrassment not only to yourself but to all real or imagined men everywhere!

Refer to previous screenshot Jeff; it seems Heather Jones might have the key to growing a pair. Take our advice and do it. Besides, after your recent racist diatribe, it might be best to climb back into that pram for a while and make yourself scarce.

morning all

We’re on the scrounge for information again and wondered if someone could shed light on this:

Heather Jones or Roxanne Summers?

Heather or Roxanne's friends in high places. anybody's guess

Whoever it is, can we take it that this is the infamous ‘friends in high places’ we’ve heard so much about?

According to Roxanne Summers / Heather Jones, the Attorney General (they must be referring to John Larkin QC), the Inland Revenue and the DWP (and that’s just for starters apparently) have all listened to ‘them’.

And, as it turns out, Rory McIlroy is a cousin. Presumably that wouldn’t be an 80 year old Rory McIlroy who runs a bike shop in Castlereagh.

Either way, we have to assume it’s Roxanne Summers making all those NI connection claims, because isn’t she supposed to live in Belfast and Heather Jones on the mainland, somewhere in the vicinity of Sherwood Forest?

Which surely leads us back to BBBBB not being Heather Jones’ creation in spite of what she says to the contrary? Confusing.

Who was it recently said, in so many words, that the truth is always the truth and therefore never changes nor is it complicated? Hmm, let’s think…

Meantime, we thought you’d be interested in this:

Heather Jones has experts at her disposal

Now there’s a thing, Heather Jones claiming access tothe register of experts (lovey)‘.

What can she possibly be saying? Are we to read between the lines that Heather Jones (who is using her real name by the way) has privileged status? Or does it mean she has a copy of the Yellow Pages that’s currently being used to prop up one leg of her kitchen table so not immediately accessible?

Then there’s  Roxanne Summers, privy to the inner workings of the court system due to her (*cough*) barrister status, a legend in her own lunchtime; and not forgetting her special friend who works for Facebook…

Roxanne summers has friends in high places

We’re sticking our necks out here and making an assumption – this is another example of the tangled web Summers/Jones has woven, and continues to weave.




Jeff Whurs little book of bollox belfast style

Someone found this in Poundland. Apparently they were paying customers to take it off their hands, after attempts at using copies to stoke the Christmas fires produced a stench of hot steaming shite that hung around for days.

Jeff Whur in his element

To counteract that, it seems Jeff Whur is branching out into the women’s fragrance business; word has it he’ll be launching his Claquer range in the not too distant future.

Jeff Whur is a relatively new public addition to the Hate Campaign, however Jeff has taken to it like a duckie to water.

As you know, Jeffrey wasted no time at all in adapting – jumping in with both plates of meat, without looking left or right. Proof of any kind is wasted on him, all that is required to make Jeff happy is a few female airheads to back him up, making him feel important.

Unfortunately we don’t have Amazon’s ‘Look Inside‘ technology, but we can at least show you a few extracts:

Foreword by Jeff Whur (self-explanatory)

Jeff whurlygig

The idea for his new book came to him in a flush of inspiration:

Jeff learned the word bollox but spelt it wrong. never mindJeff LOL Jeff Whur of Belfast inappropriate and stupid Jeff whur on more bollox Jeff Whur standing up and trying to count Jeff Whurly back from Uranus

And finally:

Jeff Whur has finally joined Amy MillerNow this chapter will probably be as much of a mystery to you as it is to us, because we can’t figure out how Amy Miller got him booked in to the HC Funny Farm – we know it’s over-subscribed most of the time. Still, always room for one more; they’re obsessed with numbers after all and the HC’s can’t be too fussy about who they allow in.

That aside, does anyone know what he’s talking about? Jeffrey wrote that speech on New Year’s Eve by the looks of it, therefore probably bladdered at the time, so we have to assume he lost control of himself. Hope it was just his gob.

Apart from labelling us ‘a man’ he seems to have picked up Heather Jones’ adapted panto script and is talking luvvy-speak – something about shadows, a rat and characters from Peter Pan.

Ah, now we see what’s happened – Heather Jones finally persuaded a bootlicker (face it Jeff) to take the back-end of that horse, while she does the front. THAT would explain a lot. Phew, for a minute there we thought Jeff had lost it completely!

Now what’s all the ‘hiding’ Jeffrey’s banging on about? If he’s accusing other people of hiding does that mean he knows that Roxanne Summers, Heather Jones, Nikola Black, Kay Jay, Amy Miller, Thet Rolls, Billie Bennett, etc, etc are all real and therefore he’s met them? That would explain his comments, otherwise it would mean he’s a lying hypocrite as well as a racist, and that can’t be right can it?

We’ve covered Jeff’s antics previously, but it looks as if the penny might finally have dropped that he crossed the line dissing American citizens and using an unrelated tragedy to score Brownie points with his blockhead audience.