phew, we’re all still here…

..and a good thing too, wouldn’t want to miss the DING DONG SONG going viral:

BBBBB Heather Jones with her xmas marvelous and hilarious xmas ditty

Just think folks, when HEAVER and The CHUNKS become famous (and they will for sure, with their uncanny ability to write lyrics unrivaled in the music world), we can all say we knew them! How exciting is that?

We’re told this song comes from their new album entitled:
We’re just the Bugs on the Windscreen of Life, produced by The Padded Cell.

Make a note, it might be worth something one day πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “phew, we’re all still here…

  1. I’m guessing Amy was given a day release from the hospital with curfew to visit family… But somehow she’s still out there somewhere

  2. I see Heather has had to resort to poor Debbie & Amy again, (despite having deleted most of their recent efforts on her behalf), and poor Amy is giving her usual late night performance. Funny really when you consider Heathers rather unhealthy obsession with numbers on other pages don’t you think?

  3. All it needs is a good toe tapping tune, something kind o’ lilty, mibbe even flighty…now where did I put my trumpet…naw better use guitar tae keep ma mooth free tae sing those stonking, mind blowing lyrics…..naw, on second thoughts I’ll use the trumpet…..LOL

    • well done! just thought it was safe to resume drinking my chai and then i landed on the last 3 lines. *holding keyboard to allow tea from dripping away from space bar* LOL it’s the end of the world as we know it for ev’va and her trotts!

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