Heather has ‘just been told’ …

Heather wearing her two braincells out

Heather Jones, it’s not the screenshot you’re worried about, it’s the thread of comments it produced.

Whoever told you wasn’t being entirely honest either. You need to ask them to show you evidence because nobody has said you ‘keep deleting’ your screenshot. Shocking isn’t it, you can’t even rely on the honesty and integrity of Little Birdies any more. So when you’ve got that evidence you can post it for everyone to see?

And here’s another idea, go take a look at your screenshot here or, better still, why don’t you stick it up on the LLAAV home page where the whole world can see it?

You must have saved the whole thread before all those masses of people reported it. So that’s settled then, we look forward to seeing the whole shebang on LLAAV and, as you already know, there’s no need to hide it from the ‘reporting masses’ on that website because all the reporting in the world won’t get it removed. Hunky Dory. Everyone’s a winner.

If you don’t fancy using the link we’ve provided, here’s the screenshot you’re apparently missing so much:

BBB Heather makes a boo boo naming the officerOops, sorry, ignore that – we meant this one:

BBBB Heather running scared


19 thoughts on “Heather has ‘just been told’ …

  1. Reading John Whurr’s comments had made me skipped his comments. He’s such a bore and nothing productive come out of his mouth *chortles*

  2. I see things have deteriorated even further in Heather’s world. It appears her own little BBB page has become such a bore, that most of her colleagues, including a certain very unsteady dog warden, have chosen to switch over to Clare’s ‘failed’ page. You would have to question why – and over the Christmas period too. Not much else to do in their sad little worlds I suppose.

  3. Heather dear, why are you lying? You and handful of your malodorous followers bullied quite few of Lennox supporters since the beginning of the campagin because they have different opinions from you.
    On your page ‘for all to see’ that you publicity proclaimed to be anti BSL but then off page you act like pitbulls were a waste of space.
    No wonder why you have always been against the lennox campagin.
    You mocked and stalked every movement they made that weren’t related to Lennox’s case. You even got few animals killed by reporting their facebook constantly that had resulted them to be deactivated and unreachable for help.

  4. I see Heather has chosen to post yet another unsubstantiated ‘Fact.’
    Heather if you are reading this (and we both know you are) you should be aware you are making yourself look even more ridiculous. Your obsession with my profile is quite amusing because the FACT is if I was actually Clare I would have absolutely no problem admitting it. Clare very successfully admins on a page with over sixteen thousand followers, in stark contrast to your own little page which hasn’t even managed to hit two hundred, and after all this time. As a matter of fact things have gotten so bad on your page these days, without the likes of Debbie and Amy (God Help Us) it seems you would be running solo.
    Now I don’t know what your interpretation of ‘wannabe’ is, or even what you consider to be the ‘core campaign enclave’ nor do I care, but both of those terms give us a sharp insight into the kind of sad childish mentality from which you operate. You see Heather unlike the poor idiots on your own page who hang onto your every vile little word, neither I nor Clare have absolutely any interest in your pathetic little inner circle status theories. Don’t you think its time to grow up?

    • She wouldn’t get into a University with her lack of education. She cannot spell the most basic words and she cannot complete a paragraph without at least 5 major grammatical errors. An online degree perhaps? You know the ones, pay £100 and we’ll email you the work and send you a cowboy certificate at the end that allows you to practice in Outer Mongolia.

  5. You would have to wonder why Heather, who is lets face it usually so forthcoming with any information she has, has chosen not to share a copy of the e-mail in question?

    • all the hahahaha-ing indicates that either way it’s finally happened, she’s going more than just slightly mad, or she is desperately trying to deflect from something. alternatively they have all been nibbling from amy’s skittles.
      bus to lalaland is coming to take you away my dears, but stay away from the light :D! speaking of lights our foxy roxy’s blinding light of troof seems rather dim lately, where has all her ebbidense gone?

  6. As for ‘honesty and integrity’, if any of the people on those pages genuinely think they are proving they have either virtue they are sadly mistaken. All they are managing to prove to people is that they are social misfits who are clinging to each other in utter desperation because they want to be accredited with something in their lives, even if it’s only that they are considered by the majority to be moronic imbeciles. It’s a bit like coming in last in a race only much more humiliating.

    • Its just incredible how far they will go to to cover their tracks. The only conclusion you could come to is that one of Heather’s friends, (and I don’t mean Debbie or Amy) has an awful lot to lose. Heather,and this particular friend know only too well what we are talking about as she has already admitted they saw an E-mail from a police officer (she chose to name on her own page) regarding the post in question. The more she BEGS for the evidence the more she proves how desperate they are.
      Heather, as your latest obsession appears to be my profile, (despite the fact that I am absolutely not who you insist I am) we both know you are reading this, and we both know you have messed up royally. But just to confirm again – not only do we have the post you are so desperate to hide but so do you and you know it.

      • It seems she does read these pages as she has just reacted to your post proclaiming that she doesn’t have the policemans’ email but rather the email sent to the policeman by a certain person. Perhaps she forgot, in the confusion, that she posted the officers name and station as well? Which means that the person who sent the email has allowed those details to become public knowledge as well as the claim that they, as people apparently totally unrelated to the incident, had the ‘crime reference’ numbers. Something the police officer/station may not be too impressed with.

    • I’ve just seen her post and I’m absolutely astonished that someone who claims to be an adult could behave so hysterically without feeling utterly stupid. How old is this person? She’s acting like a 10yr old. She’s not bonkers verittas but she is incredibly immature and putting on a spectacular performance of proving it to everyone. Surely she must realise how ridiculous she looks and sounds?

      • I don’t think she realise how stupid she sound but then again maybe she doesn’t have anything productive to write anymore.
        It is interesting to see how people behave when it backfired on them as you can see from their pages.

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