We’ve been here before…

… (link) and you’d think by now even the likes of Heather Jones would have worked out that everyone else knows the Hate Campaigners report their own posts.

To be fair, we should mention that she was desperate last night….

BBBB Heather running scared

In a nutshell, Heather got cold feet, deleted a thread related to the screenshot above, blaming it on mass reporting. We all know that Facebook will never remove a post immediately, that’s impossible, and it did disappear very quickly, once Ms Jones realised her Huge Mistake.

Heather may or not have been on the sauce again last night, it’s difficult to tell, but in any case she got carried away, realised her error and deleted a long thread which you have very kindly provided us with, thank you.

We haven’t had time to read all of it yet (Heather had the Verbal Trots again, so bear with us please), but here’s a snippet:

BBB Heather makes a boo boo naming the officer

Our aim is to bring you something else in the style of the Belfast Company v. Facebook entry, which obviously takes a while with our limited time, and we have to make sure all the material we’ve been sent is included. We wouldn’t want to leave anything out just to suit our own purposes, nor make it look good in our favour by taking information out of context. That wouldn’t do at all.



10 thoughts on “We’ve been here before…

  1. Its so funny watching Heather (who couldnt be bothered reading this page) accusing Clare of being me, and stating it as fact. Just another example of the world according to Heather then, not a very bright bunch at all are they ? Well Heather as usual you are wrong, but dont panic no one here would ever expect you to admit it. Just like no one here believes your tall tale about last night’s conversation being reported. What happened Heather did Sharon advise you to take it down after she had ‘read through it using her ‘real profile.’ Probably a wise move, but again too little to late I’m afraid, because you would be surprised at ‘who’ actually saw it.

    • She states everything as fact lol simply because she thinks it, so therefore it must be real. Shame she deleted that post but then she did come across as a complete idiot on it oh and of course it showed she was telling lies to suit herself 😉

  2. LOL probably why she and lem11 kept the Llaav page closed for nobody “to see” how pathetic they really are especially Heather. (Hi feather) 😀

    • now isn’t that odd indeed… they want the troof come out and when they get a reality check they post their troof to a page hardly anyone visits but themselves – so far for openness and enlightening the world 😀

  3. Sitting quietly and at peace with the world I decided to watch the drama on BBBB unfold as Heather continually tied herself in knot after knot, tangling herself tightly in the grip of her self made assumptions and nonsensical allegations. Her jaws became unhinged as her mouth gaped wider and wider before she predictably jumped into her own cavernous lip lined cave swallowing herself and her codswallop…..no doubt to be regurgitated again as it has been, so many times (getting boring Heather) in the past and will be again and again and again………………………LOL

  4. bet they wrote Thomas the tank engine too, knob splashes the lot of them…..am off to buy them all some Rennies see if that helps the regurgitation they are suffering from, SEE….i am thoughtful……

  5. make that boot in mouth comments. all that troof! LOL by golly their boots must be glued stuck in their moufs by now 😀 well at least we know what théy did this winter.. wasting and whiling away behind their computer screens, doing sod all just trying to fabricate more ‘troof’ 😉 ah well it keeps ’em off the streets.

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