Hanging on for dear life…

Heather Jones is now trying desperately to cover her backside, feigning ignorance (earlier entry) and insisting the kiddie’s playground/website, LLAAV, (the one she has nothing to do with) will now have to be home to the screenshot everyone is supposed to be reporting like mad.

Heather struggling to survive

And she dare not leave it open to the public, oh no; it must remain hidden from the ‘reporting masses’! How many people does she think actually visit that site anyway?



5 thoughts on “Hanging on for dear life…

  1. Heather has always been one to try and create drama out of nothing and this is a prime example. Even her own ‘fan base’ appear to be too embarrassed to comment at the moment, other than the very few looking for extra brownie points. It’s like watching ‘Dumb and Dumber’ staged as an internet reality show!

    • Let’s face it, her ‘support system’ of wizened old crones with gutter mouths are all missing in action lately so ‘Ever is having to fend for herself and falling flat on her face continuously as a result. I would imagine the opinion of a lowly troll of very little brain like Sharon is like a lifeline to ‘Ever at the moment.

  2. So does that mean the reference ”Coven” has now turned into the ”Masses” based on Heathers unholy opinion and she has proof which she can use as evidence against those who hit the report button when she next presides in her Kangaroo Court.. Have I got that right……lol

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