How long is a piece of string?

Or, to put it another way, Heather Jones (from Nottingham) is making that last straw go the distance….

BBB Heather Jones self proclaimed twit

So here she is, in her ‘Heather Jones’ bib and tucker, keeping a lid on it, in a manner of speaking…

Heather more nasties Heather nasties

Heather Jones calling someone naughty names

As you all know, Heather, the victim, likes to create daft little names for people and she also fancies herself as a bit of a cartoon artist (along with her pal Roxanne Summers), so she nicked this copyright Stockphoto (makes a habit of it), plastered it all over Facebook, and she thinks it’s very funny. Oddly enough, nobody else did, think it’s funny that is. Not one toady came to show their appreciation…

BBB heather jones thinks this is funny

Then we find Heather Jones in disguise…..

Now don’t go falling for that ‘Heather isn’t here so can’t come out to play‘ backchat because it’s another whopper, matched only by two more own goals….

Heather has been living the high life since her Boycott Boycott Belfast page fell flat and she moved over to Lem Eleven on a more permanent basis. This way she can say what she darn well pleases, let herself go and be as infantile as the rest of them without revealing her identity. Oops.

So how do we know it’s Heather? Well for starters she forgot to take the advice of another Lemon:

Kirsten Lawrence on liars

(You’re so right Kirsten Lawrence)

Protesting way too much…

Lem11 Heather doesnt visit .right!

Then we have a little ‘chortle’…

Lem11 Heather chortling

preceded by a little chortle Heather had back in April…..

BBB Heather chortling again

L11 heather daft mare

So bearing in mind we all know ‘Heather Jones’ is a cover profile (even she knows it) and ‘Heather’ slipped up one time and left Nottingham in her profile….


5 thoughts on “How long is a piece of string?

  1. Ha ha x100,oh gor blimey,if they copied any more of your blog,you would have to go and write it for them.if brains was dynamite,they wouldn’t have enough to blow their hat off,but they don’t look at trollops do they,no siree no mam not me guv their pm must be on meltdown.

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