Scraping the bottom of the barrel…

Heather Jones on Boycott Boycott Belfast showing how she’s completely run out of ideas and making her own entertainment, having bets with herself (yes, you heard right)…

BBB Heather having another personal pop

Heather Jones obviously hasn’t grasped the concept of gambling. She doesn’t seem to understand there are ‘odds’ involved and, if you don’t win, creating your own version of reality won’t help. But that’s okay, she had back-up and encouragement from the likes of Debbie (avoid the picGathercole and a fake moggy.

And that was all very amusing to the rest of us, but this is just plain vindictive and has nothing whatsoever to do with Heather Jones’ so-called righteous campaign….

BBB Heather Jones you nasty piece of work

It does however have everything to do with what we all know about Heather Jones, that her phony ‘fight for the truth’ is based purely on hate and malice and, with nothing genuine to work with, she resorts to making personal attacks against targets for no valid reason.

That’s all very courageous isn’t it, considering she’s apparently using her real name and a real profile. Reminds us of Roxanne Summers. Can’t imagine why.

Before we go Heather:

BBB Heather on human nature and how to be a hypocrite

Heather Jones, if you had the answers to the universe and the missing link itself, you’d still find an excuse to start a hate campaign. You need to have a quiet word with yourself dear, it looks increasingly likely that you’re starting to believe your own crap.


5 thoughts on “Scraping the bottom of the barrel…

    • So if I, Karma, were to say ‘I am actually the Heather Jones id and I have been playing all you trolls on BBBBB and Lemeleven for fools, leading you astray, screen grabbing your bitching in private message and on locked down pages for use on the Les Trollops site’ would I get the same amount of blinkered admiration? ‘Oh how brilliant Karma’ and ‘aren’t you so clever’ and ‘you got us good ‘n’ proper, genius, how we admire you’. No? Then why on earth are those fools taking her word for something just because she thought it sounded good? I think you’re right Ange, brown nosing has overtaken common sense on that page.

  1. Desperation is setting in when Heather has to create stories out of thin air, without the aid of a net, and only has two nobodys to back her up lol

  2. Of course she believes her own crap,she is the keeper of the truth,her truth,and nobody else’ not believe her own crap she would have to admit she was wrong,and shut down HER page.then what would she do,get off her bum and do something valuable

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