some figures for Heather…

..because we know how important they are to her.

Our stats, less than a month since ➡ November 23, up by well over 6k…

Les trollops stats dec 11

And we imagine that is thanks, in no small way, to the Three Stooges popping in and out like farts through a sieve. It couldn’t possibly be Heather herself of course, oh no, because she never visits us.

Thank you for all your support, emails and screenshots and please do keep them coming. Apologies for not having used most of the information and grabs yet, they need sorting out; it’s all a bit random at the moment. We’ll organise ourselves soon.

So bearing in mind we’ve been up and running only since mid-September, the stats are not bad. Although isn’t it strange that BBBBB hasn’t reaped the benefit of their new found fame, what with their figures being so… (what’s the word we’re looking for?)…static?


5 thoughts on “some figures for Heather…

  1. After watching Heather/Roxanne/Bille do and say what they like for so long now this page is a breath of fresh air. They have an agenda, which we all know has nothing to do with an innocent dog called Lennox, who was purely a pawn in their vile little cover game. Well the game is up and its about time these creatures were exposed for who and what they are. They might just be surprised at the extent of what we know, and its going to be such fun watching them trying to worm their way out of this with the trail of evidence they left in their wake. They might just be needing all those friends in high place they go on and on about in the very near future, including a genuinely ‘highly qualified barrister.’ Better brush up on the books Rox.

    Keep up the great work guys, you are doing a fantastic job, those idiots have an awful lot to answer for.

  2. I think they should prescribe les trollops as a sadness buster, I haven’t had my yearly dip in spirit that Xmas usually brings. I put it down to a daily dose of trollops,and evva and the trotts hilarious response too it.keep up the good work,trollops and followers,love you all,mwaaaa

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