Apologies for going over boring old ground, but we just fancied a little nit-pick…

Starting with this…

Lem 11 donations

.. and then this…

BBB heather no donation proof

We just want to make sure we’re reading this right.

Heather Jones / Roxanne Summers, whatever, on Facebook pages Lemeleven and Boycott Boycott Belfast Boom Boom, posts comments that she has proof of multiple donations going to Caroline Barnes via PayPal. Heather Jones apparently has proof of donations made by various individual supporters, with one ‘lady’ allegedly donating £200 ‘each and every month‘. Well we all know about this so-called proof, that’s been covered here already.

And so, in spite of there being no ‘published amounts’ according to Heather Jones, and without an ounce of proof, apart from maybe a few quid’s worth of donations, Heather Jones on Boycott Boycott Belfast has ‘estimated’ that thousands of pounds in donations was received by Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters.

Heather Jones has also taken it upon herself to be the Save Lennox campaign accountant and, in her pseudo-professional opinion, she has decided that Lennox’s owners received at least £60,000 (sixty thousand pounds) in donations.

All that, right off the top of her head, without proof of any kind, except for the proof Heather Jones claims she dare not show.



7 thoughts on “donations

  1. bloody ‘ell. if only i had won the lottery every time i bought a ticket i would be a multi millionaire by now. if only… seriously. ‘no published amounts’, ‘estimate’, oh and where are those piccies of the family driving their ‘brand new bmw car’ they bought from the donation money, still waiting for those. apparently “roxanne”‘s foot slammed her mouth shut. blah blah blah blah. no wonder the titanic sunk when this is the way their local authorities calculate things. oops did i just say that :D? yuuuup! another dress size and another good day for tena.

  2. Oh they’ve dropped the value, I’m sure at one stage they were hazarding the guess at 100’s of thousands. I believe I also saw them make a claim that it would ‘clear the debt of a small country’, or words to that effect. I imagine by next week the total will have escalated again as their fervour builds before, once again, the crashing defeat when they realise they aren’t getting anywhere because they have no idea of the truth at all. All these sad little souls have is a truth they’ve created from circumstantial evidence fed to them in tit-bits by a few very questionable, and hidden, characters and they are just disposable pawns in a bigger game. I almost feel sorry for them, but only almost 😉

    • They ‘upped’ the amount again yesterday, then halved it, but it was still greater than their original claim. We didn’t even have to wait a week. They must be desperate for attention

  3. well i think i may start a chip in , these spray tans are expensive this time of year, so if i get enough donations, sod it, i am off the Maldives for a REAL tan….and should there be any change left i promise to send postcards with proof of how i am spending said donations, that way there will be no speculation………well maybe just a bit ? fcuk it , just send me ya cash…………..

    • Now don’t forget that you have to mingle with the celebs. And when you get home you must get an invite to theirs for drinkers and caviar so you can be the talk of certain fb pages that are just jealous

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