Three Witches…

It’s anyone’s guess why The Witches Three, Heather Jones, Lynn GP and Alison Dunn thought it was smart or clever to have this side of them made public, seeing as they all think so highly of themselves.

We don’t think you need a commentary from us, it certainly speaks for itself. A few nouns to describe these three charmers come to mind – scum being the first; you can probably think of a lot more (click on screenshot for larger image)…

BBB on Lennox ashes

We’ll SEO this lot later; it deserves the full works.



4 thoughts on “Three Witches…

  1. But, but whitewitch they are kind, caring, compassionate people who do good deeds all day (nay all year) long. They are being victimised and harassed, bullied and insulted and they’ve never done a thing to deserve it. Just typing that pile of crud about them has turned my stomach.

    • LOL 😀 oopsie daisy i completely forgot – it’s them who are fighting daily to end bsl inch by inch, it’s us who are just talking in circles about a dead dog, we are falling behind oh dear how will we ever be able to hold a candle to their greatness *bows* (in fit of LOL)

      • Now pack it in you lot,you know evva and the trotts are angels of mercy,fighting bsl at every chance,never bullying or putting anyone the way any got any spare tena lady,thanks to you,I have run out.

  2. ah, i see i stand corrected here… it was dear alison’s idea to sell the ashes by the grain, but sharon liked the idea. important detail, praise to whom it deserves, eh. must be wonderful to be able to muster such high degrees of empathy and civilized behaviour.

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