kettle and pot-ty are back again..

HEATHER you little faker you

So this blog is abusive and bullying and Heather Jones is a saint and we hide behind fake names while Heather Jones is 100 percent real with no other aliases. Well ain’t she just a laugh a minute that Heather Carol Billie Thet Ted Mel Bitter Twisted Lemon JONES.

Let’s have a look at Heather Jonesreal profile…

Heather jones profile not much going on

Heather jones profile sucks

Heather profile silly little twat

Heather Jones, that profile of yours looks so real. There’s sooo much anti BSL and animal welfare related stuff on there, took us ages to go through it.

Yep we’re impressed with how real it is. And would you just look at these…

Back to Heather Jones the real person who never resorts to personal insults when she can’t get her own way. So she never made up names for her targets, like Granny Thrush, cLiar, flange, and she’s never posted personal comments about anyone, and she’s never ensured that Lennox’s owners’ address and photos of their home were made public, nor has she listed their solicitor’s details in full, and she wouldn’t dream of accusing another respected solicitor of supporting dog fighting (got a ticking off for that one didn’t you Heather).

She tries her best to come across as sane and reasonable, but when she wants to spit nails, which she does regularly, she toddles off into another profile, although sometimes her identity slips her mind.

Heather nasty

Heathers greasy old man

Heather letting herself go

If nothing else, Heather Jones is a good faker, because here she is doing a sterling impression of a nasty piece of work by taking a photo out of context to suit a vile and twisted mentality. Couldn’t possibly be hers?:

Heather f'ing bitch


3 thoughts on “kettle and pot-ty are back again..

  1. I think its about time Heather, Roxanne Sharon,Kate, Amy, Kirsten, and the rest, realised if you are going to dish it then you had better prepared to take it, because they have been dishing it in tons and we have the screen shots to prove it.

  2. ain’t she ev’ver so reasonable and mature. got some more gems displaying her well balanced, eloquently voiced opinions in my screenshots treasure trove, will send them to you, better buckle up 😀 ev’ver! already wishing you had thought before you posted?

    • I think there are a few people who wish they’d thought before they posted and who are probably only quiet at the moment because of the amount of time it takes to go back and find each vile comment they’ve made and delete it asap in order to continue the laughable stance of ‘angelic’ they are trying to create now. Outstanding display of shutting the door after the horse has bolted i’m afraid 😉

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