Kirsten Lawrence

KIRSTEN LAWRENCE proving she’s as charming and articulate as the rest of them

Kirsten lawrence on f

Kirsten Lawrence

And not forgetting Lawrence posted on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accusing Craig Winters of terrorist activities – petrol bombing to be exact. He’s also accused of slashing the tyres of opposers to the Save Lennox Campaign. No evidence to back it up as usual.



8 thoughts on “Kirsten Lawrence

  1. ah dear kirsten. the very brave one who outed the dog warden trolling on facebook then her life took a wholly different direction… still keeping your enemies closer, are you, dear? i think she would be surprised if she ever found out who casper really is. it would be a hairy situation indeed 😀 don’t forget to take your meds!

      • Lol Ms witch 🙂 wonder what happened to the big reveal of “this goes higher than the dog warden”. Then again these reveals are just complete top of the flops. Must be still wiping egg off her face after her enemy Johnny boy shut the page down lol

        • ah yes, that johnny boy, who was so relieved being able to walk the streets again with his spaniel once ‘that dangerous dog’ was put to sleep (you know, that dog who never before bit anyone, no reported incidents whatsoever over 5 years, yup, that one). johnny boy with the kid with cerebral palsy (he made a big point about that after a discussion arose about disabilities, which originated from a comment ‘can’t you see’ directed at someone who then all of a sudden made a point of being blind and unfairly treated by people who had NO idea she was because she never mentioned it before and to be honest never mentioned it since), the one that was very happy to see lennox die, as was his blind friend, the one with that small fluffy dog. oh yes trip down memory lane, eh Kate 😀 *pours another tea*

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