Heather has ‘just been told’ …

Heather wearing her two braincells out

Heather Jones, it’s not the screenshot you’re worried about, it’s the thread of comments it produced.

Whoever told you wasn’t being entirely honest either. You need to ask them to show you evidence because nobody has said you ‘keep deleting’ your screenshot. Shocking isn’t it, you can’t even rely on the honesty and integrity of Little Birdies any more. So when you’ve got that evidence you can post it for everyone to see?

And here’s another idea, go take a look at your screenshot here or, better still, why don’t you stick it up on the LLAAV home page where the whole world can see it?

You must have saved the whole thread before all those masses of people reported it. So that’s settled then, we look forward to seeing the whole shebang on LLAAV and, as you already know, there’s no need to hide it from the ‘reporting masses’ on that website because all the reporting in the world won’t get it removed. Hunky Dory. Everyone’s a winner.

If you don’t fancy using the link we’ve provided, here’s the screenshot you’re apparently missing so much:

BBB Heather makes a boo boo naming the officerOops, sorry, ignore that – we meant this one:

BBBB Heather running scared


phew, we’re all still here…

..and a good thing too, wouldn’t want to miss the DING DONG SONG going viral:

BBBBB Heather Jones with her xmas marvelous and hilarious xmas ditty

Just think folks, when HEAVER and The CHUNKS become famous (and they will for sure, with their uncanny ability to write lyrics unrivaled in the music world), we can all say we knew them! How exciting is that?

We’re told this song comes from their new album entitled:
We’re just the Bugs on the Windscreen of Life, produced by The Padded Cell.

Make a note, it might be worth something one day 🙂

Hanging on for dear life…

Heather Jones is now trying desperately to cover her backside, feigning ignorance (earlier entry) and insisting the kiddie’s playground/website, LLAAV, (the one she has nothing to do with) will now have to be home to the screenshot everyone is supposed to be reporting like mad.

Heather struggling to survive

And she dare not leave it open to the public, oh no; it must remain hidden from the ‘reporting masses’! How many people does she think actually visit that site anyway?


We’ve been here before…

… (link) and you’d think by now even the likes of Heather Jones would have worked out that everyone else knows the Hate Campaigners report their own posts.

To be fair, we should mention that she was desperate last night….

BBBB Heather running scared

In a nutshell, Heather got cold feet, deleted a thread related to the screenshot above, blaming it on mass reporting. We all know that Facebook will never remove a post immediately, that’s impossible, and it did disappear very quickly, once Ms Jones realised her Huge Mistake.

Heather may or not have been on the sauce again last night, it’s difficult to tell, but in any case she got carried away, realised her error and deleted a long thread which you have very kindly provided us with, thank you.

We haven’t had time to read all of it yet (Heather had the Verbal Trots again, so bear with us please), but here’s a snippet:

BBB Heather makes a boo boo naming the officer

Our aim is to bring you something else in the style of the Belfast Company v. Facebook entry, which obviously takes a while with our limited time, and we have to make sure all the material we’ve been sent is included. We wouldn’t want to leave anything out just to suit our own purposes, nor make it look good in our favour by taking information out of context. That wouldn’t do at all.


How long is a piece of string?

Or, to put it another way, Heather Jones (from Nottingham) is making that last straw go the distance….

BBB Heather Jones self proclaimed twit

So here she is, in her ‘Heather Jones’ bib and tucker, keeping a lid on it, in a manner of speaking…

Heather more nasties Heather nasties

Heather Jones calling someone naughty names

As you all know, Heather, the victim, likes to create daft little names for people and she also fancies herself as a bit of a cartoon artist (along with her pal Roxanne Summers), so she nicked this copyright Stockphoto (makes a habit of it), plastered it all over Facebook, and she thinks it’s very funny. Oddly enough, nobody else did, think it’s funny that is. Not one toady came to show their appreciation…

BBB heather jones thinks this is funny

Then we find Heather Jones in disguise…..

Now don’t go falling for that ‘Heather isn’t here so can’t come out to play‘ backchat because it’s another whopper, matched only by two more own goals….

Heather has been living the high life since her Boycott Boycott Belfast page fell flat and she moved over to Lem Eleven on a more permanent basis. This way she can say what she darn well pleases, let herself go and be as infantile as the rest of them without revealing her identity. Oops.

So how do we know it’s Heather? Well for starters she forgot to take the advice of another Lemon:

Kirsten Lawrence on liars

(You’re so right Kirsten Lawrence)

Protesting way too much…

Lem11 Heather doesnt visit .right!

Then we have a little ‘chortle’…

Lem11 Heather chortling

preceded by a little chortle Heather had back in April…..

BBB Heather chortling again

L11 heather daft mare

So bearing in mind we all know ‘Heather Jones’ is a cover profile (even she knows it) and ‘Heather’ slipped up one time and left Nottingham in her profile….

Scraping the bottom of the barrel…

Heather Jones on Boycott Boycott Belfast showing how she’s completely run out of ideas and making her own entertainment, having bets with herself (yes, you heard right)…

BBB Heather having another personal pop

Heather Jones obviously hasn’t grasped the concept of gambling. She doesn’t seem to understand there are ‘odds’ involved and, if you don’t win, creating your own version of reality won’t help. But that’s okay, she had back-up and encouragement from the likes of Debbie (avoid the picGathercole and a fake moggy.

And that was all very amusing to the rest of us, but this is just plain vindictive and has nothing whatsoever to do with Heather Jones’ so-called righteous campaign….

BBB Heather Jones you nasty piece of work

It does however have everything to do with what we all know about Heather Jones, that her phony ‘fight for the truth’ is based purely on hate and malice and, with nothing genuine to work with, she resorts to making personal attacks against targets for no valid reason.

That’s all very courageous isn’t it, considering she’s apparently using her real name and a real profile. Reminds us of Roxanne Summers. Can’t imagine why.

Before we go Heather:

BBB Heather on human nature and how to be a hypocrite

Heather Jones, if you had the answers to the universe and the missing link itself, you’d still find an excuse to start a hate campaign. You need to have a quiet word with yourself dear, it looks increasingly likely that you’re starting to believe your own crap.

some figures for Heather…

..because we know how important they are to her.

Our stats, less than a month since ➡ November 23, up by well over 6k…

Les trollops stats dec 11

And we imagine that is thanks, in no small way, to the Three Stooges popping in and out like farts through a sieve. It couldn’t possibly be Heather herself of course, oh no, because she never visits us.

Thank you for all your support, emails and screenshots and please do keep them coming. Apologies for not having used most of the information and grabs yet, they need sorting out; it’s all a bit random at the moment. We’ll organise ourselves soon.

So bearing in mind we’ve been up and running only since mid-September, the stats are not bad. Although isn’t it strange that BBBBB hasn’t reaped the benefit of their new found fame, what with their figures being so… (what’s the word we’re looking for?)…static?


Apologies for going over boring old ground, but we just fancied a little nit-pick…

Starting with this…

Lem 11 donations

.. and then this…

BBB heather no donation proof

We just want to make sure we’re reading this right.

Heather Jones / Roxanne Summers, whatever, on Facebook pages Lemeleven and Boycott Boycott Belfast Boom Boom, posts comments that she has proof of multiple donations going to Caroline Barnes via PayPal. Heather Jones apparently has proof of donations made by various individual supporters, with one ‘lady’ allegedly donating £200 ‘each and every month‘. Well we all know about this so-called proof, that’s been covered here already.

And so, in spite of there being no ‘published amounts’ according to Heather Jones, and without an ounce of proof, apart from maybe a few quid’s worth of donations, Heather Jones on Boycott Boycott Belfast has ‘estimated’ that thousands of pounds in donations was received by Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters.

Heather Jones has also taken it upon herself to be the Save Lennox campaign accountant and, in her pseudo-professional opinion, she has decided that Lennox’s owners received at least £60,000 (sixty thousand pounds) in donations.

All that, right off the top of her head, without proof of any kind, except for the proof Heather Jones claims she dare not show.


Three Witches…

It’s anyone’s guess why The Witches Three, Heather Jones, Lynn GP and Alison Dunn thought it was smart or clever to have this side of them made public, seeing as they all think so highly of themselves.

We don’t think you need a commentary from us, it certainly speaks for itself. A few nouns to describe these three charmers come to mind – scum being the first; you can probably think of a lot more (click on screenshot for larger image)…

BBB on Lennox ashes

We’ll SEO this lot later; it deserves the full works.


you’re dead right Debbie GATHERCOLE…

Debbie Gathercole, is that right

…it’s really not nice to bully and take the P out of people is it?…

Debbie loves stalking

Seems Debbie Gathercole’s priorities are more than a little twisted. Evidently she thinks stalking a target (yes, we know about that) followed by an intimidating phone call, then plastering the recording all over Facebook and the Internet, is very funny.

Debbie Gooner Gathercole, member of the Hate Campaign against supporters of Lennox and his family.

Debbie is now on the HC frontline, trying to muster support for deed not breed on behalf of her friend Mel Page, who is unable to promote herself at this time for various reasons. Times are definitely hard if Debbie Gathercole is all Page could muster to represent and advertise on her behalf….

Debbie Gathercole Facebook disturbed

Debbie Gathercole on dressing up dogs

Just to clarify, the unstable Debbie Gathercole is calling the dog’s owner a disgusting fool who ‘needs putting down, yep she needs pts‘, adding ‘hope you don’t drown‘, or that might be directed at the the dog, it’s unclear. Either way, it’s alarming.

The screenshot before that shows roughly what Gathercole’s numerous pages looked like before we posted Connections and chances are she was either told to clean up her act or elected to do it all by herself. All the nasty ‘C’ words have been removed, so now she’s all respectable.

At the moment Debbie is making herself very busy trying to push Page’s Deed not breed on a handful of Facebook pages dedicated to seized dogs.

However, if it turns out the dog owners have already chosen DDA Watch to assist them, Debbie carries on regardless and, in true HC style, tries to sow the seeds of doubt against DDA Watch, followed up with a plug for her mate Mel Page. Of course, none of this would be necessary if Mel Page had not been instrumental in conducting a vendetta against Lennox’s family and supporters. Hindsight can be a wonderful thing.

kettle and pot-ty are back again..

HEATHER you little faker you

So this blog is abusive and bullying and Heather Jones is a saint and we hide behind fake names while Heather Jones is 100 percent real with no other aliases. Well ain’t she just a laugh a minute that Heather Carol Billie Thet Ted Mel Bitter Twisted Lemon JONES.

Let’s have a look at Heather Jonesreal profile…

Heather jones profile not much going on

Heather jones profile sucks

Heather profile silly little twat

Heather Jones, that profile of yours looks so real. There’s sooo much anti BSL and animal welfare related stuff on there, took us ages to go through it.

Yep we’re impressed with how real it is. And would you just look at these…

Back to Heather Jones the real person who never resorts to personal insults when she can’t get her own way. So she never made up names for her targets, like Granny Thrush, cLiar, flange, and she’s never posted personal comments about anyone, and she’s never ensured that Lennox’s owners’ address and photos of their home were made public, nor has she listed their solicitor’s details in full, and she wouldn’t dream of accusing another respected solicitor of supporting dog fighting (got a ticking off for that one didn’t you Heather).

She tries her best to come across as sane and reasonable, but when she wants to spit nails, which she does regularly, she toddles off into another profile, although sometimes her identity slips her mind.

Heather nasty

Heathers greasy old man

Heather letting herself go

If nothing else, Heather Jones is a good faker, because here she is doing a sterling impression of a nasty piece of work by taking a photo out of context to suit a vile and twisted mentality. Couldn’t possibly be hers?:

Heather f'ing bitch

accusations by… Sharon Vermin

A brief rundown of statements made by Sharon Vermillion. Apparently she’s not a big fan of our blog. We’re deeply hurt.

Save Lennox Hate Campaigner Sharon vermillion

Vermillion on her yeeHa hate campaign trail:

  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accuses Lennox’s owners, Craig Winters and Caroline Barnes, of deliberately allowing Lennox to die in order to attract donations from supporters.
  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accuses Craig Winters of abuse. She does not specify the nature of the abuse or whether said abuse was/is directed at her. 
  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accuses Lennox’s owners of lying ‘about’ the DW (dog warden) and BCC (Belfast City Council). She doesn’t specify what she means by ‘about’.
  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accuses the ‘Lennox Campaign‘ (which we take to mean Craig Winters, Caroline Barnes, their family and close supporters, in the absence of any other explanation from Vermillion) of ‘scamming’ hundreds of their supporters out of money.
  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accuses supporters (which we take to mean the Lennox campaign, and in turn Caroline Barnes, Craig Winters, their family and close supporters in the absence of any other explanation from Vermillion) exclusively of theft, lies and bullying.
  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accuses Lennox’s family (which we take to mean Craig Winters and Caroline Barnes) of photoshopping images of Lennox and Brook.
  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accuses Lennox’s owners of ‘screwing (Lennox) up’ from birth. According to self-appointed dog behaviour expert Vermillion, Lennox should have been a ‘model’ dog.
  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast, is apparently not only a self-appointed dog behaviour expert, but also a self-appointed soothsayer and psychiatrist, because she accuses Lennox’s owners of  ‘never (being able to) stop lying and hurting others’.
  • Lennox BSL. Sharon Vermillion on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accuses the Lennox campaign (which we take to mean Craig Winters, Caroline Barnes, their family, friends and close supporters) of being entirely responsible for Lennox’s fate, and furthermore Vermillion absolves the DW (dog warden) (which we take to mean Alexandra (Sandy) Lightfoot) and BCC (Belfast City Council) of all blame in relation to Lennox’s treatment, health and death.

Sharon Vermin Vermillion Facebook accusing Lennoxs owners of letting him die to extort money

Lacking any physical evidence from Sharon to support her accusations, we have to assume all statements are based on hearsay, conjecture and/or information she’s found on BBB, or been spoon-fed by other like-minded nasties.

And it’s a bit rich to call anyone else a bully when you make a habit of sticking the boot in (a ‘this side of the pond’ term) whenever another HC member takes the P out of a target?

Maybe she thinks it’s safe to do what she likes from so far away? Makes you wonder who really contacted this target’s employers:

BBB Vermillion lies

Kirsten Lawrence

KIRSTEN LAWRENCE proving she’s as charming and articulate as the rest of them

Kirsten lawrence on f

Kirsten Lawrence

And not forgetting Lawrence posted on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast accusing Craig Winters of terrorist activities – petrol bombing to be exact. He’s also accused of slashing the tyres of opposers to the Save Lennox Campaign. No evidence to back it up as usual.