well make your mind up!

Heather Jones on Boycott Boycott Belfast, uncharacteristically being quite reasonable, absolving Victoria Stilwell of a wrongdoing (she’s all heart) but quickly recovers to stick the boot in….

Also on Boycott Boycott Belfast, here’s the Roxanne Summers‘ profile, on the same subject, saying something completely different…

and the rest of the Summers’ venom won’t surprise anyone…

Victoria Stilwell rarely replies to questions on her Facebook page for any number of reasons but obviously Summers thinks Victoria Stilwell should have made an exception in her case. We think it’s safe to say, responding to a rampant psychotic troll wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interests.

The Hate Campaign’s hostility towards Victoria Stilwell is just another example of their envy and malice, which seems to be eating away at them like maggots; or maybe they are the maggots.


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