A Day in the Life of Amy MILLER

The Amy Miller profile is yet another cover for someone in the HC Club; a certain someone who also liked to dress up as a Lemon on occasions, back in the day.

Save Lennox Hate Campaign Funny farm with Amy Miller

Poor Amy, she booked her place on the Funny Farm many moons ago


8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Amy MILLER

  1. Judging by her little night time rants, our Amy must have a very sore head most mornings, but then when you see her friends list she’s in good company on that score.

  2. Sad and Amy could be such a pretty little thing…if she didn’t have a mouth like a sewer…she really needs to stop sitting under the donkey’s tail and playing in the jobbys….

    • I’m afraid her ‘so called friends’ don’t care. They know she is making their pages look ludicrous, hence only a couple of them ever respond. I think Amy is real. I think Amy is desperate to be in someones gang and she thinks outbursts like the above make her look cool and impress the hierarchy of those pages. She seems to have failed to notice the hierarchy are ignoring more or less every post she puts up, just the odd lunatic underling replies to her. Amy is young without a doubt and is being played like a banjo. They know she’ll ‘like’ everything they say and sing, dance and skip around to her masters calling but they wish she wouldn’t take it upon herself to try and be clever or match their statuses because it lowers the (already gutter level) tone of the page. The admin of that page will drop her like a hot potato when it suits them

  3. How sad bitter and twisted, this is the woman/man/shim who cant string a sentence together once darkness fall’s, she challenges everyone to pm her, knowing she has blocked most ( just in case someone does) accuses everyone of having false accounts, i mean, look at me i have TWO, both in my own name, but please keep that quiet or i may not get that job in the CID, They cry bully at anyone who happens to be passing, anyone with half an ounce of brain cell can clearly see just who the bullies are, BUT, i say , leave them to their sad little lives because they have nothing if you take all this away, no friends, no life, no nothing, Maybe if they got some antibiotics it would clear their infections up….but would the doc do house call’s , cos they sure as hell wont leave the keyboards to go get the prescription, I would offer to get them for them but i really cant smudge my spray tan carrying heavy bags……………P.S. maybe if they are extra good in the next few weeks, Santa may bring them a new keyboard which could lead them to something new to post instead of dredging, that cant be a nice job, continually having to delve in amongst so much mud , have to be careful it dont stick,

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