it’s that time again…

Today we’re going over a phone call again; yes, that one.

There’s a reason we’ve chosen that particular subject. The Hate Campaign’s posts are littered with bleats about how hard done by they are and how they’re being subjected to ridicule and bullying. Poor things, and what with them being so innocent and all…

Plenty more where that came from, but it’s time for that creepy phone call again. The only difference with this piece of work is that it’s a ‘Roxanne Summers‘ original, but it’s still as fake as her name. If you haven’t done so already, have a listen…

Link: Summers stalking a target

Obviously we don’t know for certain who the person behind the Summers profile is (at least we can’t prove it at the moment), but it wouldn’t take a diploma in BS to see that, because she’s brick-thick she assumes everyone else is as well, which makes her confident she can sucker her audience into believing her rendition of that call. The bad news is that her follows did fall for it; enough said.

Roxanne Summers, deliberately speaking away from the phone to make it appear the target is ignoring her. At first we thought Summers might have fiddled with the recording in some way, but that was quickly dismissed as being way too complicated for her to achieve, and another listen makes it very evident what’s really going on.


6 thoughts on “it’s that time again…

  1. There once was a thing called Roxanne,
    who lived down a old toilet pan
    it ranted and raved,
    because it’s depraved.
    Has the coward now took off and ran !!!!!

  2. If that’s the actions of a barrister,she should be ashamed of herself,where does she get her training,law for dummies,even that would be over her head.fake name,fake career,fake altogether.and Amy is as much their victim as the rest of us.she can’t see she is doing their dirty work for them,

  3. Quite a charming little bunch of ‘victims’ aren’t they? I wonder if they were the bullies at school too and old habits die hard? They certainly weren’t the victims or they’d know better

    • how anyone can put up a call like that and be proud of it is beyond my comprehension, to begin with, but to claim it is ‘proof’ of the receiving end being a bully puts a whole new meaning to the word “ludicrous”!! anyone buying into this piece of roxeather croc probably also believes santa is real, elvis is alive doing gigs in vegas (and lost 5 stone) and the earth is a flat as a pancake.
      greetz, bambi 😛
      and now if you’d excuse me, i need to climb up a tree. toot toot! heehee haha hoho 😀 😀

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