the blame game..

…and a very convenient one for the Hate Campaigners.

If pigs sprouted wings, flew over Belfast and crapped all over the BCC offices, the HC would blame the Lennox’s owners and their close supporters. It’s akin to tarring all football supporters with the same ‘hooligan’ brush; inscrutable, mindless and childish.

And the Village Idiots strike again…

It was said that dog warden Sandie Lightfoot claimed she had her car tyres slashed and received a petrol-soaked envelope through her letter box (that later changed to Yolanda Elwood).  No proof has ever been found – subsequent enquiries to the press and PSNI drew a complete blank on that one because there apparently wasn’t any ‘evidence’ for the police to investigate.

So nothing new there then for the Hate Campaign; no positive, unequivocal proof, or any of that conclusive-evidence nonsense.

Cathy Hayes ( reported that dog control manager Yolanda Elwood suffered many physical and verbal threats and her disabled son was a victim of a beating (again, no investigation was conducted by the Police). However, Ms Elwood later said that she did not blame the family. So either she knew it had nothing to do with Save Lennox supporters or she recognised that, just like a handful of yobs can spoil it for everyone else at a football match, so too campaigns such as this attract undesirables that nobody else has any control over.

But according to the Hate Campaign, it was a carefully orchestrated vendetta by Lennox’s family and their closest supporters. If you have a mind like a sewer, you assume everyone else does too.

As far as Alexandra Lightfoot is concerned, you have to ask yourself whether any incidents occurred at all. Bearing in mind that some BCC staff were reported making childish animal sounds to Lennox supporters calling their offices, which apparently were recorded, it doesn’t give you much hope that Belfast City Council is staffed exclusively by adults does it?

We’ll leave you with this…

kirsten Lawrence Facebook accusing craig barnes of petrol bombing


14 thoughts on “the blame game..

  1. Didn’t you know every bomb scare, every threat was all down to Lennox and his family, after all in the whole history of Northern Ireland there has never been anything like that, especially in or around the 12th July. No its them that done it. Does Syc/Heather/Billie honestly think anyone believes that nonsense.

    • Sadly they appear to have hangers on who will believe that just because the Council said it must be so to the papers (with no evidence, again!) and the reporter has no reason to post the historical and well documented truth about those dates, as they are just another paid lackey.

      • Just saw on the news there is some trouble at Belfast City Hall tonight, Any bets on how long it takes Heather and her many alter ego’s to blame this one on the Barnes family and Lennox supporters too?

  2. I assume Ruth wasn’t asking Rolf but meant rofl? Its no wonder there were so many typing errors in the court documents as the level of education from certain quarters, who openly admit they are from Belfast, appears to be extremely poor. Capital letter for ‘Is’ and ‘Rolf’ by the way Ruth 😉 As for the rest of their accusations, I have to pray these people are not in positions of responsibility as I would fear for those they deal with on a daily basis. I imagine they’d balk at the idea that they were prejudiced yet they think these accusations are acceptable? Hypocrisy rears its ugly head over and over on that page!

      • Considering nobody in Belfast knew or cared about Lennox – according to the troll hierarchy – it interests me as to who exactly they think did all these acts they are blaming on the family and the Lennox supporters. Tourists? Day trippers? Are they on the tour guide lists? Pay £5 and we’ll take the the bus past the dog wardens house or maybe it’s announced in flight on the way over?

        • it’s a miracle! right under the noses of international security agents, belfast has managed to spout yet another sectarian terrorist movement, all centered around an unemployed couple and their teen daughter. oh hang on. nobody in belfast knew or cared about the lennox case, according to roxeather? the lennox case didn’t even get any momentum off the facebook? mainstream media weren’t paying attention to it? wow must be a new entry in the lonely planet then. visit belfast and engage in activities that make even the most hardcore religious zealot blush. PMSL welcome to roxeather’s pork shop!

      • Lemeleven appears to be trying to pick up where ‘Ever left off (for now) and in a very familiar format 🙂 Sadly, for them, its still the least impressive dialogue on Facebook and changing to a different page doesn’t raise the quality of the status updates. I’m not sure a frontal lobotomy would help either but i’d be willing to chip in for one for them, just in case 🙂

  3. I am surprised they don’t blame the weather and the floods on Lennox seen on bbb this type of campaign,brings out the worst in some people.but has also brought together some of the nicest people.see you tomorrow,and it is guaranteed to ba a laugh a minute.

        • hmmmm Yolande Elwood doesn’t happen to know a John Ferguson, I presume? the connections are getting weirder and weirder. the grammar and spelling worse. whatever education was spent on them has not been spent well.

          • Ahh John Ferguson, nasty piece of work but he did completely back pedal and get irate when he realised the Terry Twoons id, leaking biased info, was related to the dog warden (though the trolls insist upon saying she knew nothing about the fact posts were coming from her mobile – oh and i’m the Pope by the way 😉 )

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