a ‘concerned’ supporter (UAAA)…

…or, in this instance, oxymoron.

In other words, a contradiction in terms, and our rummage came up with this tome from a very familiar author:

> A Concerned Supporter Of Lennox” <

If you have time or the inclination to read the essay all the way through, the true intention, resentment and prejudice hits like a brick. This essay is peppered with lies and guesswork based on jealousy and malice and the bitter and twisted author has made sure that anyone who didn’t know where Lennox’s owners lived before, sure did when they read that post.

There’s far too much to include here, so we’ll just highlight a couple of points in one screenshot and pick over the rest:

According to UAAA, they accepted this post anonymously and you’ll probably have your own views on that. They say it was sent by someone who is ‘sceptical of information posted’ and yet there’s nothing ‘sceptical’ about the content at all. ‘Sceptical’ implies a certain amount of impartiality; this is just based on spite.

As you can see, the author tries to be clever (another oxymoron, considering who wrote it) by claiming to be squeaky clean and all that crap, then one paragraph later the whole thing descends into yet another vehicle for her bile. In spite of being ‘anonymous’ she says: ‘knowing what you know about me‘.

The rest of the essay more or less gets shot down in flames in the thread and elsewhere (screenshots available for that), and if you like reading the Roxanne persona spit and polish, that’s there too. A couple of references to a ‘Billie’ in there indicate that said ‘Billie’ (Bennet aka Heather Jones no doubt) had been putting her oar in which was subsequently removed.



4 thoughts on “a ‘concerned’ supporter (UAAA)…

  1. Ahhhhhh…..”I want nothing more than Lennox to go to a place, blah blah”, originated from the nasty minded Wartley. The OAP who’s list of blocked people is longer than her list of friends.

    • tried to read the essay… dozed off and needed a powernap. yawn. so what else is around? someone really should put up a new record. this one is getting old. speaking of records: bitter, the lonely lemon has hit the number 1 spot in our top of the trops 😀 and looks like we have a new entry by the looney gooner featuring A.M.Y, a festive up-tempo little gem called “if you’re bonkers and you know it, clap your hands”. keep getting those votes in, unfortunately no tops of the trops last weekend as there / their were some real life urgencies that needed covering 😀

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