Dear Heather….

If you’re going to fight for Truth, Justice and the Troll-op Way, it’s advisable to be totally up front with your bootlickers. Therefore you need to hone those fibbing skills, because so far your efforts leave a lot to be desired.

This isn’t new Heather news – the full version of the thread for this Billie Bennet comment it’s still sitting on the BBBBB wall…

and here’s the same comment from Heather, word for word ….

It’s true she doesn’t sign herself off there, but when Heather is pulled up for posing as ‘Billie Bennet’ elsewhere, this is her reaction….

She does raving looney to perfection, going totally OTT taking such great pains to explain that “nobody saw me do it and you can’t prove a thing”. Not so much overcooked as burnt to a crisp.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s HEATHER JONES in caps, the ‘I, ME, Heather Jones‘, all big giveaways.

Heather, if you’re going to accuse other people of telling lies and run a hate campaign based on it, might be a good idea to master your own trade first. And when you create a fake profile, put some effort into it for heaven’s sake – Billie Bennet 1 and Billie Bennet 2 (or ‘9‘ if you believe the link).

But she’s a trooper is our ‘Ever, and she’s going to see this through to the bitter end…

She’s not surprised because she knows it didn’t happen, but hey, let’s cut her some slack. She’s been caught with her hands in the till and backed herself into a corner.


7 thoughts on “Dear Heather….

  1. Massive denials that the Billie Bennet id (both of them – there may be more) was her ‘sock puppet’. There is no doubt in my mind that she is trying to fight her way out of the corner she’s backed herself into. Her proselytizing is becoming more and more apparent and her self victimisation routine is laughable ! She is trying to solicit sympathy from others in order to gain their help in supporting and/or enabling abuse of whoever her latest victim is (proxy abuse) and has been successful among her small group but is frustrated as heck by the fact she hasn’t managed to expand her fan base beyond the few numbskulls she has so far (and she knows they are making her look bad while she is desperately trying to feign intelligence). She’s using the ‘victim’ card as a way of dealing with the inconsistencies between the way she treats others and what she believes about herself. She is needy, insecure, an attention seeker and a bully and she can’t talk her way out of this one, she is reaping what she has sowed and has forced herself into a ‘double bind’ position. She is now in a paradox, a no win situation and she’s nowhere near clever enough to control the situation she created.

  2. In Heather’s world it seems to be very much a case of never let the facts stand in the way of the truth according to Heather,Roxanne, or whichever tag she decides to use, regardless of whether there is any proof what so ever to her so called truth. The same truth which has been proven again and again to be nothing more the Heather’s warped little opinion.

  3. My 60 yr old neighbour who has rescued staffies for years has one for his dog. He bought it because it’s comfortable and strong as max pulls a lot. What uneducated tripe that comment was.

  4. Just watched the bath time video,fellow staffy owners use those harness,and far from “status dogs”,they are spoilt,placid,lovely dogs.evva you are totally losing your marbles.dont judge a dog by its leather work,judge it on what it has done,if you are fighting bsl,there is no bloody hope for the poor dogs

    • well it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t with those people. when an owner says she keeps her dog muzzled they claim that is proof the dog is dangerous, when the dog is not muzzled the owner is being irresponsible. all you say gets a yeah but, yeah but, finding a negative in every positive is their motto in life. indeed no bloody hope fighting bsl with people like that running along.

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