‘Ever, that’s a whopper even for you!

The penny finally drops that yet another Identity According to Heather is exposed (she must be reading our blog very carefully, we mentioned ‘Billie’ only twice).

Now the next thing she does might seem based on acumen and intelligence, but it really isn’t. It’s cunning, pure and simple, although to her credit she had to think darn fast, and a few hours later (!) she comes up with this to try and cover her tracks…

And she doesn’t stop there; she’s going for the big one…

You know Heather, it’s actually very fortunate for you that ‘it’s not covered by the law’ otherwise you’d be up shite creek without so much as a matchstick to row with wouldn’t you?

Before we go…

We couldn’t have said it better Stephen!


5 thoughts on “‘Ever, that’s a whopper even for you!

  1. Ok will someone tell me how this happened. Heather’s original post was on Monday and it contained the email address – I just looked. That was followed up days later to show us the vile twisted email that was sent. So she could get in days after the email was originally posted but apparently not now lol lol lol.

    • Oh gor blimey,evva,don’t get your higher class knickers in a twist, don’t like it when it’s coming right back at you.if being high class means being like you,give me common every time,

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