Everything you always wanted to know about…

Psychotics, but were afraid to ask. 

Example 1: Roxanne Summers spitting jealousy and resentment all over her computer screen…..

Gosh, can you imagine what her retired professional (hope we’re not back to the word ‘vice‘ again? Legal Eagle) mummy would say if she saw her precious daughter talking in such a horrid and ghastly manner? Why, she’d probably choke on that cucumber sandwich, and we’d certainly advise everyone to shout ‘fore’ when she’s off tossing balls on the golf course. And how could any self-respecting mumsy enjoy a nice relaxing evening with daddy after reading that?


3 thoughts on “Everything you always wanted to know about…

  1. With every post, regardless of which profile she chooses to use at the time, Syc displays just how bitter and twisted she really is. Looks like those professional parents of hers should have spent less time on the golf course and focused more on their darling daughter’s rather strange deranged behaviour.

  2. twoooooooooooooooo new entries in top of the trops today: bitter, the lonely lemon – ‘where did all the lemons go’? coming in at 5 and at 4 theeeere’s R.A.B.A.C. Summers-Jones with a brilliant cover of Queens’ ‘I’m going slightly mad’ (it finally happened), in the acapella version performed celebrating the upcoming G8 summit (not in Belfast) using nothing but a golfstick for the rythm section! keep your votes coming in folks, we may have a brand new top 3 at tooooooop of the trops this weekend!

    • well, they already used Eric Allie’s cartoon – doubt he knows his lemmings were renamed 🙂 ‘copyright’ must be missing in their dictionary. as is ‘dignity’ judging by some of the remarks in the featured RHBAC post.

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