sharing this..

Jeff gets half a page to himself this morning only because we think his spaceship might be leaving soon and it’s only fair he gets some recognition for making the silliest comments of the week so far..

No further observation required 🙂


9 thoughts on “sharing this..

  1. These individuals, real, fake or inbred, have set themselves up as judge and jury…Gawd I have just had an awful vision of them donning wooly wigs while sitting at their PC’s……but I digress….. Not only do they believe it is their right to preside in their online kangaroo court, they also have taken it upon their boney shoulders, to act as persecutors and if they had their way executioner as well……Dread to think what their wardrobe looks like, full of old Columbo style raincoats, a selection of gray curly, probably moth eaten wigs, a skullcap and axe………..

  2. Just. Read through a few comments from the pox,is she one nasty bitter person.disagree with what someone says by all means,but she is just so personal and nasty ,I assume you look like miss world,have the brain of Einstein and a wonderful personality to boot,no didn’t think so,definitely ugly on the inside,and with the way you insult people,a right billy no mates

    • What gives her /them the divine right to be so evil,to people they only know through FB pages.about time you got a taste of your own medicine,it’s been too long point in protesting,if you can’t take it don’t give it.

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